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Yeah, that's it!


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Vern Gosdin That's It Comments
  1. Brenda Seager

    He is one of the best. Such an amazing voice

  2. TheLouise24

    I love this song and this video. Anyone who gives a thumbs down is tone deaf!

  3. Marion H

    What a beautiful voice...gone way too soon..

  4. Lynn Miller

    More PURE TALENT than most of today's coubtry stars

  5. William Mills

    When your living out this song. It brings tears to me. I love my wife. It is a hard road to bear. I don't know how things happen. I don't understand after 20 years. Cuts right through you. Hope she knows how much love i have for her.


    Wow thats all i have to say Wow wow

  7. Jeff Scott

    Another unsung hero

  8. Kevin McKethan

    Why do people dislike this. He's the voice!!!

  9. Jerry Thanks

    Nashville PLEASE put Vern Gosselin in country music Hall of fame...

  10. Earl Fisher


  11. Jeneane Parsons

    Me and my two brothers and my late husband loved listening to Vern.

  12. Michael Green

    I wish country music was still around.

  13. Don Hagler

    Known as The Voice for a reason.

  14. Turkey Dude

    they say vern was a country songs best friend!!! so true.

  15. Michael Macleod

    Outstanding country voice!

  16. Thomas Lara

    From the time I was 10, 53 now, I've been a rocker and i didn't start liking country till 90-91. But new music sucks, country and rock. Miss the 70-80's, the rock had balls and country had soul. God bless.

  17. shelly p

    Beautiful !, awesome singer

  18. stephen lamb

    More proof Country music today absolutely sucks . I wish the new guys would at least record the old songs so it would sound country but they probably would just ruin those good old songs.

  19. darlene frantz

    I love this song and him

  20. Quinn Rorvik

    Sing it Vern!!!!

  21. Jamie Parker

    the only person who could possibly hold a candle to George Jones..Vern was extremely underrated in my eyes and deserves better recognition

  22. John Bailey

    Wow , these r great singers , there will never be singers like these old timers

  23. yvon

    real country

  24. Earful Audio

    I love Vern Gosdin and Country Music ...

    Thanks for posting.

  25. Robert W Churchill

    That's just about a DOZEN DONUTS

  26. Bill Stephenson

    vern had a great voice loved his songs

  27. Vicki Koch

    Zac Brown band colder weather

  28. Jeanne May-Ackerman

    That just about does it, don’t it....❤️

  29. Donna Espinosa

    Nice song....

  30. trudy hagedorn

    I love you Vern Gosdin

  31. Teresa House

    When I want to ground myself I come to listen to Vern, Earl Thomas, Sammy K, Ricky Van Shelton.

  32. Blackfeather Washo


  33. Edgar Ontiveros

    A Very Good Country Legend Singer Vern Gosdin R.I.P

  34. Roy Huffman


  35. Robert Stevens

    It's the steel guitar that really makes this song. And verns voice that makes it real

  36. Walter Cook


  37. India Floyd

    The some Vern!!!

  38. willie moon

    10 million views .. not surprised ,, the voice ,,

  39. Don Sherwood

    It just doesn’t get any better

  40. Barbara Manning

    country music in its true sense

  41. Gerald McGarrigle

    2.8k dislike
    it,they must be liberal morons.

  42. Travis Nunnally

    One day this world is going to get religious and turn to Vern.

  43. James Mann

    James. Mann

  44. Louis Wiley

    Vern was known among his peers as a singer's singer.

  45. S H

    RIP Vern

  46. sue godin

    If your not happy get out

  47. sue godin

    Love this song .its true

  48. Terry Quesenberry

    That will just about kill it!

  49. Molly Moto

    Crack a beer ... let the base hit hard , and play some honey tonk?.

  50. Amanda Woody


  51. John Morrison

    Don't what

  52. John Morrison

    Ain't it

  53. John Morrison

    Give the boy credit first to say don't it

  54. Travis Mabe

    Seen him in Winston-Salem in the 80s George Jones did not show up was very mad but then he came on and wow should be a hall of famer

  55. Jo Go

    Oh my goodness. I haven't heard vern gosdin in years. Why would the stations play taylor Instead of vern.

  56. Manny N Valerie Gutierrez

    Been There, Done That

  57. Lynn Miller


  58. Jimmy Justus

    That old school country music hard to beat it

  59. Marty Party

    4:45 a m.
    Kearns Utah
    Still Listening to the "Voice"
    What a great Country Singer.
    R.I.P. Mr Gosdin
    This is real Country Music.

  60. Sue Bradley

    Every time my ex husband gets the drinking he send me this song

  61. willy potts

    'these are not tears of sorrow i shed; rather tears of joy" ♫

  62. Mr 007

    Just About Jade😊

  63. Florence Ryan

    I just love all country music

  64. R. Schmidt

    Straight up country song No beating around the bush with this song. Love it!

  65. Franklin Warner

    So Nice.

  66. Lynn Miller

    Vern was called THE VOICE for a good reason

  67. Chris Trompeter

    And that just about does it.., Vern Gosdin was a genius and will forever live on

  68. Kenny Browne

    Back when MEN sang country songs.

  69. KOJ Robinett

    Love Vern. 💛

  70. Franklin Warner

    Good Song.

  71. Michael Williamson

    Real country music and classic rock is dead because it takes work practice and talent to produce .. Nashville seriously CMA Cmt I just cant stomach the b.s your selling today

  72. Mr-pensive

    Only just discovered this guy couple of years ago on you tube , what a voice! what a song!! great video!!!, think ill go and listen to his other great song chiseled in stone ;-)

  73. Patricia Slocum

    I think my brother Shane sang this a few times. Good song.

  74. Lisa Nunery

    My late brothers favorite all time singer!! RIP Lynn Nestlehutt!! Love you big brother and miss you!! ❤❤❤

  75. Tyler Walker

    These country legends are almost all gone but their music will live on long after todays pop country singers music is forgotten

  76. Shelly Monroe

    My grandma favorite song. Rip grandma I will keep playing this song for you.

  77. kristel mustard

    Beautiful song

  78. Franklin Warner

    Good Song.

  79. thewanger

    The Voice

  80. Pat Gray

    Some of the best clean Country Songs ever written. No one can ever replace some of the best!!!

  81. Susan Lesley

    Nothing better than this, good ole country songs.

  82. Lloyd George

    Indeed talented beyond most, did he ever do with any of the outlaws. ?

  83. Sandra Garand

    The real thing..Thanks

  84. Betty Morton

    Love all the old country music not this shit they play now I was raised listening to Lynyrd Skynyrd Vern gosdin Waylon Jennings Elvis Presley Patsy Cline Loretta Lynn 0 Buddy Holly Conway Twitty and a few more I love the old days when music was so good, 💜🎵🎵🎶🎸🎻🎸🎸🎸🎼🎷🎧🎤🎤🎛️🎹🎵🎵🎶🎶

  85. Juanita Hill

    such emotion in his singing...glad I discovered this gentleman! Awesome voice!

    Andy Norvell

    This is the voice..

  86. Thomas Sharp

    Epic Steele.

  87. Beli Lopez

    Hits rite 2 the heart after a 11 yr relationship love couldn't help us but i still luv u with all my stupid broken heart

  88. Betsy Ross

    Vern's delivery almost always tears at my heart. I felt his pain; I sensed his loss; and this is country at its supreme best. Thanks, Vern, for sharing your too-short lived talent with this planet.

  89. Ranwolfe

    When we pull up a song I hate these  annoying  commericals

  90. Peter Degroot

    This is real country music. Listen to this day in dayout

  91. Sharon Wettig

    For those who gave this a thumbs down, do you not realize that this is pure country? Appreciate it for what it is. RIP Vern Gosdin..."The Voice"

  92. Tien Bach

    Giọng ca tuyệt vời!

  93. bryan gentry

    Awsome song no one like vern sure do miss him

  94. Mugsy Lucas

    There is no one can do it any better than this ol boy period

  95. Vicki Vestal

    This man could sing a ballad just about better than anyone ever. Another was Marty Robbins. Lord how I miss the real old time country!

  96. Tom Forsythe

    That harmony vocal!