Venom - Burn In Hell Lyrics

Eternal night encroaches
Disaster speaks his name
Ignite the fires of Hades
A world engulfed in flame
You burn – in hell
Visions shared by the blind
The chase heats up the danger
Old dragons breath

Inferno – You're gonna crash and burn
Inferno – You're gonna burn in hell

Blood eyes in burning fury
Flesh peeling from the bone
The Gods are judge and jury
Inferno is their home
You cry – You die
As you head for the grave
Welcome to purgatory
Your soul is fried

Eternal night encroaches
Disaster speaks his name
Ignite the fires of Hades
A world engulfed in flame
You burn – in hell
Visions shared by the blind
The chase heats up the danger
Old dragons breath

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Venom Burn In Hell Comments
  1. Heinrich Himmler 88

    Os mestres do Black Metal!!!
    Venom caralhooooo 🤘🏻🤘🏻

  2. lautaro HD


  3. Bruno Beervis

    Queimando no inferno ao vivo

  4. Ximos Trilox

    Cronos is Venom. Accept no substitutes.

  5. zeus prophet

    I wish I could see Venom live. But every time they supposedly come to Vancouver Canada they cancel. Hopefully one day we'll be lucky to see them. PISS ME OFF. Its almost as though I wished the band never existed.

  6. Michael Bryant

    It’s pretty

  7. marti crack ayala


  8. D k

    Will Farrell as satan

  9. АнтиШут

    Это охуенная песня

  10. Lukas Kucera

    The opening drums sounds like something Motörhead would do

  11. MR AYMEN

    20 people ruined ur subscribes number

  12. Isaac Kelly

    Timeless \\M//

  13. Enthrone Plays

    Try this song in 1.25X speed!

    Cuntroll Denied

    Sounds like Sodom

  14. devil 666


  15. Hoellenkatz Lehensmarr

    Sounds bloody awesome! I ain't kidding! Hard to believe as only Abaddon had/has star quality...

  16. канал Максима

    Ты хуй

  17. John Joe Fitzpatrick

    First thing I thought was overkill

  18. IlIlIlIl _lIlIlIlIl

    cool music

  19. Charles Varndell

    Why haven't I been listening to this before? It rocks. It kinda reminds me of Slayer.

    Jeff Watkins

    Charles Varndell Slayer and Metallica used to support Venom! That's right, they were the support acts! Also, some young upstarts called Sepultura

    Charles Varndell

    I still see metallica wearing venom shirts.

  20. Elëctric Elf

    This was a pretty good lineup of Venom

  21. Mehdi Saad

    the intro sounds like overkill by motorhead


    well motorhead was the one that heavily influenced them

    Austin Thompson

    It sounds like... Shut up... You're right.

  22. Christoph Voodoo


  23. Mark Serainidis

    Venom my boss.. since 82

  24. Јана Марковић

    i will burn in hell - i raped my repeat button 

    simon may

    you,re awsome

    Esteban Escobar

    See you there, Kći !

  25. punk grungao

    muito fudida essa musica

    Pedro Atalaia

    punk grungao foda demais

  26. giorgos korydallos 7

    @spellbound venom ξέρω ότι σου αρέσει και στο αφιερώνω...........ΚΑΛΗ ΑΚΡΟΑΣΗ!!!!!!!

    Rtdog Iuyh

    συγνωνη ποιος ειναι ο τραγουδιστης???ο κρονος με τιποτα

  27. Daniel Jiménez

    Best Metal Black Venom Song!

  28. Adan Herrera


  29. Saritah Moon

    Cronos! <3

    oscar tovar salas

    Cronos+Mantas=Black metal \m/

  30. ivan krapež


  31. mark arpino

    I fell asleep during BURN in Hell from TS

  32. Shagg Nasty

    Awesome stuff.

  33. HFR0HFR

    Venom fans should check this Band!!
    Burstin' Out - Legions Of Darkness

  34. Ichleb misang

    Im burning like infernoo!!:D

  35. Ichleb misang

    Love it!!!

  36. oncetherewasanigger

    prove it

  37. oncetherewasanigger

    i prefer not to burn in hell

  38. Jibran Khan

    Perfect music for psyching yourself up to before any sporting event.

  39. mitch johnson

    Possessed's first demo, death metal was released in 1984, the same year Death was still known as Mantas.

  40. mitch johnson

    yes, they created the term black metal, just like possessed created the term death metal, and possessed was the first death metal band.

  41. Luukeksi

    They made an album called Black Metal. Their music is more like drunken and satanic variety of Motörhead than black metal.

  42. 1Lightz

    It actually combines immature fuck-christianity-hail-satan-causeiamcool-ism with nazism, aliens, new age bullshit and more.
    It´s so fucking stupid it hurts...

  43. 1Lightz

    haha WTF
    Dude this shit is about greys who hate humans and collect their souls in order to exploit them. Pretty funny to read tho.

  44. Benjamin Crabbe

    blacker than you

  45. nikolas rocks


  46. Diogo Xavier

    Listen to Nargaroth, you wont regret it

  47. Dale Hansen

    what you are hearing, is venom trying to hit a top ten list...

  48. Isus Krist

    Fuck god, fuck satan and lastly fuck you.

  49. Timotej Stojković

    Posion is also german death metal

  50. Timotej Stojković

    Posion is also german death metal

  51. Timotej Stojković

    Posion is also german death metal

  52. magda szczęsna


  53. MrThrashmetal13

    Abbath is pretty easy to understand lol

  54. 9Nemi5

    This isn't actual black metal tho?

  55. heck

    that was a true story that actually happened in my real life and someone stole it and put it on tumblr and said they heard it elsewhere fucking fml

  56. TheMIKE263

    Venom gods of metal!

  57. Cheryl lYnne D

    Dayyum. If only this song was longer.

  58. Thalia Wang

    666!!! \m/

  59. Bones of Gold Skateboarding

    666 k views!! xDD hell yeah! inferno !! burn in hell!!

  60. RisePatriot

    It DOES sound good and to help you live forever in heaven.. I have an offer for you! Use your credit or debit card to enroll in Heaven Posting Service. Imagine the joy your loved ones will feel when you pay me $99 set-up and $4.99 per month until you die and go to Heaven. At that point, my Heaven Posting service kicks in and your loved ones continue seeing your Youtube and Facebook contributions forever.

  61. Herman Van Rumpo

    Is that ur future ? Poor suckers . U´ve been had ! Me , i´m going to heaven . Much better place and no burning there . Just eternal joy and happiness ! Sounds better ?

    Josh Gray

    Herman Van Rumpo it's better to reign in hell than to serve in heaven

  62. abcdefg8101

    you are awesome.

  63. Eugene blyther

    rite lol

  64. miha275

    This song rocks!

  65. Akpommed

    found this through youtube nominations :P

  66. Mark Castro

    You make metallica fans look bad dude, if you dont like it, thats your problem. How about you stfu and go listen to metallica instead of bitching here. like who gives a fuck if you think they suck. 600,000 people came and only 91 dislikes. i can go on and on, but i don't think you have the maturity. Have a nice day.

  67. Doug Smitson

    Shit City Cannibal is burning now. Cyber bully child molester.

  68. DiegoDeeds

    I blast this song when I'm playing Doom!

  69. VforValkyre

    Venom were influencial to black metal but I would also note Amebix who gradually created more atmospheric almost "pagan" sound which Bathory stated was an inspiration. Venom gave black metal its ferocity and attitute.

  70. stephan Hollnsteiner

    venom is black metal poison is gay ^^

  71. jimmyriesling

    They created the term "Black Metal" so, they naturally own it. Sorry kids...and now go and burn in fuggin hell

  72. mattbrn

    Well you are the new generation so you won't understand what actually first black metal was same as I. Venom was a black metal band

  73. ArquibanCasa

    This is Thrash Bitch

  74. ZaheedaNaheedya

    This is fucking purgatory. Burn in hell, Victory.

  75. Dawn Harper

    it gets to be 114 degrees in tuc town this is hell even the lashing teeth hahahaha fuck summer

  76. countermettler

    where is your problem ?! the quality is nice ... and even if its shitty quality ... fuck the quality ! ITS VENOM ! HAIL VENOM !!! \m/

  77. Gothic Asuka

    do u evn blak metal

  78. Flaneel

    It's actually First Wave of Black Metal along with Bathory. But ye, overall they are thrash

  79. Spooch Snoogens

    Despising the fact venom is not black metal...

  80. JD Hernández

    WTF. Don't you get the sarcasm? You'll burn in your catholic hell for listen to that. Hell awaits (you)! Hahaha.

  81. leonidas spartan

    Dude the music u listen to does not determine where u catholic and love slayer and venom. Goes eat some.

  82. Chellee anna

    VENOMMMM \m/

    Cuntroll Denied

    @Chellee anna You like Cars, Metal AND you're Hot? Which lucky bastard dates you?

  83. JD Hernández

    He does love us so much, that he's gonna send us to burn in hell for all eternity.

  84. Dustin Talley


  85. axelgorgo

    venom started to play a proto-black/thrash/heavy/speed metal, not really a black metal, the first black metal band is bathory

  86. Barbaquah

    Fuck you

  87. M3talThrash1ngMad

    OMG that made my day hahahaha

  88. mitch johnson

    venom plays extreme thrash metal but with black metal lyrics plus they created black metal so that means the standard for black metal is venom.

  89. Piper Tompkins

    they are black metal. now stfu and enjoy the song.

  90. Vraciu Stefan

    they're speed, black, heavy and thrash metal! Get your facts straight!

  91. neodrome700

    if you can hear it, it is not black enough. if you can read the band's name, it is not black enough

  92. Haldierr

    fucking iluminati

  93. elijahsk898

    holy shit scoo i said that in my science class. teacher: whats the difference between venom and poison.Me: venom is black/thrash metal. poison is glam metal.

  94. heck

    Science teacher: What's the difference between venom and poison?
    Me: Venom is black metal and poison is glam metal.

  95. Manos De Piedra

    is that Cronos??

  96. sotimittsiu

    Yup this band is really similar to Motorhead!