Verma, Gajendra - Phir Suna Lyrics


Phir suna meethi meethi si woh dastaan
Jisko sunke meri zindagi me hoti hai nayi subah
Pass aa, aake mujhse phir na door jaa
Pyari pyari iss raat ki geharaaiyon mein doob ja
Wo oo.. wo oo.. wo oo.. oo..

Aa.. baahon mein, bhar lun tujhko kaskar
Saare gum bhula de, dekhe jab tu hanskar
Aa.. baahon mein, bhar lun tujhko kaskar
Saare gum bhula de, dekhe jab tu hanskar

Ye raat dhal naa jaaye
Samet lun main har pal
Aa milke sajaayein, jo aane wala hai kal
Hmm.. mmmm….

Pass aa, aake mujhse phir na door jaa
Pyari pyari iss raat ki geharaaiyon mein doob ja
Wo oo.. wo oo.. wo oo.. oo..

Mera Dil meri jaan tu
Mere saare armaan tu
Tere liye toh main chhod dun
Yeh Jahaan…

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Verma, Gajendra Phir Suna Comments
  1. Kahkasha Akhtar

    Phir suna meethi meethi si wo dasta jisko sun k Meri Zindagi me hoti h nyi subah= start that sweet story again which makes me have a new morning everyday
    Pas aa, aa k mujhse fir na dur ja pyari pyari is rat ki gehraiyo me dub ja= come close and never go away from me, just immers your self in the deepnees of this lovely night...

    Aa baho me bhar lu tujhko kas KR, sare gum bhula de dekhe jab tu has kar= come I'll get you in my arms tightly, you make me forget all my sorrows by giving the smile
    Ye rat na dhal na Jaye samet lu Mai har pal, aa mil k sajaye Jo aane Wala hai Kal= don't let this night pass away I wanna collect each and every moment, let's beautify together our coming days(future)
    Pass aa, aake mujhse fir na dur ja pyari pyari is rat ki gehraiyo me dub ja= come close and never go away from me, just immerse your self in the deepnees of this lovely night

    Mera Dil Meri Jan tu mere sare Arman tu, Tere liye to Mai chor du ye jaha= you are my heart you are my soul all my desires you are, I can leave this world for you

  2. divyanshu meshram

    Gajendra Verma first song

  3. Nikhil Goutam

    All time favourite. Listing 2019

  4. Amit Rana

    2013 se sunta aa rha hu.......kisi ne dedicate kiya tha but aaj wo sath nahi😔😔

  5. PB Status


  6. Siddharth Kashyap

    What a soulful singer... Amazing heart and voice

  7. Abdul Khan

    Rohan Rathore ne ye songs likha tha

  8. nisha mathuriya

    Fir suna
    Meethi meethi si wo dasta
    Jisko sunke meri zindgi
    m hoti h nyi subh
    Pass a
    Ake mujhse fir na door ja
    Pyari pyari is rat k gehraiyo me doob ja
    Dedicate for u dr. Abhishek

  9. Hasan Shahriar

    Who is much more luckier than me...
    Not even ur Simba...No one will be...Come back... My Queen... U were,are & will be...Love from a betrayer...Fountain of Paradise... ❤❤❤🐼🕊

  10. Deemed Bleeped

    Bollywood has no place for Talented people's

  11. Raakib Zaidi

    Jb song ka mean bta chala so wo yahi song tha 11th cls se...miss her...👌

  12. faizaan ahmed

    Bhai mashallah !! Bhaut pyari awaz h apki !!


    Is song ko sun ke pata nhi keya hone lagta hai

  14. Atif Ajaz

    She sent this video link to me in 2013 in my Xth grade when she was leaving India forever was too young to talk to her parents she's still in USA and after years I'm listening this song , so many flashbacks at once!!

  15. BlacK TecH

    LovE❤ this song👍

  16. Tanishka tans

    Nice song

  17. Ram Lakhan Meena ch18b060

    anyone 2020 ?

  18. Avimanyu Sahu

    I loved it ,,,,ye gana sunte hi ander se ajib sa feel ehsas hota he..

  19. Lovenish Sharma

    beautiful <3

  20. Monu ###

    Miss u 👩‍🦰. ........😭

  21. Shraddha Shangode

    From teenage to adult still counting this song😍

  22. The theory of Everything

    When gajendra Verma was underrated his songs were so good and timeless. Now he is more famous but his songs are not that soulful. Although he is an exceptional singer. His old songs are love ❤️ thanks for giving songs like man Mera... Saajna re... Please make such songs again

  23. Amit Boyaju

    I really miss puntus my friend whenever I listen to this song! 😑😶

  24. Shahid Chouhan

    I was sleeping....suddenly i rememb this....after 7 years ....fastly wakeup...start it...nd now listening....Oh My Past...Oh My Clg time....Your My Jannah On the earth..plz come back

  25. jojo klry

    27.8.2019 still watching ❤️❤️❤️ hit like

  26. Gaurav Goyal

    Why the fuck am I listening this song again and again, I don't know how much I love this, am I in trouble , god why did u did this to me, I really loved her then why didn't I get even a chance to express my feelings, my love, u r so cruel god😭😭😭

  27. Amit Vishwas

    Who miss their teenage with this song ? ..
    Nokia phones, 3gp videos, 2gb sd card, portable mp3 players and emptiness :)

  28. Alok Singh Yadav

    " Ye raat dhal naa jae , Samet lu mai har pal " ❤

  29. J M

    Lovely song

  30. Prachi Wankhade

    It's been more than 6 years I'm listening this song..... In college this was the first song I used to listen in my bus..... I used to call it my good morning song...Thank you so much for this song...

  31. VSA Records

    Goosebumps. We dont get this kind of hindi songs now.

  32. salman chauhan

    Ab sir aap iise songs kyu nahi banate.

  33. Anamika bhowmick

    Heard this long back , again hearing this ❤

  34. 2020

    Bhai ne bohat struggle kiya Hain gajju Bhai 💗

  35. Chandan Kumar shaw

    Vai tu Jaan h Yara...✊✊✊


    Anyone in 2020 ??

  37. Trance hiphoper

    My lines,,,,,,🥰😍😍😄😄........

  38. Shahrukh Khan

    College ki yadeeee 😍

  39. neha singh

    Whenever I miss my love. I come to this song. It is his favorite and and he sang it for me for the very first time. I love you and this song describes you💓💓

  40. mishita tagde

    Its 1:40 bhai rula dia 😭

  41. Aditi Das

    love you jaanmoni

  42. Aditi Das

    beautiful song, my heart aches

  43. Sidharth Azade

    Tune to 2b.f bana liya me to wahi hu teri yaado me pinku ilove you jaan iam listing 2019 13august

  44. Ayat Ayat

    Favourite song

  45. prateek chauhan

    Bhai song bahut accha hai per जहर दाढ़ी mein hi lagte ho😁😁😁😘😘😘😘😘😃😃😃😃😉

  46. bhaskar sonu

    Most beautiful song.. Nice gajju bhaiya

  47. Sanchita Das

    Anyone in 2k19 2nd of August.

  48. Sameer Mishra

    My favourite song...... love this so gane me Dard hai and I love this pain

  49. Mukesh Swami

    July 2019

  50. suchika agarwal

    Listening in 2019

  51. Life is Love

    Why i love this song ?
    Why this song is my soul ?

    Ku ki isi song ko sunkar pyar karna sikha h maine 😢❤️

  52. Debojeet Basumatary

    It just make me cry

  53. Debojeet Basumatary

    Best 4 2019 ever

  54. Shruti Pawar

    Even I found it now 2019...he is very talented singer... I loved his all songs 🎧.... Reminds me my college days☺☺

  55. siyali SINGH

    2k19 july ❤

  56. ayesha jain

    I stopped this song in the midst. Every moment we spent together is playing like a movie while listening this song. Giving me goosebumps, that feeling, those moments spent together, those plans for future, everything finished leaving tears in my eyes. We are not together. He is with someone else and happy.

  57. chetan suthar

    2099 ??? Anybody

  58. Akshay Burange

    Still listening this song coz emotional attach to this song

  59. Soha Saleem

    ❤️❤️❤️ best Ever!!! I m listening sinces 2010 😍😍😍

  60. Shafiq Shaikh

    Listening 30/06/2019.. with deep feelings . Tears of eyes

  61. Vicky Rana

    Gajendra Sir,thanks for this beautiful song.

  62. Shruti bhandari

    Nice song

  63. Noman Razi

    Bohot yad ati hai😭😭😭

  64. Aman Sharma

    It's been more than 6 years still fav.... I miss her 😭

    rohit barve

    If you miss her her...get in touch

    Baharul Islam

    @rohit barve doing that'll even hurt him more

    Saurabh Mishra

    She's here chilling with me 😂

    Baharul Islam

    @Saurabh Mishra You sarcastic 😁

    Prashant Kumar

    abe 6 saal me wha kiske sath chali gyi hogi...tera nam b bhool gyi thora fast rho dunia k hisab se...bhosdi k kab tak 18th century me jiyoge

  65. Me Mee

    2019 forever...

  66. seema gurung

    everytime listen this song , the vocal, music, lyrics really makes goosebump .....tooo nice song....


    Any one fron ' V HUMSE HAI LIFE ' ?

  68. Aman Pagare

    Mera dil meri jaan tu,
    Mere saare aarman tu,
    Tere liye toh mai chod du Jahan ❤️

  69. Sahil Khan

    Sahil one of the biggest fan of him

  70. Shanaya Kamron

    Gajendra Verma , you're love 💞

  71. vishwa guru g

    Bhai your voice 2 good

  72. Kajal Mahato

    I feel like crying when I'm listening this song...superb lines.. Beautiful voice....thnku sagar for song😘

  73. kanhaiya tomar


  74. Arman Yadu

    it's 14th May 2k19..

  75. Vikash Yadav

    Very nice song gajendra sir i love this song Sir very nice 🎊🎉🎊🎊🎊🎉🎊🎉

  76. mayur wankhade

    Sare gam bhula de, dekhe jab tu haskar❤🙏

  77. funny dada

    My favourite..... How many times listened ... I Don'tknow....2k19 still

  78. Yogesh Khanna

    Nice song...

  79. satyam saini

    AA baho m bhr lu tujhko kaskar saare gam bhula du dekhe jb tu haskar......awesome yr

  80. pallavi singh

    this song is holding me since the day i met my love..almost 8 yrs..this song plays a major role in memories of my love life

  81. vikrant chaudhary

    4th May 2019

  82. Kritz Malik


  83. TAHIR Shekh

    Very awesome weldone bro

  84. babita negi

    I'm in love with this beautiful song with heart touching voice 😘😘😘

  85. gautami Tirpude

    Reminds me of someone

  86. mr yeasttt

    How times have changed.
    Ek pal wo tha and ek pal ye hai.

  87. Vilas Padvi

    My Life song end of love so heart touching

  88. Desi Gamer

    I'm listening the song from beginning till now

  89. pooja shalwadi

    All time favourite song

  90. Ahkam Siddiqui

    It brings back to my 9th class....when I feel for someone...

    harshal patil hp

    Same here bro

    mixed maza

    Wow interesting man!!!

  91. me longtymbatman

    Phir sunna meti meti si wo dastan jisko sunn k meri jindagi mai hoti hai subah 8

  92. Rajat Kathayat

    Thanks for making this song iss gaana Meri life se juda hua h n I lost my one n only love of my life

  93. Rajat Kathayat

    Gracy 😥😥😥😥😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  94. Sahil kirodiya

    Anyone in 2019 ??

  95. Shambhav Kumar

    2019. ..


    2013 m suna tha .......usk bd audio kayi br phirr se aaaj itne saalo bd🙂