V.I.C. - Bop Bop Bop Lyrics

King of the jungle, king of the sheets
Phunk Dawg exclusive!
Imma shake the club on this one man
The beast

I bop, bop, bop I'm the man girl friend [x4]
Now make it bop bop bop (stick it baby do)
Now girl drop drop drop (stick it baby do)
To the top top top (stick it baby do)
And don't stop stop stop (stick it baby do)

[Verse 1:]
Off in the club, who could it be
Acting like a star, Mr. V.I.C
Off in the club everybody know me
They call me mister get silly, even there and overseas
Now I let my nuts swang, like the breeze in the tree
And I let my nuts hang over beats, I'm a beast
Y'all talk about swag, I talk about me
Mister high definition, what the women wanna see
I bop bop bop, I'm the man girlfriend
Like damn, you should lose ya man girlfriend
Cuz if he ain't bopping that Gucci while throbbing it, heart stopping it
Then your man ain't me


Now who they all came to see, who they all came to see
V.I.C., V.I.C. [x2]

[Verse 2:]
Now run and tell them niggas that I'm hot like man
Got the girls rocking in the club like [?]
Run and tell them niggas keep ya girl at home, cuz if she alone then she might get gone
Run and tell them niggas there's a kid on the block who hates red lights cuz he ain't gon stop
Who keeps them girls moist, dripping cream by the crop
Well what can I say, I'm the cream of the crop
I would run and tell your boys about your prized chick
But I ain't gonna spoil it, cuz your girl's my side chick
I got her making noises can't keep her quiet
And she call me sidekick cuz of the way my nose flip
Now sing along


[Verse 3:]
Now back to the lecture at hand
Your girl at Bally's working up grand
Spending your money, a sex spiff and
She even had the nerve to use the car for the tan
Just to see me (me)
King of the sheets (sheets)
King of the jungle (jungle)
I beat it like a beast (beast)
She said you're boring, you put her to sleep
Not because you're good, cuz you're tired and you're weak
I'm taking your honeys, the boy so sweet
And I let her lick the wrapper but I'm not Weezy [x2]



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V.I.C. Bop Bop Bop Comments
  1. Danielle Hamilton Parker

    boy u be lit

  2. Scorpion King The King of Evil


  3. Parker Nease


  4. Jo Gang

    for real

  5. Jo Gang

    l like this song

  6. adrian bromell

    bop bop bop !!!

  7. ignacio flores

    That shit got a promle

  8. ignacio flores

    I like u

  9. ignacio flores

    I lick you

  10. Darius Sinclair

    Haha. THis shit is so wack.