Velvet Underground, The - She's My Best Friend Lyrics

She's my best friend, certainly not the average girl
She's my best friend, understands me when I'm falling down
Oh, it hurts to be that way
Oh, it hurts to know that you're that kinda fellow
Here's to Newspaper Joe, dropped his teeth on the floor
Caught his hand in the door
Guess that's the way the news goes

If you want to see me
Sorry, but I 'm not around
If you want to be me
Turn around, I'm by the window where the light is

She' my best friend, better than a dog or cat
She's my best friend, understands me when I'm falling down
Oh, it hurts to be that way
Oh, it hurts to know that you're that kinda fellow
Here's to Mullberry Jane, She made jam when she came
Somebody cut off her feet, now jelly rolls in the street
If you want to see me
Sorry, but I 'm not around
If you want to feel me
Turn around, I'm by the window where the light is

She's my best friend, certainly not the average girl
She's my best friend, understands me when I'm falling

Falling down, Falling down, ...

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Velvet Underground, The She's My Best Friend Comments
  1. William Quiterio

    Better than the Coney Island Baby version, I think.

  2. Gaz Parker

    Awesome track just love VU’S 💜

  3. Nechepsos Muun

    coney island baby version is way better

  4. Polly

    The lyrics aren't quit right....Oh it hurts to know that your that kinda's to Newspaper Joe.Oh it hurts to know that your that kinda fella.Here's to Mulberry Jane,now Jelly rolls in the street.They might seem tiny differences but really are not.

  5. Jeff M

    The Velvet Spoonful!

  6. TheNightmare75II

    The user with the name hermygagala is a cuckold.

  7. Lorenzo Tebano

    best v underground song? ultimate pop

  8. astroboirap

    rip lou!

  9. yummyjackalmeat

    love the chorus

    Valerio Benedetto

    and the bass

  10. Kate Muccino Gandhi

    Damn, this is such perfection. Could listen all day.

  11. mryandao54

    god i fucking love this song so much

  12. L. Salisbury

    An excellent song that's NEVER appeared on any VU retro CDs, nor any of Lou Reed's early solo LPs...


    +L. Salisbury It was on Coney Island Baby...

    Joxide Armageddonator

    it also appeared on the album "VU" in it's original form. it's probably a rip from that album

  13. Arno Nühm

    since recently the "if you want to see me sorry but I'm not around"-line is kind of a bummer / fun spoiler eh? at least to me it is.  

    Arno Nühm

    apart from that - songwriting-wise - the "if you want to see me..". chorus melody can easily be considered as one of the most beautiful, sweet,  genius stroke lines in rock music history imho  

  14. Mr&Mrs D

    Understands me when I'm fallin' down, down, down

  15. theblahman

    @Darksunshinerain87 The only band who could touch them was Syd Barrett led Pink Floyd in my opinion

  16. Hister333

    @MrPeguin666 I dunno "Head Held High" always annoyed me. Try that.

    Jonathan Thompson

    I love Head Held High

  17. MrPeguin666

    Damn't! Why can't I just find one bad song by them! This proves they're witches. Burn Lou Reed! lol

  18. Darksunshinerain87

    @sco8d Yeah, I actually see what you mean now. And Harrison was an unbelievable song writer all by himself too. I do like the Beatles a lot and I'm happy to listen to them, especially Sgt. Peppers. But the Velvet Underground is the ultimate. They are my Beatles, if that makes any sense. I listen to A LOT of different music but The Velvet Underground would have to be that band that if at gun point, I was forced to pick a band , I would pick without hesitation.

  19. Darksunshinerain87

    @sco8d Yeah you're right. I meant to say one of the first bands. I love the Kinks as well. I'm starting to see that the Beatles are a tad overrated. Other greater bands don't get the same recognition or didn't when they came out. Just look at VU. And it's young woman, not man. Girls can have sweet taste in music too. :)

  20. Darksunshinerain87

    @shoekstra1419 I KNOW! I love that line. I wonder what it's about. It just sounds macabre to me but I bet there's a meaning to it. I fucking love Lou Reed.

  21. hermygagala

    @Darksunshinerain87 Plus the Beatles really didn't do anything knew except for Acid Rock and Psychedllic rock. Their music is pansy ass compared to the VU. And Nazareth revelutionized music a lot more than you think. Maybe not as whole they didn't influence as many bands as the Beatles or The VU. But Nazareth was part of the elite that helped create metal as well as being one of the most versatile bands of all time. Dan McCafferty of Nazareth has so much range and versatility in his vocals.

  22. hermygagala

    @Darksunshinerain87 Nazareth isn't just metal bud. Also you should listen to Epitaph by Judas Priest. Judas Priest I will give you is a essentially a metal band but they do have some softer stuff. But you know nothing about Nazareth they are one of the first to create metal but they have a lot of other stuff. The best evidence is in there first and second album. Also you are wrong about the Beatles being the first band to write and record their own music plenty of other artists had done that.

  23. Darksunshinerain87

    @hermygagala Well, I don't think the Beatles are overrated. They were way ahead of their time musically and lyrically. They were the first band to write their own songs and play their own music officially and they incorporated elements from every musical genre, like classical and baroque. I mean, what band was doing that stuff at that time. No, the Beatles deserve the recognition they get but so do bands like VU. As far as Nazareth and Judas Priest, I could care less. I really hate metal.

  24. hermygagala

    @Darksunshinerain87 They are a much better band by far than the beatles. Regardless of influence the better band is VU. My favorite band of all time is Nazareth. No disrespect to VU the VU is tied with Judas Priest for 3rd place. VU without a doubt the best psycedellic band of all time then Grateful Dead. I hate how the Beatles are so overrated.

  25. Darksunshinerain87

    The Velvet Underground was just as influential as the Beatles if not more. Yeah, I fucking said it. Best band ever.

    Joxide Armageddonator

    i get laughed at when i say this to people. at least someone else agrees

    L. Salisbury

    Let's-face-it: without the VU 99% of today's bands would NOT exist!

    Richard Scott

    Then please explain the harmonies and lyrics - straight outta Beatles 65. I think you folks let your fandom get the best of you. Love the VU, but let's not pretend they were something they were not.

  26. chris shaffer

    this song has really nice melodies

  27. Thomas Drewsen

    erm.. I just wanted to comment on a very charming song.. but what the f.. is going on in here? A someone below stated: it's only rock n roll, so enjoy folks

  28. 54markl

    @brideshead1921 Well, that's just it. I had to make it myself! You can make your own karaoke CD's too! There's probably a karaoke place near you that has the technology to strip the vocals off the regular CD to make another CD minus the vocals. You have to bring your own lyric sheet. Some karaoke places have machines that won't play the customized CD's, but many can. Tired of poor karaoke lists? Make your own! My place is in Hollywood.

  29. brideshead1921

    @54markl Which karaoke has this song? i have to go! Love this song!

  30. 54markl

    holy ravioli! you mean this silly little song about dogs and cars and falling down caused the mayhem i read below? just when i thought no body got excited over punk rock any more. settle down people, it's only rock 'n roll. idon't know whether to laugh or cry. regardless, i am very fond of this song.

  31. 54markl

    This is one of my favorite VU songs. wistful and menacing. somebody cut off her feet, not jelly rolls in the street. I sang this at karaoke, freaked everybody out. poor twenty-somethings, all they ever heard was Sweet Child of Mine and Don't Stop Believing. teenage wasteland. i love this song.

  32. Andy Brown

    I always thought it was "it hurts to know you're that king of fella"...

  33. Davy Debel

    Hmm, is this song about being in the "zone"?
    Seems like the protagonist messes up her lovers real bad out of jealousy lol


    Such a great song.

  35. Shareholder

    Hey! Guess what?? I FUCKING LOVE THIS SONG!!!!!!

  36. Valor Boyer

    shut the fuck up im not gonna start going back and fourth with another idiot so have some sensibility and just keep your nothing ideal's to yourself, im not writing back so fuck off

  37. Arena Jimenez

    i write back if i fucking feel like it dumbass.

  38. pmfont

    who cares? VU rules... and you most certainly do not

  39. Valor Boyer

    who am i? im the FUCKIN man thats who i am,,i'll critique your bullshit taste of music all day...i saw you listened to No Doubt and Switchfoot and that's all i gotta know. Cause anyone who claims they know music wouldnt listen to that watered down dribble for one and secondly wouldnt call themselves "princess" now ima go roll a blunt so you keep being a dumb broad ok sweetheart

  40. Arena Jimenez

    so, who the FUCK do you think you are to critique the music i listen to? YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT KIND OF MUSIC I LISTEN TO. you think you're so ''cool'' for listening to old (yeah, i said it) music. there's nothing wrong with old music. i don't like this song, get over it. you're such a loser.

  41. Valor Boyer

    you should are that they started punk rock cause that pased the way for all the shitty "punk" bands you probably listen too, and fuckin believe me i dont want the likes of you claiming your a Velvet fan i just love pointing out to people how retarded they are for listening to mainstream bullshit

  42. Arena Jimenez

    oh yeah, yeah. the GODS of the velvet Underground. I don't CARE if they started punk rock, i don't care what they created. I DO NOT LIKE THIS SONG. you gotta problem with that, then you really got issues if you get so angry when people's opinions are different from yours. nothing you say will make me like this song. go put your diapers on 'cause your acting like a fucking baby.

  43. Valor Boyer

    NO what you think is stupid cause your a dumb prepubescent broad who listens to No Doubt and Switchfoot. dont ever disrespect the Gods that are The Velvet Underground. They started the Punk Rock counter culter, in 20 years when you grow up and if actually get a taste for what music with substance is you realize how much of a dumb broad you were being, now go try on a traing bra

  44. Arena Jimenez

    and everyone else who has a fucking problem with my comment can take this song & shove it up your ass. i DON'T like this song, that's MY opinion. you have a problem with it? fine. comment saying you like it. DON'T reply to me calling me stupid or saying I have bad taste in music, 'cause i DON'T.

  45. Arena Jimenez

    Okay, MUNCH. just because i don't like this song, or maybe this type of music doesn't mean i don't have taste or don't know music. so FUCK off. this is the COMMENT section for me to put what i think, okay?

  46. Valor Boyer

    you obviusly just dont know music "princess" go fuck off you gotta have a aquired taste to understand the Velvet

  47. NicoDraak74

    ..yet better than a dog or car

  48. NicoDraak74

    Certainly not your average song...

  49. Carla Dintinger

    "but this is like old. i duno" You're right. You don't know.

  50. Timmybear

    What does that even mean? A song that was recorded ten seconds ago is old too. When did art get an expiry date stamped on it?

  51. Jimmy Corr

    I love this song. Its got great spirit. Mo Tucker's yelps at the end give it great heart. The Wedding Present have a great version somewhere..

  52. Chelsea Waldby

    me too! i thought this was gonna be quite rockish.. obviously not :p

  53. Arena Jimenez

    i lostened to this 'cause i saw it on the book 'Pretty Things? by Sara Manning. i actually thought the song was gonna be cool, but this is like old. i duno.

  54. christian stiltner

    no, tell me

  55. christian stiltner

    piss off and enjoy....ya damn hyper-critical pansy