Velvet Empire - Wild Horses Lyrics

Childhood living,
Is easy to do.
The things you wanted,
I bought them for you.
Graceless lady.
You know who I am.
You know I won’t let you.
Slide through my hands.

Wild, wild horses,
Couldn’t drag me away.
Wild, wild horses,
We’ll ride them someday.

Ohh…I watched you suffer.
A dull aching pain.
Now you decided,
To show me the same.
No sweeping exits,
Or off the stage lines.
Make me feel better.
Or treat you unkind.


I know I dreamed you…
A sin and a lie.
I have my freedom,
But I don’t have much time.
Faith has been broken,
And tears must be cried.
Let’s do some living,
After we die.

[Chorus (x3) Out…]

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