Venom - Temples Of Ice Lyrics

Questioning the future with flaming intent
I kneel before the temples of ice
Crystalised walls rise to 10,000 feet
Behind lies th answers to life

My cold breathless pain, makes me hunger for fire
Must forge on, must remain and fulfil my desire
Inside temples of

Running the tunnels, the icy walls scaled
I strech for the welfare of heat
Staring through clouds of my own fog-soaked breath
The challenge that I must defeat

My heart sinks in fear, as I seek but can't tell
I feel death drawing near, as I reach into hell
Here, in temples of ice

Here now, in my mind's esy
Lost my sight, my soul I find decaying into dust

ICE - Temples Of
ICE - Temples Of

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Venom Temples Of Ice Comments
  1. JollyRoger239



  2. Rodrigo Ponce

    Tremendous album, it doesn't close to me that there are people who don't like it just because "Venom is Cronos", poor fools, refuse to delight in a great piece.

  3. k le importa sapaso


  4. SteveSOD

    I wish this wasn't so brutally difficult to find... and when I can find one, it's ridiculously expensive. :\

  5. Unsafe Spaces

    Superb album.

  6. Ακης 1979

    I had seen this LP in a small, local record store in Athens, decades ago, back in the mid 90's. I didn't bought! How stupid of me back then.....

  7. Paul Caldwell

    Bad ass! Where I'm from we call Slayer and Venom Satanic speed metal.

  8. Grosher

    Bass Power

  9. Wolf's eyes agleam as the old gods dream

    Wish Cronos sang here ://///

  10. Rokas

    Tony did a great job on those 3 Venom albums, superb bass playing, more technical than Cronos, same with mantas the compositions got more technical throughout from Prime Evil to Waste Lands, longer tracks and filled with tons of tasty riffs from the very depths of hell :D Even Venom Inc's Ave is way better than what Cronos put out to date, I do like the lads of Venom though, they still have a great sense of humour without the " we are evil and serious "


    sounds a bit like Coroner

  12. Den Is

    To me,Tony Dolan fits in really nicelly!

  13. Giordano De Luca

    I think it's a good album, but when Venom became able to play their instruments, they started to lack in personality.

  14. neil phillips

    This is not venom without CRONOS,
    Venom inc , maybe.

  15. camilo fonseca

    Missing Cronos Lant but it´s nice \M/

  16. Tesco 567

    Is underated

  17. Tesco 567

    I like cronos better always will but I really like Venom Inc. Tony and the music sounds much better then earlier stuff with Tony. And I agree Mantas

  18. Hubert Vodicka

    I love them and especially this album is fuckin´good like Prime Evil. Venom forever!

  19. Glam Americano El Retorno

    Este disco igual le puede a hacer collera a metallica por calidad

    Chris Witchhunter

    te gusta el reggeaton?

  20. Gameking40

    How the hell is this not as popular as their other albums? It's right up there with Welcome to Hell.

  21. Gameking40

    That sounds a little bit like Call of Ktulu

  22. Shiva Maharjan

    after 20 years still rules in my head

  23. Παστουρμάς Αχταρμάς

    *Oh shit..*
    And after that...heere comes the magic!

  24. CaliTheSloth

    Why is your name "Matej Lipka"? I happen to have a friend who's name is "Matěj Lipka" :D

  25. Mariani K.

    First time I've listened this album...Really great

  26. Matka Spejsona

    I love this album. Yes,I do prefer Cronos but come on! Tony does a great job as well!!!

  27. Román Montero SCA

    Excelent! Very good performance of Demolition Man! \m/

  28. John Saunders


  29. 666deathghost

    Real Black Metal, those who feel this is thrash, simply don't get it


    666deathghost It's both.

  30. freddyfan games

    and wtf hell ist this for a beast Monster on the Album cover???¿¿¿

  31. freddyfan games

    I think the cronos time and the dolan time was a realy good metal time with cronos very good classic metal songs and with tony dolan the die hard time has begin

  32. Hans Saiful

    The Best Album Ever

  33. SebastianSierpe

    Many thanx Matej for uploading this good Venom´s album!...this is my second time to hear & see this stuff...
    ...GREAT CONTRIBUTION...greetings from Santiago, Chile. PS: The Tony Dolan´s voice is very similar to the Cronos´ voice.

  34. David Hasting

    No "religious zealots" lol I'm Christian and I listen to all sorts of metal, so top thinking we all come in your little cookie cutter form in your narrow mind... and as far as any of the no, no, no's people have right to their opinion ..don't like opinions don't post anything.

    Matej Lipka

    There is a difference between religious person, and religious zealot a.k.a. d*ckhead. Religious person lives by the principles of their religion, and don't bother others about it. Religious zealot is that kind of dumbo who goes around the street or internet and spreads cancerous posts about everything that he/she thinks is not "right". We don't like those. ;)

  35. Klaus Kinski

    Awesome album!

  36. Ralph James

    Venom sounds just like the Backstreet Boys!

  37. M. P.

    There's something about this album that is very much Venom, but recording is crystal clear when compared to classic Venom albums and I'm not sure I dig that. Also, I come to think this is the kind of music I'd gladly play in my garage, but wouldn't much like to listen to.

    M. P.

    Also, the prominent songwriting of the classic Venom evaporated somewhere. But some of the riffs redempt this album.

  38. Adrian The Metalhead

    i hope Temple of Ice & The Waste Lands will rereleased in CD: /

  39. Stuart Otis

    Pretty good stuff

  40. johhhnson johnes

    the vocal did a fine job replacing cronos, great album

  41. Jerzy Dziś

    Venom & Motorhead - easily my top NWOBH metal bands...

    Maybe I omitted something in my ignorance, but these two are easily my top, Saxon as well, but these are better.

    I listened to a lot of Judas Priest & Iron Maiden, but they are a type of original CD's bands, you want to listen them fresh out of shops. Meat Loaf would classify as a NWOABH from USA (exception), I have II cd from trilogy, but, well it's kind of annoying , that you finally find it cool.. Yes, experience with this music I mean...

  42. Nathan C

    this sounds more like somthing from testament than venom for some reason

  43. hellbound.drums

    can be better??? i mean we have Venom and Venom INC. damn! this is good!

  44. Ralph James

    This (metal band) Is not worthy of wiping Stryper's ass!!!


    WTF you are blethering about kiddo ?


    Don´t worry this lil idiot is commenting the same stupid thing in every venom video.

  45. Michael Slack

    \M/ Venom Inc is the real Venom.


    Michael Slack Venom... The pieces are scattered

  46. noces62

    this is probably the most funny Venom album cover. I need a magnifing glass to tell what the image. Too many shit in the picture. I like the songs, though. Fucking great shit.

    MrGaableenz too. I dont understand what is the bunch of shit on it.

  47. Michael Bernier

    Never heard this until today, I actually like this version of Venom too! "Prime Evil" was seriously good too!!


    +Michael Bernier Prime Evil is, so far, my favorite Venom album.I like all of the albums I've heard so far though, so its hard to say if Prime Evil will be topped for me or not. This is my first listen of Temples of Ice as I write this so... we'll see!

  48. HinjuRock

    Great bass playing here.


    @***** But this isn't Cronos on bass.


    @***** Totally. Different styles, but both are kick-ass bassists.


    @***** He can play for sure, but I'd say that Tony Dolan is technically better.


    @HinjuRock lol

  49. Fabio NET

    style punk this album no black metal xD

    Fabio NET

    the album resurrection is black metal classic hehehe

    Joaquim G.

    Yes they are black metal. Sorry, you don't get to decide.

  50. luka s

    Great Album

  51. metz3962

    Superb album. Mantas really shows his talent on this. He's the most underated guitarist. He deserves more credits.

    Eddie Rattlehead

    metz3962 Agree

    Matka Spejsona

    metz3962 True!


    another internet idiot that caught the "underrated syndrome"...

  52. Alex Orozc

    May not be Kronos, but this is a great voice.



  53. Lance Rambert

    Isn't this when they had a puddle of lard & turds singing?


    @Lance Rambert

    No, Chronos hadn't come back yet

    Lance Rambert

    @Reaverbot Ohhhh.... You didn't...

  54. Stanislav Kozliakovsky

    first Venom album for me...I kinda like it...

    Eddie Rattlehead

    Stanislav Kozliakovsky Try the MetalBlack

  55. alexandre nunes


  56. alexandre nunes

    the best of black metal

    Joaquim G.

    Yes they are. And this is a black metal album. Sorry, there is nothing you can do about. Venom decides what is black metal, not you.

    Joaquim G.

    Oh yes it is.

    hornswoggle lover39

    first 4 albums were, i dont really know if youd call this black metal.
    But you cant come up with your own idea and stay they didnt.

    Joaquim G.

    hornswoggle lover39 if it’s venom doing it, it’s black metal.


    lol, they were barely black metal, to begin with. they basically played a darker, more abrasive style of heavy metal. debate the earlier records if you wish. However, there is no black metal on this record whatsoever.

  57. Marcio Herrique

    Excelente albúm



  59. Romario Agro

    so nice ))

  60. Fenrir Wolf

    Buen album.

    Glam Americano El Retorno

    Es como antrax de bueno y suena mas o menos parecido

  61. Kommissar Hades

    This is actually my first time hearing Venom without Cronos. I'd always consciously avoided it, dismissing it. Which is an unreasonable attitude. So I thought to give it a chance.
    As it is? It's very good! But it just doesn't have the filth, the attitude of Cronos fronted Venom.
    Regardless, think I'll look for a copy!

    Matej Lipka

    i was the same, then accidentaly saw a live vid of countess bathory with Dolan singing. Then instantly i looked for his albums :D Personally I think this is the best Dolan album.


    Me too.


    @Matej Lipka Thanks for putting this up Matej. I had this on CD back in the day. But have since lost it


    Prime Evil. Great album.


    I prefer Dolan...good, really hard player and more intense vocals too.

  62. josenito sousa


  63. Ørjan Skoli

    Great what youve written and stated Matej Lipka!! Some folks are just walking toilets who has addiction to spread shit in every direction. Free-time problems iguess,-when one takes himself time to share what one dont like... Great album ofcourse.  


    sunday pedo-molesting indoctrination. Great definition!

  65. Kairumon Darkkley


  66. Matej Lipka

    Thx for comment. Different people likes different things. For me it is the best of Dolan's era albums :-P

  67. efogg3

    I could buy this right now, brand new factory sealed for about 21 bucks!!
    venom rules but even you know this cd sucks!

  68. Brimstone Fist

    I just paid $40 for this CD, but I had to have it in my collection. Venom fucking rules! This is a killer album, and if you've got the "Kissing the Beast" and "New Live and Rare" compilations cds, then you've already heard all songs on this album. Hail Venom, Dolan era, now reborn as M-Pire of Evil!