Velvet Empire - Tell Me Lyrics

You’re the one who game me time, heard me when I spoke my mind,
Told me that I’d never be alone.
Always there to make me smile, even if it took a while,
All those hours talking on the phone.
Hanging out on Friday nights, leaving all our friends behind,
Stealin’ kisses on the bedroom floor.
Never put the pressure on, even though the feelin’s strong,
Boy, you know I wanna give you more.

Girl it feels right when I’m next to you no matter where we are,
And I think it’s time I gave you all the lovin’ that I got.

Tell me how you like your love,
Tell me is it hot enough,
Tell me baby is it good enough for you.
Tell it to me from the heart,
Tell me anyway you want,
So I can give you back the love I’ve held on to,
Won’t you tell me.

I, I, oh…..
I, I, need to know.

Now I’m ready to explore, where the two of us can go,
Baby I ain’t holdin’ back this time, no.
Conversations in the dark tell me who you really are,
Baby you know I’m gonna make you mine.

And it feels right inside, you’re the only one I really want,
Oh you’re givin’ me just what I need, I know I’m where I belong.


I, I, oh.
I, I, need to know (Won’t you tell me)
I, I, oh.
I, I, need to know (Won’t you tell me)
Tell me baby, (I, I, oh)
Tell me honey, ( I, I, need to know (Won’t you tell me))
Tell me baby, (I, I, oh)
I, I, need to know
Oh, Tell me.


Tell me how, how you like you’re love, tell me how. [x2]

[Chorus… (Out)]

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Velvet Empire Tell Me Comments
  1. CaapriceTube

    Song was so dope!

  2. T E

    Thank youu soo much!!!