Venom - 100 Miles To Hell Lyrics

Road to redemption
Sailing past purgatory
Fire in your vision
The gates ahead you see
The land devoid of light
The witching time of night
Lay down your soul to sell...
100 miles to hell

Lucifer's waiting
To read your list of crimes
This is damnation
Until the end of time
Follow the ancient track
Let the devil wear black
The palace of evil...
100 miles to hell
100 miles to hell
100 miles to hell

Into oblivion
The blood of angels rain
No resurrection
Rapture replaced with pain
The end of life you see
I make a ghost of thee
The ferryman set sail...
100 miles to hell

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Venom 100 Miles To Hell Comments
  1. Chad Pittman

    With the Advent of the internet there are too many songs too many other things to brab your attention so the reason an album like this isn't being popular is because of the promotion.

  2. Stephen Ables

    This kicks ass

  3. Topic Infinite


  4. Armin

    Been familiar with the band for so long but never gave them attention they deserve. Time to dig up the discography :)

  5. Shoksta

    This is awesome, why is this album not gaining any attention?

    Topic Infinite

    Because this generation likes rap and hip hop more.

    Stephen Ables

    They're forever tone deaf, sad lives

  6. good mustache man

    this is cronos right?

    Vlad Berlic

    Abadon and Mantas play in Venom Inc. now

  7. MrRictusGrin

    Venom fan since the beginning. I kind of missed the 1990’s Venom ( Venom, Inc. now ), but this is a proper Venom album!

  8. moon craft

    Love this shit that slow riff starting it all off is a big upgrade instead of it just erupting like before


    Impossible to love a shit!A shit lover,me?No,thanx!A shit is and will always be a shit!