Velvet Revolver - Do It For The Kids Lyrics

Went too fast I'm out of luck and I don't even give a fuck

I wanna be your manchild
Let's all go it hog-wild
She said I'll see you later
I always gravitate to her
Let's all meet at the station
No heavy concentration
We could all hook up there
The kids are all alright there

Should we go out later
Showtime for strangers

Dontcha give a fuck anymore now
She's givin up on you now
Do it for the kids they say
It ain't about you anyway

I say we're all grown up now
And sex ain't so safe now
It's all in the groove they say
Doesn't matter anyway

Keep me runnin' like a deer in the headlights
All for nothing I thought
Just the ransom I had bought

About the day I tried to tame her
Never tried to blame her
Just a game that I had bought

Let's all meet at the station
No heavy concentration
The kids are all alright there

Went too fast I'm out of luck and I don't even give a fuck

Should we go (should we go) out later
(Went too fast I'm out of luck and I don't even give a fuck)
Showtime (showtime) for strangers
(Went too fast I'm out of luck and I don't even give a fuck)

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Velvet Revolver Do It For The Kids Comments
  1. C.C Junior

    This song specifically the chorus gets me emotional. Thinking of my friends and bands from high school. Playing and jamming this record non-stop. You never get those times back and only look at it like that when you're older.

  2. xavi weychafe

    No puedo dar dislike al video, porque sería un insulto... Pero que publico más mierda el de ese show.. Por algo Sudamérica tenemos el cartel de ser los verdaderos amantes del rock. 😎🎸

  3. John Desmond

    The phone lines were hopping with complaints about obscenity during VR's performance

  4. Keith Harris

    Seems the stage hugging mob and Johnathan Woss is waiting for the likes of Paul McCartney... Bless them...

  5. Aoibheann Dolan

    Great performance but the crowd is fuckin dead which is sad

  6. Kevin Munday

    do it for the kids ?? he abandoned his for drugs and booze fucking joke .....

  7. Roger Singh

    RIP Scott Weiland

  8. Tronald Dump

    Billie Joe Armstrong at the start

  9. Maricela Castellanos

    Scottie nadie como tu!

  10. Enrique Peña Nieto

    scott :,v

  11. Jacob slash

    Fuck this crowd

  12. Shogun well constructed, what an awesome song! Slash!


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  14. Dj Roxanne

    they dont have the vocals up for some reason..

  15. john vite

    la verdad estoy de acuerdo público de mierda

  16. Desmo Mattia

    pubblico akkallonato !!!!!!!

  17. Ranardo Hopkins

    RIP Scott, You made a difference !!!!\

  18. Rock123

    Público de mierda

    Força Rasta

    Também achei o publico de merda

    Leidi Guerra

    Crowd of shit

    Angela Toledo

    Rock1234 sii pues, yo estaría saltando, son súper fines, esta fue una banda única, que nunca más en la historia del rock se repetirá algo así 😥

  19. Ariel Martinez

    río Scott

  20. Renerson Paiva

    Rip Scott

  21. mapex scotsman

    One of the best front men ever....RIP Scott....

    Samuel Gonzalez, Jr.

    +mapex scotsman Yes. I was very sad to hear of his death.

  22. Antonio Di Carlo

    rip scott

  23. Энр Медведев

    awesome band fuckers

  24. justcaveman52

    man Scott sounds like shit

    Dj Roxanne

    no he sounds fine the sound man has his mic too low..listen to the rest of the concert.

  25. djksmile

    Scott needs to pack the heroin in and get on the fucking lemsips.

    sean skelding

    your dumbcunted

    max Vicious

    More respect to the deads

  26. Mehdi Ben


  27. DavidNRoses

    He sings terrible !! Album is fuckin' better ! Axl would sing it better !


  28. Roberto Cano

    Que basura de público! Se ve que no saben de música, Tener a VR en vivo y no moverse ni nada. WTF!

  29. sitimpakul

    This band reminds me of Old Guns N Fucking Roses
    Slash the Great Musician
    Guns n Roses it's nothing without old member

    Enrique Peña Nieto

    jajajajajaja fanboy de slash

  30. dackdaddy

    why does slash quit all the bands he is in ??


    Why are you so uninformed?

    Patrick Bateman

    He didn't quit velevet revolver lol they all gave up on it because they couldn't find a replacement frontman. And look at the lead singers in every band he's in lmao they're all talented but so fucked up in their personal lives he doesn't want to deal, I wouldn't either.

  31. Samson N

    I am not sure if you are being serious or not,.. Check out Stone Temple Pilots anyways

  32. Sabina Ferreiro Aracil

    No, I do not know.. nor the guitarist (sarcasm) , baby, I have my almost thirty years..for some reason, is outside the band.

    max Vicious

    Sabina Ferreiro Aracil well the rhythm guitar player nobody knows him

  33. Ramazzz

    "There are two billion people out there who are watching this, you have to convice only 8 people to open their hearts as well." So what Scott is saying is that he thinks there's 18 billion people living in this world.


    He means the people wjo is warching the show on tv, 5 years old comment

    Tronald Dump

    8 x 2 = 16

  34. john small

    THat crowd is shite. They were selected randomlyl. These guys are the best act of this whole thing. Watched it live in 2005. Seen VR three times. Fuckin amazing. Scott as awesome a real frontman. Myles just hasnt got the charisma. I love Axl Rose and GN'R too.

  35. Samson N

    Do you know who the singer is?

    hannah jackson

    The singer's name is Scott Weiland former front man of Stone Temple Pilots .

  36. Sabina Ferreiro Aracil

    I love this band, this album and this song.. but the live singer is a shit¡

    max Vicious

    Sabina Ferreiro Aracil show more respect to the dead

  37. maikel nait

    q publico amargo!!! la banda dejando todo y ni se mueven, AMARGOOS!!!!

  38. Lee J

    Haha is that Jonathon Ross at the start lol ?

  39. bschery


  40. ishootforaliving

    that hat (slash) has got to go...

    max Vicious

    Annamorphic is glued to his head

  41. Gimena Weiland

    te amo scott weiland!!

  42. Hess Hervé

    worst crowd ever

  43. cogitoergo

    the crowd just didnt get these guys. stupid pop fans

  44. Martín Sebastián González

    The best cd!

  45. daveeeed

    scott's like a great combination of mick jagger, jim morrison and freddie mercury!

  46. requiem_of_sinners


  47. matheus Lana

    went to fast im out of luck i dont even give a FUCKKKKK!!!!

  48. Larry's tunes

    The director of this shoot has some serious ADD problems. Christ, stick with an image for more than 1/5 of a second.

  49. alem4you

    Just a bit out of sync

  50. ridethelightning

    I was there that day, and to be fair to the crowd Scott Weiland sounded fucking awful.

    People back in 2005 weren't as familiar with VR as the band had only been around for 1 year at that point - people obviously knew Slash and GnR but they wouldn't have been that familiar with VR songs - especially when they were sung so badly by Scott.

  51. Dave Barton

    1:03 Slash looks at the camera like yea fuck off

  52. Daniel Cortés

    1:05 gooooooooooooooollllllllllllllllllllll !!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. happyjessus

    wtf? man, it's clear you've never watched a non-vevo video in your whole life!

  54. MrDeadhead83

    I remember seeing this on the telly, VR were awsome but I couldn't help getting the impression they were put on the bill because The Darkness were unavailable.

  55. Kevla Button

    thats the only problem with free random tickets....the people that end of winning them and going to the actual gig. I don't think there are that many GnR or VR fans there.

  56. donnjuansohn

    this isn't a playback is it? sometimes there semm to be two scotts singing. at least in two different pitches

  57. Janaínah Devonne

    oqq o slashh ta fazendoo aii?? pra miin o canto delle senprii tinha qqe ser no guns

  58. Felipe Oliva

    shity crowd

  59. Ela Kaluchiewicz

    I fuckin love this crowd <3 they seem to reaaly enjoy this concert -.-

  60. cotchford1969

    Scott> great frontman,one of the best Rock N Roll has ever seen!!!!

  61. Leonel Villarreal

    slash i love you fucking idol

  62. tsiokosd

    @MrsFahrenheit8 made it only for a few years!!!!

  63. tsiokosd

    @ConvulsingTheory pop fans!!!!!

  64. tsiokosd

    @beeris5 yeah right!!!!!

  65. yugijan2196

    1:03 Slash, "Oh Shit Camera"

  66. Guille

    people are nailed to the floor?

  67. beeris5

    first comment!!!! woooo slash <3