Verse Simmonds - Let Me Know Lyrics

Girl you know I'm feeling you
Yeah when it's just us two
Mean no disrespect to you
But if that's your girl, can she come too?
Let me know, let me know
Baby you can come and she can come too
Let me know, let me know
Baby let me know if she can come too

[Verse 1:]
Baby I don't mean no disrespect
Maybe it's the liquor, maybe I'm just lit
Maybe I'm just imaging shit
But it can't hurt to try, no no way
Keep it real with the fly
We can fuck in the mirror
Me, you and her
A triangle affair
I got loving to tell you, you know what it is
You be talking that shit, I been waiting for this
Hurry up, I'm not late
Hope you don't feel no way, I been thinking about this all day
She being on you and you being on me
We can make this shit one big party
And I hope you not selfish baby
Cause I'm feeling you, I'm feeling


[Verse 2:]
Might think that I'm wrong for this
You might think that I'm scandalous
And I don't know if you into this
But I can't help but notice
You admiring her, she admiring you
Got all up on each other, y'all up to no good
Body language
I can read your body language
I can see your real intentions
Y'all ain't fooling anybody
And it's right after the party
We gon have ourselves a party


Your flirting days all over each other
Y'all smacking ass and God damn, I love it
We ain't gotta play by the rules
Let's go ahead and get us a room

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Verse Simmonds Let Me Know Comments
  1. T Allen

    Do he live in GA? I see this video was recorded in midtown Atlanta, Luckie St. too.

  2. Leandro De Moraes

    2018 SSA/BA/BRASIL


    Contact Infos for the Producer? It's a grammy production

    Hakan Gökce

    YoungWhiteFresh The Monarch

  4. Jay Williams


  5. Julian Bradford

    This dude is bad ass!!!!

  6. Valencia Lewis

    and hes fine !

  7. Valencia Lewis

    hot shit

  8. Valencia Lewis


  9. Jason Shaw


  10. DeMario Rio Jones

    this album go hard! they sleepin on him tho

  11. Main Chick

    That voice tho 😍😍😍

  12. Jacob Krabbe


  13. rhymegarden

    I'm really starting to fuk wit this guy. Feeling his vibe.

  14. jmarc8200

    Luv this song. Nice vibe.

  15. Cody Stoughtenger

    Dope ass record

  16. Andrew Bankhead

    she can cummmm to!!

  17. Andrew Bankhead

    y'all sleeping on pimpin

  18. Florian

    this nigga sounds good but this video clip is kinda corny ....

  19. elana604

    i must b late coz i jus heard of this guy but his songs and beats are banging. make me wana go to a club

  20. Matias Vargas


  21. Carlos Martinez

    One of my favorite artist out!

  22. EriekOTB

    This shit fire.

  23. Matthew Christopher Figueroa

    dis gonbe a hyt doe

  24. Albatros Dreshaj

    hall yeah I'm wit it!!

  25. Kun Aguero


  26. Kai Love

    this your beat boss??? legit. 💖💖💖

  27. supremeslams

    Who else has school next week?

  28. Angela Young

    I like this guy, he's kinda sexy...and he sings good too! 😎

    Akeam Francis

    Angela Young

  29. akr18

    216th view

  30. Stereohearts R&B

    Baby let me know 🔥

    Akeam Francis

    Stereohearts R&B

  31. Jay Jr

    College Confessions is more like