Velasquez, Regine - Whenever We Say Goodbye Lyrics

Welcome back my heart is smiling
Again come in and close the door
This is a feeling
I've come to know so well
'Cause we've been through
This so many times before
Time and time again
I try to say goodbye
Convince that it's the best thing to do
Well just tears me up inside
Can't seem to bear the
Thought of losing you
Whenever we say goodbye
there's no ease in the pain
I feel inside
And I can't see through all the
Tears in my eyes
Can't see the reason why
It hurt so much whenever we say goodbye, goodbye
This road were wrong lead us to nowhere
We've known this right
From the start but
As long as we're together
It seems almost better than
Travelin' down the right place apart
Lord knows I've tried to set you free
When all that I want is for you
To stay with me, stay with me, with me

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