Velvet Empire - I Lyrics

I, I, I, iiiii. [x3]
What if I, had chosen to,
Make a left, when I should have made a right and,
What if I, followed though,
And chilled with my crew last night.
What if I, took the call and
Stayed on the phone when I should have been gone.
And What if I, hadn’t turned around and seen you there.

If I could go back in time,
To when the stars aligned,
Would I find the strength again to talk to you,
Walk up to you.
If I could do it all again,
I wouldn’t change a single thing.

Don’t need to compromise, what I feel inside,
Don’t need to clarify my position I,
Submit to destiny, so baby come with me,
Let’s take it for a ride,
Baby, baby, I, I, I.
And furthermore, if you’re looking for,
Someone to be around, baby I’m down,
Let’s take it to the point, no need to justify,
Baby, baby, I, I, I.

What if we, hadn’t been,
In the same place that very same time and,
What if we, hadn’t seen, all the possibilities.
What if he,
What if she, Stop!
I don’t want to think about it,
What if I,
What if I,
Ooh, Never mind.

If I could go back in time,
To when the stars aligned,
Would I find the strength again to talk to you,
Walk up to you.
If I could do it all again,
I wouldn’t change a single thing.

Don’t need to compromise, what I feel inside,
Don’t need to clarify my position I,
Submit to destiny, so baby come with me,
Let’s take it for a ride,
Baby, baby, I, I, I.
And furthermore, if you’re looking for,
Someone to be around, baby I’m down,
Let’s take it to the point, no need to justify,
Baby, baby, I, I, I. [x3]

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Velvet Empire I Comments
  1. CaapriceTube

    Lol, watched this season and the one with sugar jones every week back in 6th & 7th grades, haha. Song was mad corny, lol. But always liked their track “Tell Me” from the album that was a good one!

    Ryan was always my fave, been trynna find him on social media.

  2. 7ito The Gaymer

    Oh the memories

  3. toffer30

    It's 2018 and this song is still lit

  4. Chris Hennick

    Weren't even successful enough to get a Vevo channel.

  5. neversaygoodluck

    There are plenty of super talented people in the world who do have solid careers in what they exceed in. A lot of the time talent ≠ success. At least when it comes to entertainment.

  6. Fede Rico

    If what you say it's true Britney Spears is a talented singer, since she has a very solid solo career

  7. Rob I.S.

    Talented? perhaps, but in a very limited way. If they were as talented as you claim they would have had solid solo careers.

  8. SnowbirdFlock

    You're wrong, you're thinking of another group. These youngsters are ALL very friendly & down-to-earth, very Canadian. Also very talented

  9. FilmGeek44

    why so bitter?

  10. Noah Martzokas

    Oakwood collegiate in toronto

  11. FilmGeek44

    Really? what school does she teach at?

  12. oxIJMxo

    Still terrible. Sugar Jones was the best out of the two groups. Period.

    7ito The Gaymer

    Why you front'in 🤣

  13. Puggalug

    Yes. Popstars 1 created the girl group Sugar Jones, and Popstars 2, titled "girl meets boy" was meant to create a girl/boy supergroup. Popstars 3 "The One" was for a solo artist, and Christa Borden was the winner. After that, the Popstars franchise plummeted, replaced with the Idols and X-Factors.

  14. Noah Martzokas

    The black lady is my music teacher, omg ms. belgrave!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yonathan Asefaw

    Really? That is pretty awkward.

  15. poptacular6625

    I want to hear the album because I want to hear the other two sing... but it's nowhere to be found!

  16. jayrsawal

    @tensix ermm.. That makes you my third cousin too. LOL

  17. Jaybee Bagunu

    @jayrsawal My mom is cousins with her mom, so our mom's sides. :)

  18. jayrsawal

    @tensix Third cousin on the Mom's side or Dad's side? o:

  19. OKzs

    There is so much potential with this some good parts - the guys part is acutally very good well the 1st half 0:32 "You've been checkin all the time, better get yourself in line" great lyrics, great melody and strong vocal............... but the next line suffers from bad writing "cuz hanging with the fellas no it aint no crime" SMH just corny - same with his next part

  20. Jaybee Bagunu

    Janelle Belgrave is half Filipino and half black, she's my third cousin! Only met her once when she had a performance down in Vancity though. I was super young!

  21. Julie A

    @ginaalessandra lmao me too!

  22. FashionPassion

    i remembered a part of this song, looked it up and found it :D I remember singing this back in the day. Good times :D

  23. Ebony Heather Viani-Singer

    That's my music teacher.

  24. Matthew

    Best music teacher i ve every had :D (Janelle)

  25. dudufada

    were these guys produced by the same person as b2k?

  26. crazyrabbits

    Dear Global Television -

    Fuck you.

    Sincerely, everyone who watched Popstars.

  27. Gina c

    i met themmm @ BCC

  28. lacunarikain2

    dat blonde and brunette.. wow...
    Man i remember listening to this as a kid. Loved it

  29. drschellokovic

    was VE also a creation like Sugar jones...I totally don't remember...

  30. xtopher

    This was SUCHA good cd! I really hate that they only released this song & that was it! .. My sister & I have so many good inside jokes with this cd! it's so good

  31. kathleen ng


  32. Julie A

    still have their cd in my room, album is actually pretty good
    thought they would make it far, guess i was wrong

  33. DJDeepStrut77

    Velvet Empire were the top boys and girls of Popstar Canada season 2. They all are very talented, however the shows producers were Silver Eagle Records. S.E.R. were a cheap record company like K-Tell, so Velvet Empire were doomed from the start. The album was also was fairly generic to music scene of the time.

  34. MochaSkies

    I know the black girl in the group, Janelle, we used to sing together when we were little.

  35. Mike

    hhah remember when i had a crush on the blonde haha

  36. dreamershavemorefun

    wow i was 10 when this came oh god that means the hit list was still on ytv and this song was on it these guys are from canada right

  37. misty moore

    thanks for uploading, your awesome!!

  38. Mel W

    holy man...this brings me back!

  39. eagelswift

    Whatever happened to these guys? They're not that bad

  40. emix02

    In a groupe :
    A BLack
    A Gay
    A cute Girls who sing verry good and the rest who make DECORATION

  41. Jill Routledge

    I really like their sunglasses... haha.
    I used to love this song! Don't know why... It's pretty repetitive and annoying! Haha!

  42. Sean P how they lasted for like.....less than a year. Gotta love some bands and one hit wonders:P

  43. MissBrice

    MEMORIES!!!!<3 When I was 11, I listened to this song 24/7!!

  44. Julie A

    i cant believe this is from 2002...
    i have their cd in my bedroom and i still listen to it this day
    shit, time flies...

  45. crazziebunnie

    It seems that the only group that came from these Popstar franchise that are still around would be Girls Aloud (in the UK) I really hoped that Sugar Jones and Velvet Empire had last. If one of them had stayed around at least might have had larger pop decent scene in Canada. But that is kind of a messed up way to get a name for a group.

  46. Cammy O

    i know the black girl =] my friend's cousin ^^

  47. XBrodyXDalleX

    LOL i watched them play live at a mall near my house.i was STOKED! I was also 11 yrs old hahahaha

  48. jordan talbot

    its so weird i remember this

  49. LuciIsADork

    omg, my best friend and i use to sing this all the time back in like grade 3! whoa long time haha

  50. mmmmmcake

    I met them at WalMart.

  51. orlibloom4

    Wow, I remember singing along to this with my sister..I couldn't remember the name of the song so I searched up the only line I remembered "I just want some honesty from you, Boooy!" Found it pretty quick after that, brings back good times:) Plus, they're Canadian, awesome!

  52. Araceli A.

    omg....memories! I loved them!

  53. angel forlife

    haha i was looking at a project i did in the fifth grade and it says whats ur favorite group and it said Velvet Empire so i just decided to check it out lol wow memories..

  54. angel forlife

    oMGG i know!!!

  55. brittany feather

    omg i remember this song. i loved it. I remember watching popstar. brings back memories

  56. puhssh

    AHAHAHAHA memories

  57. sw3etsensati0n

    lol I thot he's like tha Canadian Clay Aiken too!!

  58. ghettosagal

    She does look like she could be a teacher..

  59. Kiya Jeh

    i member watching the making of this group one hit wonders

  60. sparklez365

    i remember i used to love these guys LOL

  61. ibe livinitup

    LOL good old days. I used to have hots for both of the guys

  62. Rasha_mm

    OMG it's clay aiken lol jk

  63. LiteralDownpour

    man this is so ridiculous.
    love this shit.

  64. Rob I.S.

    Absolute utter garbage. The guy pretending to be a DJ is quite funny. The girl pretening to be Janet Jackson is blasphemous. At the much music video awards back in 2005 they were walkin around like they thought they were mega stars. As someone previous said: They haven't done shit since!.. How true.

  65. nnnray

    haha sooo only 3 of them sung the whole song?... good hustle everyone else

  66. hotslikebots

    i liked this so long ago!!!

  67. stepherland

    Haha oh man, I used to LOVE this song!

  68. BrainiacN5

    that video is so bad :S

  69. Clara Laserna

    This song is so old. But such a good song. :D

  70. FilmGeek44

    Hahahahaha.....They haven't done shit since!

  71. Tony D

    cause they sucked
    sugar jones pwns this shit!

  72. Julie A

    i bought their album when i went to see them at bramalea
    i even foudn it and listened to it yesterday
    why did they break up?!!?

  73. Shevy M

    the gurl wiith brown hairs name is Lacey.... i met her... she married this guy i kno

  74. Herve Nzeyimana

    lol, old-school Vancouver Global channel. I remember when this came out.

  75. Mike Wheeler

    loves it

  76. Jaybee Bagunu

    Janelle is half black and filipino.
    Believe it or not, she's my third cousin.
    Haha when Velvet Empire was still together,
    they went to PNE (in Vancouver) and performed.
    Me and my mom's side of the family went to see her.

  77. justschr

    Her name is Janelle don't ask me why I know that, I remember the Clay akien looking kids name was ryan I think

  78. aLAO16

    OMG it's CLAY AIKEN!. just kidding.

  79. Alexandra Suthern

    haha no. he has a wife now.

  80. Alexandra Suthern

    hahahaha, ryan works at my work!

    Yonathan Asefaw

    Who's Ryan?

  81. mrbri9htside

    ?? No..they're pretty Canadian..

  82. Emely M

    ohh geez! grade 9 memories.

  83. mrbri9htside

    I remmeber, that one of thsoe guys cried in an interview because people kept saying he had orange skin.

  84. mrbri9htside

    Canadian S Club. =D

  85. mangopeaches

    they had really good talent, but i guess this proves that first impressions are really importnat

  86. Ava B

    i remember dis tune i was in Gr.9

  87. chriskrazy8


  88. kuviasuktoknanuk22

    thanx 4 posting this. I was missing them sooo much the other day. I miss their cd. I WANT IT BACK!!! LoL

  89. crazziebunnie

    thank u soo much .. i was hopin someone got this song up .... i love this song .. brings bac good memories .

  90. Shannon Boyce

    Thank you for posting this! Velvet Empire was amazing!


    They were terrible, lol

  91. Trevor Ott

    haha, rad! thanks for posting. I know Alex :)

  92. Borja Bethencourt

    oh my god! they´re quite good. Is Darkchild´s the production?

  93. ZacMonson

    i cant believe 3 people have favourited this video