Verve, The - No Come Down Lyrics

Keep the thought and I know you've been hotter
I never hurt you
I pray to follow
Now I want to swallow
Every part of you

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Verve, The No Come Down Comments
  1. Dave Jones

    Big shout out to the wren! ✌️❤️😁

  2. Tony Sproule

    Where the Geese Go..

  3. Zackleh Kaizer

    The Verve takes me to another place and time with their great musical trip .....

  4. Mark Crawfy

    My Acid music,,thankyou Verve....

  5. Nuclear-Skull87

    This is easily my favorite Verve-Album of all-time! I could just imagine myself listening to this in a future-home of mine in Seattle on a nice and rainy-day.

  6. Bryan Zautner

    See the world through my dirty lonely mixed up eyes.

  7. Dan Farrimond

    Twilight sounds so much like early Dave Gilmour-era Pink Floyd. :-)

  8. Stephen Mccartney

    what i said couldn't be that good....

  9. Yabish Ilk

    My favoritas

  10. awdx sad

    There you were on the floor cut up
    And all alone I held you
    Conceived in a chrome dream I was a crease
    In the shirt that this world wears
    Till I met Blue, I was in obscurity he said
    Loosen up who do you wanna be?
    We could steal a car and listen to the stars
    I can see you've choked on them too
    Had enough of late night films
    Just settle for an hour or two
    Oh Blue, show me something new
    Oh Blue, show me something new
    Blue, I've got a question every time I hold you
    Yeah, Blue, I've got a question every time I swallow you it's true
    Spike danced for ten days long
    We were just heading for the sun
    You shot him down there's blood on my face
    His heart's in the right place
    What they gonna do to you
    What they gonna do
    Blue don't forget the word, I warned you
    Oh Blue don't let them push you don't let them destroy you
    Meanwhile I'm searching with my brain blown eyes
    See the world through my dirty lonely mixed up mind

  11. Stephen Mccartney


  12. Keith Nunes

    Wondrous - appreciate the post

  13. j thespaceman

    anyone know the chords for 'make it till Monday'?

  14. Naoki Lounge

    discaso wn me encanta :)

  15. bwytacig

    Make It Till Monday is an achingly beautiful track.

  16. Tony Sproule

    Another piece of my soul!

  17. Arbitrario

    Muy bueno, compraria el disco pero lo prefiero gratis

  18. Common Unity

    Bloody Brilliant

  19. bwytacig

    No Come Down has shades of the old U2 song 'Drowning Man'. Beautiful song

    Joseph Michelson

    +bwytacig stfu, no comparison to U2. You should be ashamed of yourself.


    Slight over-exaggeration Joseph? Have you listened to aforementioned U2 song? Clearly not. Bet you buy the Daily Mail too

    lexoz 932

    i respect and like u2,but to be honest, the u2 comparisions are kind of irritating. you dont hear anthemic political rant in "star sail" or "blue" or "beautiful mind". its not like u2 invented delay and reverb. influential, no doubt, but so were the cocteau twins.

  20. mcclept

    These guys and spacemen 3 were the only things i learned in college that stayed with me.

    Stephen Mccartney

    me too dude,summer 2002!

  21. Aubrey O' Wakefield

    Forgotten all about this album - cheers for posting. I'll have to dig it out and have another listen

  22. Lia L

    great the verve !

  23. Nikolai Bentchev

    thanks for the upload, i like to fall asleep while listening to this album.


    @Nikolai Bentchev Perfect way .