Velasquez, Regine - Free Spirits Lyrics

The bars in my cell aren't too cold
Couldn't tell if they're new or are they old
But you made me feel
That it's there written all over
‘Coz they cast an ugly shadow
And shade whatever spirits left and paint my face
Reminding you to remind me
This seal of fate, would I want to escape
Again and again or lie this time

Hey keeper, you have learned
To trust and love now you will to hate
Hey keeper, your prison walls
They do confine but can't contain

This spirit wants to fly high
Awakened by the light
It bid the night goodbye
No walls, no steel won't bend
Won't break
Can't take away hear heart's desire
To love, to give, to whoever, to live

The bars in my cell are my own
I could bend them enough so you can touch my soul
But I have to bend them back
Back so the keeper won't know

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