Velvet Empire - Wha, Wha, What Lyrics

I was hangin’, at the club when, I saw you roll in, thinkin’ how I can.
Make my intro, little duction,
And that’s when I decided to stick around and bump it.
I was schemin’, I was ooh,
Thinkin’ how I could ditch my crew too,
Meet ya outside, jump in my ride,
For a piece of paradise.

How about a little bit of wha, wha, what?
What do you say you give me some of the unh huh?
Baby if you’re feelin’ me make a move,
Cos’ I just wanna get wit you.
How about a little bit of ooh, ooh, ooh.
What do you say you give me some of that (WOOH),
Baby if you’re feelin’ me holler boo,
Cos’ I just wanna wha, wha, what with you…

I was chillin’, with the fellas,
Keepin’ it cool cause I knew they were jealous.
So I freestyled, yeah I was flowin’,
Sayin’ all the little things I thought would get you going.
Well I heard that, you better step back,
If you’re not prepared to put you money where your mouth’s at,
What you saying’ cos’ I ain’t playin’,
I don’t got all night, and time’s wastin’.

[Chorus: (x2)]

[Rap by: Phantom]
The way you’re lookin sweetheart has got me hot and heated,
I can really see it that you really need it,
So if you’re thinkin’ what I’m think’ then shorty let’s go,
Backseat of my ride, we can sing an episode.
So ma,
Ditch your friends, I’ll ditch my mens,
We’re on a late night creep so we can crush in the benz,
I know you doubt me when I talk, but I’ll walk it mommy,
When I get finished with you,
You’re gonna be callin’ me poppy.


How about a little bit of wha, wha, what?
What do you say you give me some of the unh huh?
Baby if you’re feelin’ me make a move,
Cos’ I just wanna wha, wha, what wit you…..

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Velvet Empire Wha, Wha, What Comments
  1. Darren James Gaspe

    My gf has this CD

  2. Theory Guy

    Can you upload more of this album. Cant find it anywhere

  3. Matthew

    Janelle's My Music teacher best one i ve ever had :D

  4. dancerxogirl13

    i remember every word...

  5. justschr

    @crazziebunnie Sugar Jones was good but VE was just a joke... Apparently Janelle is working on a solo project... She was clearly the star of the group and the one that really wanted to keep the group together... I'm surprised none of them tried out for Idol...

    Theory Guy

    Hey fuck you

  6. justschr

    @BoChicHo This group was such a joke though... They were all very talented but their songs made absolutely no sense... They sounded more like a girl group to me... I remember my friend was surprised that there were boys in the group...

  7. justschr

    @GurlCaa YES I loved that song so much... Janelle is amazing and I loved her voice in that song...

  8. janet s

    i used to LOVE this song. sad how fast canadian pop groups disband!

  9. crazziebunnie

    Man, now I gotta find this CD again. :'( It's really sad that they and Sugar Jones disbanded. I hope one day they get back together some how.

  10. Shevy M

    i know the brunette shes so sexy lmao

  11. GurlCaa

    CAN U FIND - ''TELL ME" PLzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!

  12. sw3etsensati0n

    this is sucha sik club jam!!

  13. alive2day

    any chance you can get ahold of 2A.M. It's damn near impossible to find!

  14. Clara Laserna

    Oh Yeah I know what happend to them? they were so good?

  15. Jen Declines You

    Alex Price(the blonde one) sings Jazz music now...she has a page on facebook!

  16. DarkLordRoto

    Lol, I remember that show... cant remember what its called, or what happened to these guys.