Vern Gosdin - Do You Believe Me Now Lyrics

Don't you think you should have called?
To tell me you were coming down
Oh you look so out of place on this troubled side of town
It's a place where losers go when they know there's nothing left
And after losing you I just lost the will to live

Do you believe me now?
I told you time and time again
My heart and soul is your hands do you believe me now?
Do you believe me now?
Look at the living I endure
I ain't nothing without you do you believe me now?

I don't know what changed your mind, come-on ask if this is real
I don't know what if you're a dream I only know how good it feels
If you could find it in your heart to say the fire for me still burns
I'll find a place to turn around down this road of no return

Do you believe me now?
I told you time and time again
My heart and soul is your hands do you believe me now?
Do you believe me now?
Look at the living I endure
I ain't nothing without you do you believe me now?

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Vern Gosdin Do You Believe Me Now Comments
  1. Allan Baxter

    vern gosdin was the greatest entertainer songwriter that ever existed his music will live on forever thanks vern for your great contribution to true country music

  2. Bertie_B72

    Vern Gosdin .... 1 of my all time favorites!!! ❤

  3. Summer Edge

    Omg, life's a bitch..lost, and wounded

  4. Carolyn Bearden

    Beautiful, if only we could return to yesterday’s country music....

  5. Randall Fraley

    Gina do you believe me now ?

  6. Dennis Procter


  7. B S

    Songs written from him must be from life...

  8. Cutter J cousin was married to Vern and sadly, due to their separation, was the inspiration for many of his heart breaking songs...she called me the morning he died devastated, I could tell she still loved him...

  9. Tina Rogers

    Do you believe me now !!

  10. bbright39


  11. Walter Cook


  12. willie moon

    a mutual friend told me he was not a nice man ..

  13. J Berry

    The voice Yep and what a voice . Country at it's best

  14. Dillon Reynolds

    George jones sings the first part

  15. Don Sherwood

    The definition of timeless is Verns music

  16. GO440

    Oh my Goodness !!!  One of the  greatest songs ever !!!

  17. Sir Miller

    The Voice! Rest easy, Wonderful soul! And thank you for all of the many wonderful years of music 🙏

  18. George Stacey

    Country songs from the past, strong and soulful, from private enough lives to be really felt, and real enough to be universally touching.

  19. Leonard Gilbreath

    His was one of the best voice in country music we lost a good country singer when we lost him.

  20. Jaydon King

    People dont understand the real meaning of music ...I'm so glad my dad made me listen to this I'm 14 ..this helps me through so much stuff..

  21. S H

    RIP Vern

  22. Terry Quesenberry

    The Voice!

  23. Bessie Bell

    What a voice this man was blessed with...i use to drink my blues away with his music...10yrs.sober and i still love his music...dec.3rd.2019

  24. conn0rth

    I always thought Vern Gosden was a gentler George Jones

  25. Dreamers Rock

    Makes me want to break out the whiskey 😂

  26. knucklehead0202

    Not sure why i do this to myself but songs like this are terrible and therapeutic at the same time. Not going to elaborate on it at this point but times are trying.

  27. Tonya Renee

    Love this song

  28. Franklin Warner

    Very Nice.

  29. Charlie Prince

    Yes Vern....I believe you now.

  30. Robert Dunham

    Top that

  31. The Empress Tarot

    I miss this kind of music

  32. nemesisgenius

    Nobody's going to fill Vern Gosdin's shoes. NOBODY!!

  33. nemesisgenius

    Vern Gosdin peaked at #4 on the Billboard country singles chart with this classic early in 1988. This should have spent at least 2 weeks at #1!!

  34. Darla Davis

    These words hit home

  35. jl5858

    1600 IDIOTS

  36. Franklin Warner

    Good Song.

  37. Chris Liveoak

    Awosome voice nobody's going to fill them shoes true country music

  38. Travis Kelley

    I'm 26 this is real country not today's bullshit

  39. Shane Kemble

    This is country music, I dont even listen to country radio anymore.

  40. his Mlady forever his baby

    I do I really do but does it make it better maybe I'd like to believe u would turn back for me but I know that's not ever gonna happen I did not leave u you left me for the things you did to me do you believe me now its really over now do u believe me now I hate this happened to me n you er were gonna be the greatest love story this world had ever seen dont you believe that now come bk for me bby I am leaving tuesday let me believe in you now show me plz I love clw dont you want to believe me now.

  41. Woodie Thompspn

    The music the voice the words the feeling, those were the days real music

  42. Bj Cash

    This gentleman was called (The Voice)
    Can you imagine what it took to get that monicker in his time? Untouchable!

  43. Dennis Wilson

    What a voice!! Truly one of the greatest of all time!

  44. Franklin Warner

    Good Song.

  45. Terry Farr

    For the folks that thumbs down this. SHUT UP STUPID

  46. Linda Lewis

    He is one of my favorites!

  47. Nellie Dwyer

    I can just listen to this 100 times in a row and never tire of it.

  48. Mcwhorter141 Mcwhorter

    Vern is one of the great ones.

  49. John Burke

    This takes me back to the days my grandmother was obsessed with old VERN GOSDIN😉 and WOULD ALWAYS TELL ME. 😆 that's how i KNOW 😆. SO FLY HIGH GRANDMA.

  50. Mike Evans

    Quit complaining and thank GOD we got u tube lol

  51. Thomas Woodard

    2019 and this song still makes me cry

  52. Michelle McDougall

    Yes I do believe you and I do believe in you.I just want you to come home to me..

  53. Joe Fincham

    Vern and George Jones went beyond singing...they went right to the heart,the emotions of a person...voices that can't be measured by any standard other than themselves!

  54. Raymond Hailey

    My main woman passed away in March. We both loved real country music. The last 3 years were important to us but I could not save her. Didn't know Vern until recently and now all I do is listen to him. Songs have great instrumentalization. They help set the mood so well.

  55. Marryann Lamb

    Thanks so much for sharing.

  56. Franklin Warner

    Good Song.

  57. chester white

    One my songs RIP

  58. Al Testic

    I lick him and I'm not even gay anymore and I were talking about it and it 😂

  59. 80z Ladyz

    ❤️what A g00d Old one===>> ❤️

  60. Darren Davis

    Sad song.

  61. Barbara Abbott-Messer

    Very nice song and voice

  62. Barbara Abbott-Messer

    Love country music

  63. rhonda wann

    Love this mans voice

  64. Franklin Warner

    Very Nice.

  65. Manny Badabing

    Completely ignored by Ken Burns. But whatever. You can't please everyone. A lot of artists were not included in that docu.

  66. Marie McCarter

    His songs still take my breath away after all these years and I am 72

    Mike Tipton

    I'm with you

  67. Marla Williford

    I could listen to this man 24/7!!! So underrated as an artist!

  68. Arieonna Alexander

    This man is one of the best country music singers that ever lived. This music tugs at your heart just like Conway Twitty,Earl Thomas Conley, George Jones and Elvis Presley. I grew up listening to these men and I live them all to this day.

  69. mary humphreys

    Love you very cou entry not country anymore💖💖💖

  70. Glenda Gillikin

    Menu memories

  71. Sandy Spears

    Still wait2 bäbe

  72. e.a. foster

    in answer to your question of how did we get from this to the b.s. today, real easy, money.  just watched Ken Burn's Country and western music.

  73. opie1956

    Great song ! type in "ron howard cover" listen to Opie sing "The Dance"! To all of us who have lost loved ones "Life goes that fast, and we will see them again that soon"!

  74. jacob graven

    So fuckn good

  75. jacob graven

    Damn it

  76. Mike Locklear

    The voice...nuff said...

  77. Kristoph Stjames

    Look at the livn dying proof

  78. Franklin Warner

    So Nice.

  79. Cindy Tahl

    Amazing voice , beautiful songs !

  80. Franklin Warner

    Sing That Song. So Nice.

  81. Victoria Perkovic

    Not much

  82. Rosalie McFarland

    It doesn't get any better than this. Love it!

  83. kenny cross

    the voice of country music,what a singer,sure dont make them like vern anymore,love the old country

  84. Brenda Duncan

    Love his music never get tired of vern

  85. Joseph Johnston

    Rumney gilly

  86. Carvin Lambert

    the Harmonics in this song are totally amazing!!
    he knows it too. it was all his voice, purposely blending the music with his outstanding Talent.

  87. Fred Wilkerson

    Vern. . . Could sing the instructions on a roll of shit paper . . And make it sound good and break your heart . !!!!

  88. Franklin Warner

    So Nice.

  89. Carolyn Johnson

    One of the best voices EVER.

  90. chip brice

    real country not this fake stuff we have now

  91. john gates

    Vern Gosdin... Such an under rated singer ... He should have been bigger than Jones and straight

  92. Danny Hodge

    True country voice still listen to vern in 2019

  93. Mickey Bowser


  94. Hazel Miller

    such great talent i miss thoes all great ones so many memeories

  95. Shauna Monday

    V.E.R.N. .....and...... C.O.R.N.
    What about Bessies half

  96. Deb Parsons

    There have been some of the greatest talent country music has had to offer in my life time and I miss them all