Velvet Revolver - Sucker Train Blues Lyrics

Hands are shakin got your finger on the trigger
Jesus ain't complainin gonna figure it out
Somebody raped my tapeworm abortion
Come on motherfuckers and deliver the cow

Brain and body melting while there's roaches multiplying
It's the alien infection it's the coming of Christ
All these sentimental halos and these consequential angels
When I'm runnin with the devil don't deliver the fight

Don't look at me now
Fell too fast your wings won't hold
Don't look at me now
Fell too fast your wings won't hold

Yeah and when I want to
Yeah I will find you
Yeah and when I want to
Yeah I will blind you

Brains are frying while the kings and queens are dying
Satan won the race and the miracle mile
Somebody raped my tapeworm abortion
Come on mothertuckers and deliver the cow
It's all over me now
Let me go, let me go, let me go
What's come over me now
Let me go, let me go, let me go
It's all over me now
Let me go, let me go, let me go
What's come over me now

Johnny sat down beside the old oak tree
Cut off his hand what did he see
All of the animals are dead
The rats have crawled through his house and out through their head
One of them ate a hole in the sky
To believe this would be a fate worse than dying

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Velvet Revolver Sucker Train Blues Comments
  1. stonerdemon

    The world will never breed new bands like this again. Total rock and roll badasses, born to be onstage, born to play live and loud.

  2. Daniel Alexander Ambrosioni

    It was such a privilege to see this live. It wasn't actually the best gig I saw them play, but still a great memory 🤘🤘🤘

  3. Ethan Cheng

    can we just take a moment to appreciate Scott's live vocal is just as good as the studio version? a lot of rockers can scream, but their live performances are absolutely unlistenable. he's just a consummate rock star on stage.

  4. Игорь Климов

    Сука, мразота тупая, жаль что его ублудочных бабушек и дедушек в войну не повесили.

  5. Renato CB250F

    Rip scott

  6. azzkiller22


  7. Ford Thurston


  8. AbbyNormal777

    How has Keith Richards outlived all of these musicians who are gone too soon?

  9. Raven Longman

    4:14 Who the hell is AXL :) ?


    They played for free In a dirt parking lot in Hollywood back in 2005.
    It was fuckin killer !

  11. dart arkana

    Stands out like a smoking gay nazi💀
    Shame, what a dumbshit

  12. chip tmcc

    Train wreck......

  13. Mercyful Fate

    Hell yeah this was my first Donington I remember this like it was yesterday. 17 years old seeing Velvet Revolver/Sabbath/Slayer Motorhead. Our group of mates hoping Black Label Society was the secret band because of ozzy being there but turned out to be funeral for a friend F***Sake. Papa Roach getting bottled with piss 😉. Megadeth opening with Blackmail the universe in perfect time of the planes flying over the stage. Damn I miss these days wake up beer for breakfast lunch and tea for 5 days without a wife nagging at you 😂 😂

    Daniel Alexander Ambrosioni

    Thanks dude, This made me chuckle! It was my 2nd Donnington and what a great one it was......a mate talked me into seeing this 'awesome' band called Funeral for a Friend....... FFS.....I wasn't converted 🤣

    Mercyful Fate

    @Daniel Alexander Ambrosioni 😂 your welcome mate yeah it was a hell of a year. No I'm still not impressed with them either dunno what they was thinking booking Funeral for a Friend 😂

  14. Dave

    what a bunch of talentless fuckwits

  15. Froze Moments

    The best front man I ever saw...Live ! Hands Down .

  16. Francisco Jose Calle Rua - Grupo de Patología Forense - Dirección Regional Bogotá

    Weird not seeing Slash driving a Les Paul! Good video

  17. SweART

    Scott 저 간지보소!!!

  18. 19grand

    I was in that crowd.


    I hope you weren't the one with the Confederate flag.


    @AbbyNormal777 No! Don't remember seeing it either. There was a guy dressed up as axl rose to the left of me. Saw him arrive.

  19. Jakub F

  20. Gates Lattes

    Guys were great live.

  21. mark leblanc

    This Song KICKS ASS!

  22. A.J. Garrett

    Kick ass song!

  23. Matt Elrod

    More rock front people should study Scott. Such a great entertainer

  24. 1349

    Totenkopf? is it?

    John Woodcock

    Of course!

  25. Lucas Burton

    why did it take me so long to discover this band

  26. muhamad ridwan

    Kalo di Indonesia ...nama band yg mirif ini rif

  27. Naj Divi

    Welcome to the church of satin! Wtf.... and most people don't know what f..... he is singing.

  28. Victor Ricardo Peralta Gomez

    Nunca te enchufaste en el tono del bajo aweonao!!!!

  29. Richard Key

    Weiland is sporting an ' organisation todt' cap

  30. Jakub F

    what is on his cap?

    John Woodcock

    SS insignia, Deaths head skull and Eagle

  31. Guitar Ocd

    At this particular point in time Velvet Revolver was blowing away Axl Rose's version of Guns N Roses.

  32. Vincent Cooper

    I didn't no Scott was a nazi....well that sucks

  33. acct on my other phone

    Duff might have been a lil bit off in the intro, but when I saw this vid AND heard this song for the FIRST time.. It really didnt sound off to me hahahahaha

  34. Danial M

    Mick jagger move~

  35. FugelKusch

    Duff McKagan you had one job. ONE JOB.

  36. Clyde Barrow

    First time hearing this song, OMG THIS FUCKIN SONG ROCKS!!🤟🏻👀🤟🏻

  37. Steve Clemons

    Never could stand Scott Weiland

    jason piner

    And you think he knows who you are.but you do know who he is/was!!!!!

  38. Exterminador de Otaku

    3:16 Matt noticed the monster they had on vocals

  39. Дмитрий Судакин

    Какого этот пидор в фуражке СС на сцену выполз? И пусть не пиздят,что это не пропаганда фашизма, пусть даже косвенная, а сценический имидж.

  40. Christian Jackson

    One of the PUSSIEST bands of all time!!!!

  41. Dan Stokes

    Start is just an Its So Easy rip off

    Dalia Moreno

    Dan Stokes I did think the same

  42. Christopher Renouf

    Brings back memories when I seen VR that same year. My first and only time seeing Scott live, good times.

  43. vladimir grodnensky


  44. Tim dumbass

    mats drums are painful i wish they had a better drummer

  45. Tom Grieb

    Bad ass

  46. Niterain Nomatribe

    All members are great live . Born Rock n Rollers

  47. Joff

    such a fucking freeaking dope band

  48. Виктор Черемных

    Пидорасов растрелять,в фашисткой фуражке

  49. Ricardo Ferreri

    Uno de los mejores cantantes !!!!!

  50. Elemental

    Yeah...But wearing the symbol of the SS "Totenkopf" is not cool.

  51. strat1969

    True Supergroup!
    And Matt Sorum knows they sound great 3:16

  52. General 585

    Эту фуражку, ему в очко затолкать. Мой дед так и делал с фрицами.

  53. Guilherme Darlan

    O começo da música tem traços de It's So Easy do Guns N'Roses...

  54. Mojo Jojo

    JESUS IS REAL!! ..Uh no hes not...


    What aload of shit

  56. Анна Кардаш

    Чтобы у тебя козла, на месте кокарды хер вырос ишачий и постоянно в рот попадал. Педик!

  57. Hazy Sativa

    Duff starting the song a semi tone off hahah

  58. Chandan Acharya

    0:31 Never knew that The Edge played for Velvet Revolver!

  59. ReinaldoKing

    Banda sem graça do carai. Prova de quando se juntam bons músicos não é sinônimo de boa música.

  60. Joel Sosa

    Rock en estado puro!!!

  61. Jasen Jahn

    Hmm. Is he seeing along to a pre vocal track?

  62. Lä Krïptä Ags

    Jajajaja rockeros de plástico

  63. Douglas Fox

    Dude could sing his butt off...Sad that Drugs Destroyed him...he was a gifted singer and showman...Some were just Born frontmen...My favorite is Bruce Dickinson

  64. Banjo Miner

    Wrong key duff?

  65. Ricky Spanish

    I wonder if Scott and Duff shared needles

  66. Gawain Davies

    They were brilliant they had their own unique sound.

  67. jesse haaland

    Duff has done so much band stuff.he started in little punk bands in Seattle area here in the 80s.look up 10 minute warning..they did shows and kind of switched off members of the accused.

  68. jesse haaland

    The first velvet revolver was a sic album

  69. jesse haaland

    I didn't go to that ozzfest unless they didn't play in Washington .he sounds better here than some of the live stp stuff I've seen.

  70. The Art of GNAR

    RIP Scott. Rock and rollers around the world still missing you.

  71. Gawain Davies

    Duff still got his 80s hair do in that video. Lol


    I really didn't expect to like this. But I dooooo

  73. Audrey Ann

    I love Scotts get-up! He was an amazing frontman! I'm glad I was able to experience the early 90's as a disfunctional teenager!

  74. Peter Brightman

    What absolute garbage.



  76. Automan Lastman

    Individualy they Are Good!!!!!!!,,,,But Together Sounds Like A Mess,,,,Scott Looks Gay As F#@#$$## Dresses Like A Male Dominatrix With That Gay As German Hat????,,,,
    Slash is Terrible Too,,,Altho Good In Roses!!!!

  77. Marc Padilla

    Fuck yeah!

  78. Bubba Hubba

    Creepy smelly drug addicts their music really sucked

  79. Gans Muller

    nice cap

  80. fugamante

    You know why this band was shit? The singer. Fuck him and his hat choices.

  81. Tim Outlaw

    Check out Hellfire Mafia videos UNA VIDA , JUDAS BULLET , UNCLEAN AND SOBER now on YouTube $$!!

  82. Shift -Z

    this song is as generic as could be can bands go from welcome to the jungle to a standard "verse chorus verse guitar solo verse chorus".... boring

    Stefano Franco

    This is because Scott wanted a structure like this... Do you ever heard Big Machine?!

  83. David D

    Always thought the singer was lame

    Jeff Middlemiss

    David D your mom didn’t

  84. Daniel Castillo

    This is cool.... I knew they were a cool band...

  85. Joshua Whitney

    Wtf is up with the hat?

    Fredrik Mikkelsen

    It's awesome.. That's what's up.

    Joshua Whitney

    @Fredrik Mikkelsen There is nothing awesome about what the symbols on that hat represent.

    Fredrik Mikkelsen

    Grow a set of balls and shut up

  86. kodi android

    nazi bastards,,these people are sick,,switzerland owned and american thick people suck it up,,do you asshole yanks know what your grandads thought they were fighting against,,it was supposidly nazism but that is a lie,,it is all to do with switzerland and they banksters stealing all the wealth,,the swiss are the pharaoh and you stupid cunts have not got a clue,,brittain lost millions of men because of the octogon plan to kill all the people,and churchil is ,was part of it,,it is us that the arstocracy that use the people as canon fodder,,wake up people,,these nazis are trying to take you back to the 1930s and trying to start war all over again just to kill the population,, are you pepple thick,atb from scotland

  87. Neal Smith-Amies

    Saw them 3 times in 2005 including uk debut and this set before sabbath. Amazing to see gnr rhythm section going again with new material and it kicked ass! I loved big machine. Following this set there was the biggest bottle fight ever. Sat on the hill it started with a few bottle exchanges between the crowd below and us sat on the hill. By the end there were 2 litre bottles filled with rocks. Then just rocks being thrown followed by a medieval battle charge up the hill. Now that's Rock and roll! It was only stopped by sabbath coming on!

    T. Shrine

    Sound like a bunch of idiots to me, violence & mosh pits have no place in quality rock show!

  88. Marcel

    Isso soa mais como guns do que o chinese democracy

  89. Satevo

    What the hell was that intro?

    Jonathan Smith

    Satevo sounds like he started in the wrong key and switched to the right key as soon as the guitars came in. What a train wreck

  90. BWAK 13

    I for one am bored with this song.

  91. scottymackattack

    The last rock star

    Glen Robertson TV

    scottymackattack agreed. Dont make em like that anymore

  92. Black Wolf

    Scott is strung out bad

  93. daverlb

    That bass tone is so fucking awful.

  94. Sandy Howell

    These guys were fucking awesome!! What a combination of talent here, he's truly missed!! RIP Scott!! The entire band is missed for that matter!!

  95. austin punx

    Is this dude wearing a nazi ss hat?

  96. Tommy the Cat official

    They suck
    Any musician can hear how bad they are
    Fuck you 🖕🏻

  97. Doctorshockstudios

    Junk rock