Venom - Man Myth & Magic Lyrics

Three score years and ten
Where is armageddon
You promised us the end
A world in flames

The next millenium
Where is the liars son
Pathetic old reasons
A world in fear

Man myth and magic

Glory be unto ye
The suffering won't ease
On high within a dream
A world of games

Symbol of distrust
Predicting all is lost
The shepherds lost his flock
In words of seers

Man myth and magic

A game of war and peace
Respect for the deceased
Your soul is out on lease
Old world beliefs

Vultures at the door
From rich man to the poor
What are you waiting for
A world of shames

Man myth and magic

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Venom Man Myth & Magic Comments
  1. Charlie Winter


  2. Kristoffer Gerdien

    Man, Myth and Magic is by far one of my absolute favorite Venom songs, been listening to the song at least thirty times on rebeat mode :3

  3. Oľga Ďurčenková

    100% Thrash Metal!!! Where is Black inside!?

  4. bassistdave109


  5. BeingofEvil

    this is one of my favourite venom songs from "new" ones.

  6. 555666777

    We got 2012, where is the armageddon, you fucking liar!? Oh, at the end of year... yeah, I will repost this in 2013, you fucking liar! :)

  7. DarthVato2010

    Cronos after going to Taco Bell @ 2:08

  8. Bryan Esteban BITW

    laraga vida al metal......laraga vida a venom

  9. william turner

    When Jesus come to hearth he heared venom and then he becom Hitler

  10. TuesdayAmy Blackmon

    Luv the Bassssssssssss :)

  11. brnleague99

    One of the most underrated Venom songs of all time.