Velvet Revolver - She Builds Quick Machines Lyrics

Hold fast little love
Burn it strong, let it roam
Ice cold desert snow
She build a quick dream
Sister keep her motor clean
Sunday visits and a wet machine
She's always quick to fight
We'll break her through the night

I can feel it when you pull straight down
I can feel it when they stood their ground
Roll over right
Keep it through the night
Right, Right
Keep it through the night
Right in my sight
Keep it through the night
I'll smash right through your spotlight

She ran away to Texas
To keep away the excess
Old ex in Vegas, dope, back Texas
She burn through inheritance
Danced across America
At the all night sex show so far from home


What you give is what you take.
What you bleed is what you break.
I'd bleed for you.
I'd steal for you.
I'd take. [x8]


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Velvet Revolver She Builds Quick Machines Comments
  1. Zach_Attack_Zach

    I liked this song since
    Before I was. 6th grader

  2. Emmett King

    RIP Scott.

  3. CreepyCakes

    Red Dead Redemption 2 looks awesome

  4. Jimmy Baxter

    Scott Eastwood! haha

  5. Chris Stratton

    any Westworld fans seeing familiar sites? Las Mudas, no?

  6. H BOMB FB

    This vids sick. Slash is slash the rest are cowboys. Lol

  7. Doug M

    Scott looks like a gaunt Clint Eastwood here. He died 4 years ago today. How sad he's gone.

  8. David Dollarhide

    Scott really nailed Clint

  9. felipe soto

    Slash chokeslam

  10. georgino58

    The flying angel looks like Ariana Grande, doesn't she ?

  11. Indo with Bad english

    Nobody makes music video like this ever again since "milennial kids" era. Only dance and twerk in a box.

  12. Ap A

    I wish they made a few more albums damn good band and music rock and Fing roll

  13. v3nny

    this song is so god damn unique
    nothing like it out there now

    RIP Scott
    You and Chris were legends.

  14. Cheri' BlacKoiUpstreem.

    shes.a fighter.

  15. nameless sumacher

    Heard this song it so powerfull of sound

  16. David Lytch

    Great band.

  17. Pouchy17


  18. jasondamico

    That beard though

  19. Tracy Walden

    Ps same chick on destranged video from Axl

  20. Tracy Walden

    Funny how my friend always drove his shit in ATLANTA 🤘

  21. Tracy Walden

    SW lead that vR band

  22. davide palanti


  23. Freddy Navarrete

    El bueno, El malo y El feo !

  24. Mario Ortega

    There are no bands like this nor mini-movies like this anymore. :´(

  25. Tracy Walden

    Damn same ass chick in estranged video by guns and rows lmao 😂

  26. Editorial Maro vilachan

    🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌱🌴🍀🍀🌲🌲🌲🌲🌲ñentecitooooessssingidiommmparamudarmeessssniahyandaaaaadtooevtaaadepajarvepdegvvvvvessssssnoticiersodebserrrrsi precetroosssssporfinglesss ya de orintacionnnnn investoigadoraaaaaa trovadoraaaaa me urgeeee ddddddddormirrrr porque de noche es euaaenmniteeeeee hoatptida nostremaricaaannncátheraaaaaaaaaa preparé ahsya ayerrrrrrrrsinnosevpmeeencfargggggggnoeuhabiaanaaramdooooooooamorresssssstalvipubloavaaaaadejuanesslaplataaaaaaaaagoooocontttecnolpogaiodsssssssalshhhhesssssssmeacompañó en hostoryyy nottehmaericannn decffffffffff y voy planta por palabraaaa a verfs i es legalllllll dmoda esssssss....escríbimeeeamorrrrrrrrrrr,secomericodtvvvvvvvvvvencfargggentyinaaaaaaaaaaaaaa🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹😉😉😉😉😉😉😉🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻radiomegustaaaaaalikemmeeeeeeeee!!!!!!osokkk???anmarienomehblaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

    Editorial Maro vilachan

    síte oigooooamorrrracsateeconmigoooosonggggggggggescribossnaminggggdesdeee1983dosañitsurpsirsemummmnosabeenadaapapñátampocooooodemiveuaaloamamooooooooootdpslamaneuaaencfffargggggglidoegdristraidcennnnnnnnnnnnnpaardsei primlooooasiestudéonlineeetvonlineemuisca.

    Editorial Maro vilachan


  27. Σήθ X

    I see you coward

  28. Shadow Self

    What a great band! ♥️👌

  29. bobcharlotte

    Anyone ever play Ground Zero Texas on Sega/Mega CD?

  30. Rockstar Miami

    Nascar 08

  31. primo _

    Scott weiland = Scott eastwood 🤨

    Afonso de Portugal

    LOL! That emoji alone deserves a like!

  32. HÅKON Ulrich

    Great music is amazing it brings me to the first time I heard it

  33. Andy Au

    How badass is Slash playing his solo with a cigar in his mouth and a guy lit up on fire flailing around behind him? There are plenty of great guitar players and arguably better than Slash but none have the charisma that Slash does.

  34. onur mutlu

    Vintage !! Amazing song and clip ,scott is a little clint eastwood,slash is a king !! With all group persons ,high performance ..

  35. Happy Merchant

    Old enough for kisses....

  36. Rafa Marquez

    Osea siempre enpinan a los mexicanos jajaja

  37. Bill Anthony

    How the fuck is this not a movie? My most 'star trek', 'star wars', 'Firefly' wishes.

  38. Ronaldo araujo cruz

    Houvindo esta super banda em junho 24 2019

  39. trevor Fyfe


  40. Zeta Scorpii

    Now that's fuckin Rock n Roll!

  41. meta fora

    pertama kali kenal slash...

  42. Tom Donahue

    Did Slash guitar cause spontaneous combustion of guy in background?

  43. Kartik Singh

    Duff looks so much like bowie

  44. dead kittie

    RIP Scott Weiland LUv

  45. Levon Kershis


  46. Alba Belvedere

    Fichissimi , rip Scott !

  47. Dude D haha Dinkli



    NASCAR 08 anyone?

  49. Bill Anthony

    Why the fuck is this not a movie?

  50. 169711906

    *Saul "Slash" Hudson* - 07/22/65 - age: *41*

    *Scott Richard "Weiland" Klein* -
    10/27/67 - 12/03/15 - age: *39*

    *David "Dave" Kushner* -
    11/16/66 - age: *40*

    *Michael Andrew "Duff" McKagan* -
    02/05/64 - age: *43*

    *Matthew William Sorum* -
    11/19/60 - age: *46*

  51. steve guardez

    Matt Sorum choking that guy out is pretty badass!! Wish I could be that cool.

  52. finess3

    no comments for 3 years?

  53. Col. Klink

    Pipefitter ain't all that .

  54. Col. Klink

    Warships ! F em up .

  55. ben eller

    from a side view  the lead singer favor a young clint eastwood       great song

  56. alex montel

    one of the bad ass music video

  57. Logan Holmes

    Scott has been gone for over 3 years now. This world is not the same without him, Chris Cornell or Chester Bennington. May they all rest in peace.

  58. longplay6666

    scott better thier chuck norris:)

  59. Owen Loughlin

    I’m gonna make a gif out of 3:08

  60. Danilo Barbieri

    Que solo ....

  61. Master Shredder

    Holy crap!!! Slash caught that guy on fire just from soloing.

  62. Cynthia Gonzales

    He looked so much like Clint Eastwood..

  63. Jesse Ard

    ROLAND of the Dark Tower😄☺
    The long haired Mexican vato played in predator and the second, he takes that big sniff of coke and says the something something, is REEEAAAADEEEE!😄😄😎


    Defo should've gone to witness this band Live - absolutely Rockin 🤘 RIP Mr Weiland 🤘

  65. Stanley Cherian

    Just saw a striking similarity between the intro of this song and that of another one by a band that I equally admire and enjoy..

  66. Xavier Castro

    Did some one else notice robert trujillo cameo at 2:50? 👀

  67. Skyclaw

    Clint Weiland.

  68. Enrique Ortega-Rojas


  69. Puchemar

    Alucinante banda. Genios.

  70. Javier Norambuena


  71. juan carlos callejas

    Creo que Slash jamás rockeo tan bien como en Velvet!!!

  72. Cornholio

    Filter - Hey Man Nice Shot, anyone?

  73. Abdul Hakim

    awesome with duff mackagen always together with slash project.slash snakepit,velvet revolver and now with guns n roses reunion.i think he is good people and low profile...keep rockin duff...

  74. Kenny _

    NASCAR 08

  75. Rebel Rocker

    Love this, Slash as Slash , Rock On

  76. Nacho Ballsgrande

    They made some damn good music.

  77. Guilherme Garcia

    Scott is looking a lot like clint eastwood

  78. Dyslexic Parrot

    Now I gotta play red dead and blast this

  79. MrPorsche91730

    I'm really loving all these shit commercials before everything I want to watch

  80. Thomas Zar

    She Build Quick machines is for me the most Guns n Roses song there ever was in between the break. Even in Chinese democracy there wasn't a song that embodied so much this band like this one does.

    Here from the nasty, cryptic, bluesy and powerful riff. To the pounding bass and the solo... It is just that guns vibe... God bless this song.

  81. Jordanitos

    Slash is clearly the bard in this party

  82. Rob Roberts

    AH Fuck! He's gone. Another super band done. Another great talent gone. SOB!

  83. Luke Duke

    Cowboy Slash

  84. TheB34st13

    Me and my homies when we play Red Dead Redemption 2

  85. Anmol Mishra

    2:09 slash entered LIKE A KING....KING OF KINGS.....

  86. David Darlan

    Scott Weiland , Stone Temple Pilots, Velvet!!!!

  87. Luna Ecliptica

    Vwlvetrebomver born prohib

  88. Lord Caedus

    2:14 Duff is singing the part from Nightrain: "I've got a Molotov cocktail with a match to go...

  89. Javier Martínez

    Scott looks like Clint Eastwood. ...

  90. Jody Sanders

    Absolutely love this song. The video is like the baddest 4 minute spaghetti western ever. Would have made a killer movie.

  91. Sketchy Comment

    Daaamn !! 2018 and still gives me the goosebumps !!

  92. Thomas liming

    From one of the best rock n roll bands of all time. As quick as they came they left, but boy did they set it all on fire in the meantime. Scott's vocals and lyrics to Slash's dirty blues rock riffs Duff and Matts rythem and Dave's rightfully owned guitar back up was just.. Rock n Roll.

  93. theflaminskull 500

    Duff's outfit reminds me of John Marshton in Red Dead Redemption

  94. Matias Barrios

    Love this Song , Scott Forever <3

  95. Júnior José

    2018 ??????

  96. sois belle à ta façon !

    I've been looking for this song for a long time I finally found it :)

  97. Michael Bvxonide