Venom - Thirteen Lyrics

Cross your heart and hope to die
You superstitious fool
Yours is not to question why
Yours is to obey the rules
Totally irrational
Fear bred for fears sake
Your choice is unconditional
Fear decides the path you take

Mirror mirror tarot dealer
Seven years now shall believer
Punish me my faith healer
Aces high - devils eye

Thirteen - thirteen

Psyche - illogic lunacy
Deity or triple six
Read your bible say a prayer
And hide behind your crucifix
Walk beneath the golden stairs
Rape the holy trinity
Break a mirror if you dare
And damn you for eternity

Mirror mirror on the wall
Seven years now shall I fall
Punish me for my beliefs
And let my cries come unto ye

Thirteen - thirteen - thirteen
Thirteen - thirteen - thirteen
Thirteen - thirteen

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Venom Thirteen Comments
  1. D Bailey

    Sounds like the early venom I grew up listening to! /m\/m\

  2. Trevor Hodge

    Cant believe Venom took this off Spotify

  3. Scott Mathews

    This a HUGE comeback album they've never sounded better

  4. Robert Swickard

    this shit is what they play at the gates of HELL when you are waiting to get in , can't wait to headbang against those gates to let me in

  5. Felipe Assis Ogreraw

    Resurrection is my favorite Venom's album 🤘

    Emrah Uncu

    Can't beat a classic like Black Metal but yes this is a great album.

  6. Trevor Hodge

    Damn this song is great and so underrated

  7. emanuilxxx

    Hail Venom!

  8. bboytrix1

    Hail Venom indeed