V.I.C. - We Ridin' (Batman) Lyrics

[Hook - V.I.C.:]
Da na na na na na na na
Na na na na na na na
Na na na na na na na
Na na na na na na na
I be ridin' 24 with them batman doors (v.i.c)
I be ridin' 24 with them batman doors (hurricane)
Da na na na na na na na
Na na na na na na na
Na na na na na na na
Na na na na na na na

[Verse 1 - V.I.C.:]
The boys need skates 24 sides, I make the block a skating rink
Show 'em how we go to glide, with them batman doors poking out wide
So if you standing in my way I might getcha close eyed
Man you know how it is, niggas hatin' on me
They don't know it's my time, and I been waitin' homey
They don't wanna see me shine, even on my homies
And my friends I thought was fine I see they all phony
But forget them haters I'm a prayer
Tryin' to make a quick escape out the game but it's a shame
They don't want me to get paper, but since you can never stop it
I keep feeling up my wallet, why your lady keep on jockin
Got me in your system


[Verse 2 - Hurricane Chris:]
Da na na na na na na na na na na...
Blam Blam, batman doors with the trunk on slam
Hanging out the window, holl'rin I don't give a damn
And if you don't give a damn let me see you rep your town
Cuz I'm swanging lane to lane the daddy, I'm Hurricane
So you better get ya game for I be out the frame
I rep Louisiana where we sip on Tropicana
Them batman doors got em pullin' out they camera
What's down lil mama, I'm from the dirty south
Can't you tell by my swagger and them golds in my mouth
I could piss on 26s boy don't make me pull it out
I'm shinin' blindin' and blingin' I show you what I'm about
Ya'll still buyin' Chargers and puttin' 'em on 24s
I'm cocked up on 26s with them batman doors
Ya'll still buyin' Chargers and puttin' 'em on 24s
I'm cocked up on 26s with them batman doors


[Verse 3 - V.I.C.:]
Now when you see dem boys comin' with them judo eyes
And them bright headlights screamin' (Batman)
Kinda like a bat signal with my wings in the sky
Cuz I'm fly in my city like (Batman)
I be makin' all the haters covet cuz they envy how I does it
You against me, God is with me, something that you need to stomach
I don't think you want no problems, cuz we will be quick to solve 'em
I deal with the problem solver
.44 I will revolve them
Flyer than a caped crusader
Ridin' it like navigators, lookin' down at all you haters
I'm so high I hear your prayers, I'm just blessed to make a livin'
Where I'm from I won't forget it, Makin' millions by the minute
At this speed I need a ticket


Ride Batman [x4]
We Ride Batman
Ride Batman [x4]
We Ride Batman

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V.I.C. We Ridin' (Batman) Comments
  1. Jakhari Smith

    Happy Batman Day!!!!!

  2. Gerardo Martinez

    This song is so fucking good and beautiful and cool shit.

  3. TheLivingShado5

    Button soundboard brought me here.

  4. Ashlee Smith


  5. SpikeTrap53

    I wish they made an instrumental version.

  6. Nick Hicks

    That song going to be the lego batman movie 2 soundtrack great.

  7. The incredible Horseman

    Who came after watching ssundee

  8. lelouch lamperouge

    Dananananananannanananananananananan..BATMAN...BAATMAAN Dannananananananananananananannanananananan BATMAN!!!

  9. MetaSage

    Still not better than Shell Shocked

  10. Lucia Colon


  11. Andrew Monck

    I'm surprised this wasn't a part of the Lego Batman soundtrack

    A.A Sanchez

    Andrew Monck I mean, it does have swearing so I don't think they'd leave it in there.

  12. Edwin Hernandez

    YEAH 😎😎😎😎😎👹👹👹👹👌👌👌💪💪💪💣💣💣

  13. Al Speid

    So THIS is where it came from. I thought it was a new song

  14. Kawan Watts

    i can see my self in all black camero with butterfly doors on 24 with a batman logo on the tires,hood, and trunk listening to this😁😁🔥 🔥

  15. mini colic

    I saw them all

  16. Tess Jimenez

    This is a bomb

  17. Isaiah Daniel

    you know Alfred what did I say?
    always be recording

  18. Dark Fortress Pictures LLC

    Lego Batman brought me here! I'm not fan of rap, but I do like this song!

  19. Cyrunix

    he still saying Ay baby baby :) love it!

  20. ToxicCyc

    Great Song Just Great.

  21. Throwback Channel

    The Lego Batman Movie brought me here

  22. Mike Schmidt

    Came from Lego Batman movie, stayed for the hot track.

    Almighty Lord Quincy Yhwach

    Gabriel Reyes didnt know reaper had any interests besides death sorry reyes

    Mike Schmidt

    @Mr Mister Who's this "Reaper?" Sounds like a scumbag to me.

  23. Akaash Chandra

    I agree 
    Love this song!

  24. Patrick McGregor

    Always Be Recording.

  25. Adam Awale

    love the song

    Adam Awale

    i just didnt know the singer till now

    Adam Awale

    im gonna use this when i make jokes about saying "im batman"

  26. EJEvers

    nananananananana Batman!!

  27. I'm KaiKaiKaiKaiKaiKaizokuuu

    "Please Enter Password"

    "denenenenene BATMAN"

  28. кy เร ฬєเяժ

    I'm just gonna assume that everyone came here from the Lego Batman trailer


    Ky I did

    DJ Bernadotte

    кy เร ฬєเяժ Wrong here from Ssundee


    me too!


    кy เร ฬєเяժ i

    MayMay Quintero

    drummer703 same

  29. It's Not Over

    Steven universe is bad

    Mr. Zexa

    What an odd thing to say... And I am kind of *TRIGGERED* now...

    It's Not Over

    The Batman I don't remember posting this

    Mr Mister

    It's Not Over what does this even have to do with Steven universe😂

    bryan diaz varela

    It's Not Over
    What does this have to do with stwven universe?

    Squid Word

    Minecraft is bad

  30. Steve Robles

    I've aged phenomenally


    Lol 19something to 2016

  31. DenexDudd

    Whos here because the new Lego Batman Movie Trailer?


    Pretty much everyone


    DenexDude me

    DJ Bernadotte

    DenexDude Yyet

  32. maffles

    who else spent their homework time to find this song?


    omg me XD

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    Thug Life

    LaDona Berryhill

    Bat Life

  34. Windindi

    Always Be Recordi'n boyz

    Pain in my irony

    what about in the bathroom plz don't scar my eyes



    Tech Freak

    Always Fluffy Productions He means audio

  35. SilentStriker

    Im pretty sure anybody who saw the lego Batman Trailer is coming to hear this. Dis is a good song overall

    Davy Da Butcha

    SilentStriker yea man, this is fire 🔥🔥🔥

    Skele Playz

    i play this in my car the batmobile becuz i made a paint job on mah car dat looks LIKE DAH BATMOBILE


    [HeroianCraft] - Home Of The Heroes
    Your not even old to drive kid XD I'd say nice try but it really wasn't 😂

    American Ninja Productions

    SilentStriker I looked for this song since the trailer came out. I've finally found it.

    Destiny Frampton

    Yup! U know it!

  36. MYSTRO!


    Sunne Animating


  37. xKingRedWolfx VRChat

    They're going to make all animated LEGO shows and movies into Big Screen Movies for Theaters


    The bionicle movie !!!!!

  38. GemClan EMERALD

    SSUNDEE!!! Thank You Kehaan

  39. GbrilliantQ

    7 year old song. lego movie ftw


    8 years old.

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    the lego batman movie defintally brought me here


    Me too 😊


    5 bitches...

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    +SuperSpaceDice 6 Yo!

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    New ringtone

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    ayy lmao my favorite part

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  44. JulianM

    I wonder if they took out the curses in the movie

    Tech Freak

    Julian Animates Duh (or just didn't play those parts)


    Tech Freak actually they didn't play the song at all,I saw the movie yesterday

    Tech Freak

    Julian Animates Figures

  45. Brango

    Lego Batman

  46. Jerrica Alsbury

    New batman song


    Jerrica Alsbury No offense but this is not new it came out in 2007

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    my shit

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    your name is Martha ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    I'm KaiKaiKaiKaiKaiKaizokuuu


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