Vertical Horizon - Willingly Lyrics

When I was just a young boy
My mama said to me
Don't fall in love willingly

Now that is all forgotten
Unwilling memory

But if you change your mind
I will walk the line
I'll follow....

We used to talk about it
But now it seems the wind has blown your way
And I have come to doubt it
That you and I will ever love again

'Cause good enough is one thing
That I will never be
And I admit it all

And now the times are changing
The things I've seen before don't look the same
My life is rearranging
But falls apart with whispers of your name

And though I swear to love you
With all sincerity
I'll slowly fade away

The sun is on my shoulders
Perhaps it's colder for I've lost some pride
Or maybe it's the absence
Of all the joy I felt right by your side

And when the storm was over
I found your memory
And I will hold it warm

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Vertical Horizon Willingly Comments
  1. Casey Powell

    Keith Kane is singing

  2. doccface

    Their best album..get it..."There and back again"

  3. cathy paat

    ok, thanks for the info. i knew its not Matt so i asked.

  4. cathy paat

    Who's singing?

  5. DwreckTV

    do you have any other songs from that album??