Velvet Underground, The - The Ocean Lyrics

Here comes the ocean
And the waves down by the sea
Here comes the ocean
And the waves where have they been

Silver and black lit night, here's to a stealer's night
An empty splendid castle
Glowering alone at night, the princess has had a fight
Madness seeks out a lover

And here come the waves
Down by the shore
Washing the soul of the body
That comes form the depth of the sea

Here comes the ocean
And the waves down by the sea
Here comes the ocean
And the waves where have they been

Don't swim tonight my love, the tide is out my love
Malcolm's curse haunts our family
Odious loud and rich, ruler of filthy seas
Revel in heaven's justice

And here come the waves
And save for a scream
There's much like a song to be heard
In the wind that blows by the sea
Like the wind

Here come the waves
Here come the waves
Here come the waves
Here come the waves

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Velvet Underground, The The Ocean Comments
  1. A-money Trippy

    I listen Trap music but this shit is awesome

  2. Howard Anderson

    This band changed everything

  3. Julia

    I've listened to 3 or so different versions of this song and I love it the same each fucking time

  4. Sarah Tonin

    Don't really know why, but I love this song.

  5. kabeauregardajax

    Where have they been?

    Brady WasHere

    Uh... underground???

    fullskapunk alchemist

    Said the straight man to the late man, that's the wrong band.

  6. Bryan

    It's as if all of Velvet's songs are about drugs in some way.

    Josef Brosef

    @a w im sure you do!

  7. Xylo Phone

    i listen to this when im hungover i find it very soothing

  8. Steve Parsons

    Unfortunately the final few seconds are missing fri this recording.

  9. funkmasterjee

    Kind of reminds me of HP Lovecraft around 1967

    roland soveaux

    Hi ! Why Lovecraft's reminds ?


    Yeah man, were you there?

  10. Seth Donnelly

    A complete masterpiece. Nothing compares to the raw energy, and spirit of VU jams.

  11. Danny BLT

    Only just figured this one out, only took 33 years.

    Marsh Sherrif

    a slow tsunami

  12. Lievre Lunaire BeatMaking

    Planant !

  13. Brad Hahn

    SwitcherooU go back to bed tomorrow's another day.


    Did you think I was insulting Moe? Or is it super obvious that this is Moe playing?

  14. SwitcherooU

    Is this Moe Tucker playing drums here? Awful lot of cymbals for Moe.

    Edit: It's definitely Moe. I thought this sounded like Billy Yule at first—and this would've been around the time when Moe was pregnant and not touring with the band.


    The cymbals sound like waves.

  15. Scott Jennings

    My favorite version, the instruments match the sound of the ocean

    Maria Elena Macioszek

    Scott Jennings I woke up a half block from an ocean this morning & you're right. Ha 😊

    Shane Reas

    Scott Jennings this is my favorite version too. i thought the same thing about the instrumentation matching the sound of the ocean as well.

  16. Hope Ⓥ Justice

    Different versions of this lovely song.. this one has always been my favourite (maybe because I got to know it first ... maybe because I feel it best embodies the ocean.. maybe because it's the longest and has a kick arse outro! (: )! Love it thank you for the upload! <3

    Luis Morales S

    jaja i got a lot of curiosity about this song. If it weren't for you i would have poke a lot too. Thanks, dear Mr.


    No problem, brother. I love love LOVE this version of Ocean, and it can be hard to find.

    Oh, it also appears on The Complete Matrix Tapes

    Holly Jeanie Margaret Wright

    Why is no one pointing out that everyone's wrong here thinking this song is about an actual ocean?

    Richard Valdambrini

    Sorry to shatter your belief but the version on Live in 1969 is 10 mins 55 secs. The version I have grown up with

    alan g

    It's the kick arse outro....