Vern Gosdin - Is It Raining At Your House Lyrics

Is it raining at your house like it's raining at mine
Do you miss me like I miss you, is it cloudy all the time
Do you tremble when the phone rings and you think I'm on the line
Is it raining at your house like it's raining at mine

Does it thunder and lightnin' even when the sun shines
Is it raining at your house like it's raining at mine

Is it raining at your place just like it is over here
If it is then sweetheart like me I know you're scared
I just called you to console you like any old friend would do
Is it raining at your house and by the way, I still love you

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Vern Gosdin Is It Raining At Your House Comments
  1. wayne lyne

    Llistening jan.2020,love Vern

  2. Philip Partin

    love vern i so miss him

  3. Lee Ann Miller

    Such a Beautiful Soul 💕❤️😍💕

  4. Dennis Procter

    Todays so/called COUNTRY not fit to be even called CRAP !!??

  5. Russell Freer

    I just discovered this guy in the past year or, good stuff.

  6. Chuck Ghost De Priest

    My youngest daughter has stop talking to me cause i hate her mother. I love you ashlee n

  7. Alvin Dixon

    Some of the best songs your ever going to hear

  8. Teresa House

    2019 and I will listen to this man until I die and hope my nephews will do the same

  9. Chip

    Vern is the greatest... Check out Chris Stapleton or Cody Jinks also Jamie Johnson.

  10. Leah

    I miss you David.....I know your gone, I just miss you. Great song. 💓💓💓💓

  11. M P

    It's raining at our place, and I still love Vern Gosden. Miss this 💔 2019

    M P

    And By The Way, ...I Still Love You.,✌️❣️

  12. bobbi smith

    Love me some Vern !

  13. Jim Stacks

    This is the sound.hell of a singer

  14. Richard Baker


  15. Mary Lyne

    Oh my , love this song

  16. Michael Griffin

    This blue Kentucky rain is hard on the heart...

  17. TheLouise24

    When my best friend's husband left her, she said that she played this song over and over all day long and got through the sadness. I never spoke to her ex again!

  18. Donnie Berry


  19. Lee Mcculloh

    Vern had a country voice that was pure gold. As long as I am living I will listen to his songs

  20. Charise Johnson

    none better than Vern

  21. James McKevitt

    A masterpiece.

  22. opie1956

    Great song ! type in "ron howard cover" listen to Opie sing "The Dance"! To all of us who have lost loved ones "Life goes that fast, and we will see them again that soon"!

  23. uell Keller

    My wife and I are currently having problems. Hearing these old songs breaks my heart. The thought of losing my wife, my love, my best friend is more than I can handle. God help me

  24. Edward McCarver

    Cool little windy and a bunch of miss you

  25. Connie Sadowinski

    They don’t make music like this anymore! Thanks for sharing!


    Why this man isn’t in the country music hall of fame is baffling to me I mean damn.

  27. Connie Cox

    This song make me think and rain n not were he's that lol

  28. Vanessa West

    Beautiful music

  29. Christopher C.C. Lightfoot

    I lost the love of my ñife 2 days ago n this song got us back together n we were together 41 yrs. Deperated once n this was our song always

  30. Janet Swain

    I play this song every time it rains. I've never made it through this song with dry eyes

  31. Kevin Morin

    Thank you Lisa A.

  32. Pamela Knowles

    Phenomenal Performance,,.,will never be another!!
    Beautiful song!

  33. Nanc Geist

    I miss you so much!!!!

  34. Randy Miller

    Who ever the 112 people who gave this song a thumbs down are a bunch of bitches who dont know true county music!!

  35. Rick David

    Gyth Rigdon the hottie who won 2nd place on the voice needs to cover some of Verns music.

  36. Kevin Adams

    And by the way, I still love you

  37. Michael Head

    This song is about glancing at Andrea Lopez on April 27, 2018. What year was this song?

    Michael Head

    Michael Head This song was released on January 5, 1987.

  38. Bret Garceau

    What jerkoff would dislike verns song

  39. Gene Doyle

    Montgomery County | Heroic dog saves sleeping deputy constable from Montgomery County house fire

  40. Joe Wells Country

    Really enjoyed, always enjoy listening to Vern ( The Voice ) Gosdin .....I just covered this song on my channel, Come take a listen if you wish.
    Liked and subbed your great channel, Looking forward to checking out more.🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

  41. Jose Pereira

    Boa musica valeu

  42. Luella Caldwell

    Its raining at my house I lost my beloved wife unexpectedly Im crushed gonna take a long time to get past this

    Lisa A

    I'm so sorry

    Lisa A

    I'm so sorry for your loss.

  43. jackthomas007


  44. Misty Sheppard

    Love love this song.... Every time it rains for days I always think of this song. 🤩

  45. Jc Ray 2

    Great Song And Voice Love This Song My Father Gary Ray Cut it And Recored it Its On U.Toube Gary Ray From Lincolnton N.C please Listen to Daddy sing this Song to God Viron Gosdon Can Flat Sing OMG pretty Song


    is it ranging at you house like it raining at my place

  47. Joslyn Boutilier

    Beautiful song sung by an awesome man.

  48. black08harley

    This is real country

  49. Robert S. Hawkins

    He had to be the most non talked about Superstar of Country Music

  50. Marc Riley

    sniff sniff. I'm late to the party ...but I heard someone sing this at karaoke last night and wanted to see how close they were. Um, not even close. haha. Vern's voice is unmatched by today's pop country crowd. you could FEEL the sorrow in his voice. Ugh. It's raining here in Maryland by the way. :)

  51. Michelle McDougall

    Yep it sure is. I love the rain but Iove you so much more.

  52. jerry rolen

    The best

  53. Teresa McClanahan


  54. Phillip Dean

    What a voice!

  55. James Goodman

    Still sends chills ....Great country music is rare these days...

  56. Mom Ma

    Why do I miss u sooo much?? By the way I still love u

  57. DuckDuckGo Ismuchbetter

    No Auto-tune, no sexy tractors, no rap.

    Yep, this is country.

    Now if Nashville would just start making country music again and stop with the absolute garbage they're making now!

  58. Paul WHITLATCH

    Is it raining at you house because it's pouring it down at mine....good song Vern love you brother...

  59. Dennis Snider

    And by the way I still love youuuuu!

  60. David R. Davidson

    True classic country music. Much love for sharing this one!

  61. John D

    Vern Gosdin. Miss him. Got to c him N Marksville. Louisiana. Love Always A Fan Rhonda.

  62. Gene Doyle

  63. Tommy Matney

    Mam we need some more country singers like him he's the best I love all his music

  64. Randy McCarty

    ....and by the way , i still love you

  65. Michael Woods

    Good memories

  66. bob dean

    it could be

  67. Betty Morton


  68. Me, myself and I

    No it's not just raining my lovely, it's a full on tsunami...

    David R. Davidson

    Bless you dear and how did you fair in that tsunami?

  69. Karen Shurley

    Simply awesome

  70. Inez Williamson

    this is country!!!!! what a voice!!!!!!!!! miss you

  71. Tina Leeth

    GOD knows I still love you

  72. Pamela Knowles

    Priceless 🎶🎶❤❤

  73. Wayne Lyles

    Corporate country sucks...

  74. John Ellis

    This is every failed relationship in history 💔

  75. James Wilson

    Simply..the best there ever was and ever will you VERN...miss you...if you had been here longer..oh God!! The songs you still yet had to give were a musical genious..and to ICON

  76. thatguy263

    I don't know if Vern ever sang the "Pffft, You Were Gone" bit from Hee Haw, but I think he could have done a bang-up job with it.

  77. Ronald Rutledge

    There will never be another Vern Gosdin he was great

  78. Kathy Bowman

    Yes its Pouring down !!!! :(



  80. Tim Rouse

    90 people are idiots!

  81. Gary Guyton

    my most favorite singer in the country music business

  82. Thomas J. Harris

    This is a great song, thanks for sharing this Lisa

  83. Lydia Robertson

    The true voice of country music... ~♡PEACE♡~

  84. Justin Dampier

    Interesting story about this song. One rainy night, Vern called Hank Cochran and asked if it's raining there like it over here? Hank said no, but, you're onto something. The rest is history

  85. Charles Bennett

    Don't know why Vern is not inducted in the CMHF HE DESERVES THE HONOR

  86. Karen Heimbach

    Vern really is the VOICE!!

  87. James Wilson

    Simply the best

  88. Barbara Butler

    I love all of verns songs.
    Barbara bulter

  89. James Wilson

    Hey's just my opinion...Vern and George were the 2 best country singers EVER!! And they were tied for number 1...the ultimate concert...ladies and Vern Gosdin and George Jones!!!

  90. Janie Ramirez


  91. Jeff Garney

    There's not a better voice

  92. Keith Nicholson


  93. Charlie Maines

    vern is the best ever

  94. R.L. Hauk

    Always a favorite of mine, I had this same experience with one of my loves. I miss you Paige, hope it is not raining at your house and the sun follows you forever, Love R L

  95. Eugene Malush

    God came down and gave a person a voice.

  96. connie tolentino

    I just lost my sister Gail May 23rd and we sure loved Vern Gosdin!!!


    connie tolentino sorry for your loss Connie. As an 11 year old I lost my oldest brother. 40 years later it still breaks my heart.

  97. Jeff Bush

    Now thats music. It tells you a story. And you have to smile at the pain. Wow you can feel it deep. Dont make them like that anymore.

    Jeff Bush

    Thanks Lisa. Means alot to know im not only one. Lol. Thanks

  98. Linda Martin

    Great singer Handsome, and hot Still sexy🍷🍷🍷👍👍👍💃💃💃😘

  99. Jay Wilson

    That man breaks it down