Vern Gosdin - Two Lonely Hearts (Out Of Hand) Lyrics

I was sittin' all alone when you came strollin' in
Hypnotized as you went walking by
My heart began to pound I ask her to sit down
And I saw something special in your eyes

Now it's you and me dancin' together
Swaying to the music of the band
Just you and me laughing and talking
Lost in the way we're feeling
Two lonely hearts out of hand out of hand

It's hard to believe but I believe we've found
One thing everybody's looking for
The band's already gone but the music lingers on
Sounds like love's knocking at the door

Now it's you and me dancin' together
Using that ol' jukebox for the band
Girl it's you and me holding each other

Lost in the love we're feeling
Two lonely hearts out of hand

Two lonely hearts out of hand out of hand

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Vern Gosdin Two Lonely Hearts (Out Of Hand) Comments
  1. Tina Beck

    good song thanks for sharein

    the winner

    great that you enjoyed this song Tina

  2. Tina Beck

    Good song

  3. victoramok

    Thank you so much. It never fails to amaze me how you can come up with so many of my favourites. You have an amazing collection.

    the winner

    +victoramok Thanks Victor. Glad you enjoy the music.

  4. luna12351


    the winner

    +luna12351 Thanks for listening!

  5. Károlyné Szépvölgyi

    Kedves Brent!
    Csodálatos ez a dal. Nagyon tetszett az előadó művész. Köszönöm ezt s szép
    élményt. Kellemes hétvégét kívánok. Üdvözletem Budapestről Klára.

    the winner

    +Károlyné Szépvölgyi Thanks for listening Klara. Glad you enjoy this great singer.

  6. latokatn506

    Thanks Brent Great Upload here

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    +latokatn506 Glad you enjoyed it Lester. Can't go wrong with The Voice!

  7. Erika Wallner

    Hello my friend, I thank you for the wonderful song and wish you a pleasant weekend, greeting Erika

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    +Erika Wallner Thanks for enjoying the music Erika! Hope you also have a nice weekend. -Brent

  8. Bjay1956

    Now he is good, love all his music, superb upload, John

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    +bjay1956 Glad you enjoy him John. Thanks for listening.

  9. jo luttringer

    With same instrumental intro and "chords substitution" 1 b7 4 1 in the chorus, this song is a "little" copy of Conway Twitty's "Boogie woogie Grass Band" ...Right, buddy ? Thanks for upload and, so I as write each friday : one more a new week-end ! Best wishes, Brent.

    the winner

    +jo luttringer You are always good at hearing the chords in the songs Jo. Does sound similar to that Conway song. Thanks for listening and I hope you have a great weekend also! -Brent

    jo luttringer

    +the winner "Hearing the chords in the songs is "God's gift" since aged at 6 old and, of course, my "real" job since 1959 and still. Thanks to country music recordings (periode 1956-1969) he helped me fo hear and find the right chords in all keys... JO