Venom - Maleficarvm Lyrics

Dark ages – Plague rages
Satan lives / Satanica
Death races – Dead faces – 666 / Satanica


Tormented – Demented
Relentless / Satanica
No saviour – You die here
Reaper says / Satanica

Maleficarvum – Maleficarvum

Bleeding demon souls – Falling down
Death in every town – All around
Some call it the end – Calling now
No one wears a crown

Speaking loud in ancient tongue
Worship moon or worship sun
From the knowledge of the old
Come the tales of mighty souls
Rise – Fall – Into hell

In the lightning in the skies
I can see it in your eyes
Armageddon will arise
And the planets will collide
Rise – Fall – Into hell – Into hell

Time to die – Old and wise – You and I / Satanica
All a lie – Angels die – Life denied / Satanica

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Venom Maleficarvm Comments
  1. Topic Infinite



    No angry theist comments? This must be that heaven thingy.

  3. Steam Punk

    Regenes Satanus

  4. Motoroil

    Love Venom..... but one of the worst venom albums ever

  5. bonehead 13

    this is sooooooo fuckin badass

  6. Дмитрий G

    Yes Satanas Yes

  7. azlina Azlina

    the names Phil

    VENOM is the heavy METAL KING!!!!!!!!!!! hail venom

  8. miguel ángel sánchez

    Venom desde los quince años me gustáis mucho. y tengo 51 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Mark Lawless

    the initial riff sounds like sabbath bloody sabbath from black sabbath

  10. Дмитрий G

    Ave SATANAS Ave !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. C-Man


  12. Pablo Leroy Jerez

    2:07 love it!

  13. Stevie Schewski

    Just awesome.

  14. Lucas Alexandre