Vertical Horizon - Wash Away Lyrics

An old man lying by the road
Black is night
He's got his finger on the trigger
An easy target in sight
He's got no future, no family tree
He's got a three dollar bottle
And he drinks 'till he can't see
All night, all night.....

A young girl waiting on a line
Eight a.m., she's got a six month old burden
Willpower's withering thin
An unwed mother beaten by her trade
Each week her welfare reminds her
Of mistakes she never made
Oh no.....

Now what has that to say about tomorrow
What has that to show for today
Noah thought to build an ark
Before the heavens washed it all away

A baby crying through a dream
An afterthought
Mother is seething for pleasure
After the poison is bought
His eyes are tainted, staggered is his breath
Oh God, he's addicted
Addicted to death
Oh, no...


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Vertical Horizon Wash Away Comments
  1. multiwebinc

    The camera guy at 1:09: "Ok, ready for singing in 3, 2, 1... Quick switch to the guy who was talking before because he's the singer. Right? Nope. Bassist? Nope. Need help here, guys!"

  2. Enthusiastic Zestful Villainy

    studio version is pure acoustic. but this is great aswell

  3. Lance Stone

    looks like the crowd is not into them, but it's a great song. one of my favorite alternative rock band from the 90s

  4. DerekM30

    Best song ive heard in 2017

  5. DerekM30

    Shits so underrated its ridiculous

  6. James McCarthy

    great song, one of the best of 2016 so far

  7. 132456 NSC

    wash away .... That's a real nice song ^^

  8. 132456 NSC

    Vertical Horizon, paying the first to know everything you want eotneunde first heard on MTV channel in 1997, she would rush that sound in your ears away she heard the song 10 years to pass a rush ^^ So this happened to listen again to wash away these days after hearing is not a fan of vertical Horizon