Velvet Revolver - Can't Get It Out Of My Head Lyrics

[ELO Cover]

Midnight on the water
I saw the ocean's daughter
Walkin' through the burnin' rain
Hopin' just to know her name

And I cant get it out of my head
No, I cant get it out of my head
Now my old world is gone for dead
Cause I cant get it out of my head

Breakdown on the shore line
Can't move, I've been paralyzed
Morning don't get here till night
Searching for her silver light


Out of my head

Bank job in the city
Robin Hood and William tell and Ivanhoe and Lancelot
They don't envy me
Sitting still I want to drown
In my dreams the world keep going round and round

[Chorus x2]

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Velvet Revolver Can't Get It Out Of My Head Comments
  1. Craig Andersen

    I miss Scott and would love to front VR. I’m sober and have one hell of a voice.

  2. OH_I _Will

    I really like this version. Not going to get into the "is it better than the original" nonsense. Only negative, when this album was released, it reeked of the overly Audio Compression distortion. Not sure if it's been since cleaned up or not but...

  3. Brian Booth

    The greatest band that never was

  4. Juan Eduardo Muñoz Mariangel

    Una moneda chilena de 10 pesos

  5. Tshering Namgyal

    This solo is something else. goddamm!!!!

  6. Andy Shores

    Makes you wonder if covering this was an old GN'R idea. I know Axl is an ELO fan, and as great as this is, man... ah what that would've been.

  7. joplinpakmeiathleticassociation

    "Better than ELO"
    Let's not get carried away, folks. It's a good cover. My main issue: the deliberate avoidance of the "walking on a wave she came/chicane" lyrical conundrum which has no definitive answer as to lyrical correctness. I think it would have shown more artistic integrity to decisively chose one or the other, as opposed to inserting a vague, original lyrical line.

    But, hey, I'm just some dude on the interwebz. Read/sing the lyrics to this beautiful, ethereal song anyway you see fit :)

    Christi Rochester

    Agree! You could, and should, give props to the cover without disrespecting the original artist without whom this beautiful song would've never been...

  8. MrPixelptlk

    This Jeff Lyne tune is literally a PERFECT song (lyrically and musically), that any great band could cover, and SHOULD cover.

  9. kenny play


  10. mikeisagodd2012

    better than Elo

  11. Ken Lambert

    first listen - cool ! used to play this song on organ. guitar is my main instrument - recently piano. (@saw ELO in London - from Maryland). Cool post !!!

    Iris Watts

    Ken Lambert

  12. THERealRibbitBartono

    They fucked up the instrumental bridge and ending.Cool guitar solo and all but the parts without the lyrics to me are what take an already great song and turn it into an amazing song.A decent cover but the part i looked forward to the most they let me down

  13. William Smith

    THIS SUCKS ASS!!!! even changed the lyrics.sad what youve done ro a beautiful song


    William Smith fuck u

    Keith Simpson

    mikeisagodd2012 no shit!

  14. Ron Danielson

    this recording sucks.

  15. Andrés Mauricio Velásquez Jiménez

    the solo!!!

  16. Shell Belli-Martinez

    Beauty personified

  17. Rub Ens

    Jeff Lyne

  18. Denis Mcghee


  19. dash2908

    Slash's style s too good. That lead couldn't get any better. 

  20. Ron Frames

    They made up their own lyrics for the first part. Sounds good though!