Vertical Horizon - Song For Someone Lyrics

This is a song for someone all alone
This is a song to play when they are gone
To help you to begin again even though you've just begun
This is a song for someone

This is a song for someone wide awake
This is a song to give a little break
To help you slow down a bit now that the day is done
This is a song for someone

Someone who laughs
Someone who cries
Someone whose heart beats just like mine
Another soul who soldiers on
Oh, this is a song for someone

This is a song for someone on the line
This is a song to help you kill the time
May you come home again sooner than the son
This is a song for someone

Someone who laughs
Someone who cries
Someone whose heart beats just like mine
Another soul who soldiers on
Oh, this is a song for someone

I can't believe is that the full to feel when all the time is done
I hope to see the uncertainty leave before we're gone

This is a song for someone looking back
There is something good that someone said you lack
May it make you whole again if only while it runs
This is a song for someone

Someone who laughs
Someone who cries
Someone whose heart beats just like mine
Another soul who soldiers on
Oh, this is a song for someone
Yeah, this is a song for someone

This is a song for someone I don't know
May your days get brighter as you go
I guess it's never easy to love what we become
This is a song for someone

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Vertical Horizon Song For Someone Comments
  1. Olivier Lambert

    No doubt : there IS some magic here : after listening to that song several Times ... it gets even better .

  2. glenn christino yosua

    His voice reminds me of Mark Hoppus

  3. Phantom Vectors parkour by Vincent ghost

    When will I find that someone
    Who’s heart beats just like mine

    Phantom Vectors parkour by Vincent ghost

    Thx me too

  4. Christian Mendoza

    Waoo! Qué hermosa Musica , me gusta Esta Banda Vertical Horizon, Llevo Como 2 Años escuchandolos, Excelente música.

  5. Faisal Mach

    Music is not dead yet,

  6. Alexander Arguriou

    They are very underrated but they are very good they deserve more!

  7. Mariella Ozuna

    To a really good friend who needs to let me go, I’m in love with my husband and it will never work out

    Scott Awes

    Im sure he'll get your message here on a obscure video comment section

  8. Any Surya 0063

    I listen to it every day

  9. Gamer Devil

    those 7 people can f themselves

  10. Lili Amaral

    This song is the best, I love this with all my heart

  11. Jazziminstar

    What a beautiful song!

  12. Yuki San

    Amo essa música 😍

  13. Mriganka Shekhar Sarmah

    Man this song for someone!! Hits me right in the feels!

    JP Emm

    Same here. I'm trying to learn how to drum to this song 😍

  14. rohitnig81

    The guitar at 4:02!

  15. Numinor

    i fuckin love the guitar part that starts at 3:38 <3

  16. colreee 78

    Been a VH fan for as long as I can remember and this song is just another reason I love them. I have yet to listen to this song without shedding a few tears. And I consider that a good thing. Music should make you feel and give you comfort. Thank you for never failing to provide your fans with that 💟

  17. ozielcabra

    3 did not know good music

    Gamer Devil

    ozielcabra 7

  18. Drew Conder

    Their songs always cut you open. Matt is an amazing singer/songwriter.

  19. Mimi Marbun

    I love your song!

  20. Eliane A arte do Tricô

    this song is so good, the lyrics,god amazing, Matts voice is brilliant I love him

  21. Monty Mama

    The inspiration for this song is awesome! I loved seeing them in concert! <3

  22. Candace Hilton

    Just saw VH in concert - AMAZING! :) And I LOVE, LOVE the new album. They just keep getting better!

  23. Syaiffrie Syaiffuddin

    So loving this song interlude (and the song overall) and glad Matt and the rest of the band played this song for the Vertical Horizon live in Kuala Lumpur show. Thanks Vertical Horizon making it all the way to Kuala Lumpur for the first time. My favourite song after 'Get you back'

  24. Spencer Fitzgerald

    This album is awesome! The lyrics are so refreshing because they actually have depth and meaning. The poetry is phenomenal and the text doesn't get cheated by stupid "oo" and "ah" text fillers that is so prevalent in today's music.

  25. J T M

    Most beautiful song i ever heard

  26. Chaz Tabing

    this song is for someone (the only one) who disliked it

    Gamer Devil

    Chaz Tabing needs updated

  27. Rick N

    Felt so much emotion on this song. Great song. Still the best i ever heard in my lifetime :)

  28. Mary Todd

    Love this song and just about every other one they have done!  I am an old "rocker", my third child, who will be 30 next month, had their first CD (until I  "borrowed" it from him a few years ago!), and I have all of them since that one.  Just one nit--in the lyrics that accompany this video, "...someone who's heart beats just like mine..." it should be "whose"...sorry, I was a proofreader for many years....Hope the band will be in the upper Midwest this year...carry on, VH rockers...

    Scott Awes

    Shut up mr. Proofreader

  29. David Tooze

    This is my new favourite song :)

  30. Chrissy Enns

    Just got the chills. Woow!

  31. barefoot0750

    what a fantstic, beautiful song. listen vh since the 90´s and it´s always a great moment to buy a record. thanks for the wonderful time.

  32. Leah Duff

    Fucking love vertical horizon, and I'm obsessed with their newest cd, lmao so is my dad, it never gets old.

  33. Karolina Drabik

    No words to describe this song. Amazing.

  34. Thomas Barnes

    I just happen to learn of this band by seeing Neil Peart Drumming for them in Instamatic. Never heard this played in Rochester, Ny sad...Love the band already!

  35. Thunderkid WR

    I don't believe how these songs go unheard instead of those beibers one 1ds or selena gomez

  36. raquelmb

    Love it!!! 

  37. Jelmer Soes

    Couldn't agree more with Hugo, this is my favourite, next to Frost and Half-Light! Hope they will single it, and maybe it will finally reach Dutch radio again!

  38. Yosh Talwar

    This song took it from good to awesome the minute the solo kicked in

  39. 7turkeylips

    Wow...this song is incredible. I am a long time fan even went to see you guys this summer. I have been totally waiting for this the words of SpongeBob, "Ahhhhmmmmaaaaazzzzzinnnng"

  40. hoochrocks

    This song made me cry the first time I heard it, so beautiful. Now that I'm listening to it again, I'm crying again. This is a perfect song.

  41. Hugo Almeida

    I'm sending these songs for radios here in Portugal, lets see if they sponsor them. :)

  42. Hugo Almeida

    Right now A Song for Someone, Half Light and Frost are my favourites from the album.
    Let's see if they will get to hit in some music charts.

  43. Gottisanidiot

    Holy shit what a great song. This is Matt and band at their finest. No doubt about it.

  44. TheBreathingmusic

    I am so glad they're back. I breathe this.

  45. mmmaxmmm83

    One of the best VH songs off either their best album or their 2nd best album...amazing melodies, haunting.

  46. brian rauscher

    Big Matt Scannell fan here...Nice to see Richard Marx lending his talents here too.(Also a huge Richard Marx fan too)What a masterpiece this cd is....Have and love all Vertical Horizon albums but this one is by far the best!!! Just want to say thanks for writing such an album that all of us fans can relate to...

  47. TravX

    This is so beautiful.

  48. Hugo Almeida

    Great song, Matt!
    Single it.

  49. andrew sutherland

    i havent lesened to the whole album yet but so far this is my favorite song on it

  50. X X

    thanks for uploading the album guys, you are awesome! sincerely, one of my few favorite bands! <3