Velasquez, Regine - Been Waiting Lyrics

I have been waiting, for such a long time
For you to hear this song
The joy you bringing, no words could take place
You made may darkness bright
I feel so lonely until you owned me
Im lost in cold here but you have found me

I have been waiting to share a lifetime with you
Ive been so lonely until you own me
Im lost in cold here until you have found me
I have been waiting for such a long time
For you to hear this song

The love we once shared is all that matters
Until this life is through
Ive been so lonely until you own me
Im lost in cold here but you have found me

I have been waiting, for such a long time
For you to hear this song
The joy you bringing, no words could take place
You made my darkness bright
I feel so lonely until you owned me
Im lost in cold here but you have found me
I have been waiting, for such a long time

I have been waiting to share a lifetime with you

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Velasquez, Regine Been Waiting Comments
  1. Uniqueness


  2. Chelsea Joyce

    2019 anyone?😍❤️

  3. Jhaybee Beecher

    I have been listening to this song until now. I remember when I first heard it, I fell in love with this and I promised myself that I will dedicate this song to the right one for me. This song becomes a big part of our 7-year relationship. Even though it is full of ups and down, highs and downs, we are still clinging on our love. I love you mahal. You know that this song tells all my love for you. I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU FOR A VERY LONG TIME BUT YOU ARE WORTH THE WAITING. I LOVE YOU LIKE I COULD NEVER LOVE AGAIN.

  4. Jess Madamba

    came I across with a Christmas song that sounds like this song - its called “where are you Christmas” by Thomas Daniel.

  5. ellenortiz18

    everytime i hear this song i feel loved hahaha...

  6. Jacqueline Caringal

    Hello, Sir Ogie! Paborito ko po ung song nyo na "Nandito ako" at "Sa Kanya". These were hit songs during my college days.

  7. ganda olah

    galing talaga ni idol...

  8. Jordan Alap

    Love is in the air every time I listen to this song. :')

  9. Jefferent Jef

    Parang katunog lang ng "where are you christmas" ni Faith Hill

  10. Jordan Alap

    I'm so inlove with this song

  11. MarianReigne

    @Pinggoy99 thank you for the info:) the other day, I learned that this beautiful song is not Ogie's original.

  12. Pinggoy99

    @MarianFlair francis kiko salazar wrote this song.. the same writer of kyla's MAHAL KITA... yes, this song was first released by an indie artist BIV DE VERA.... but was now rendered and chosen by the ALCASID couple in time for their wedding...

  13. Lireyn Cabiling

    I super loved this song! I played this song for the Nth time!!

  14. MarianReigne

    si Regine Velasquez po yung original singer nito..and if I'm not mistaken, her husband Ogie Alcasid wrote this one? I'm not so sure,.. kasama to sa album nyang FANTASY..
    parang ginawa tlga yung kanta para sa knya.. :)) title pa lang, BEEN WAITING..
    fit na fit sa knya yung song.. sarap pakinggan..

  15. jenelyn juacalla

    @luszieh si regine po original nyan para sa album nya FANTASY

  16. Luszieh Tuliao

    sinu original singer ntio??? merun na kaya toh sa videoke pati yung dont go... someone answer please...

  17. Ronnie Dacatimban

    like na like,. love the song,.

  18. Julio Jamito

    super like!

  19. 1917candy

    love both of them....congrats!

  20. reign tarnate

    sana magkarun ng minus one ang fantasy diba??magkakrun b sya??

  21. Beaute Reine

    3 people didn't like this video... THEY LOVED IT!!! :)

  22. Brenda I

    this sounds like it was inspired by faith's hills "where are you christmas".

  23. Ronnie Dacatimban

    I love the msg of the song,. Congrats ate regine! Love it

  24. jojo46338

    why is it that during their wedding direk louie ignacio wasnt there? are they ok now?

  25. bernsal granada

    nakakakakakak in-love sooobbbbrrraaaaaa

  26. Raven Ho

    luv it!

  27. Gigi Britannia

    two people clicked "dis-i-like" :))

  28. Rica May Baya


    What a nice video!!!!

  29. Rose Anne Leonardo

    i love their team:) best wishes to both of you.:)

  30. Melvin Cipriano

    sa song na to !!

  31. Melvin Cipriano

    take note guys! may whistle notes c REGINE sa sing na to!!!!! C#6 ata!!????

  32. Juan dela Cruz

    parang where are you Christmas nga., but still nice!.,Ü

  33. Safairy Reigne

    @jonjonmariah I don't really get it why mariah fans always watch RV videos...So funny...Pwede naman yung vid na lang ng fave nila yung panuorin...Maybe they are not satisfied w/ Mariah's vids kaya laging pinapanuod si RV...And hey I'm sure @shadeslayer0307 meant Rv is the most valuable artist in UR Philippines...Can't you use common sense?

  34. Joy Barler

    thats a nice prenup and lovely song i thin they will be together forever looks like its really love.

  35. JJ MC

    YUCK. COPIED "WHERE ARE YOU CHRISTMAS" BY FAITH HILL which is originally co-written by MARIAH CAREY...the melody and the piano...THIS IS NOT ORIGINAL!!!

  36. JJ MC

    @shadeslayer0307 - im sorry honey...Mariah is under she is not the most valuable...=)

  37. Toffer Prieto


  38. Dynel Cruz

    One of my favorites in her new album called Fantasy..

  39. MahTseng

    kakaiyak talaga!
    the best ka, Ate Regine!
    Hope the best of the best for the two of you.

  40. Raven Ho

    @Sasoy i agree .. dba mas maganda un, pa-sweet sa record version, tpos gu2latin tau sa LIVE performance.. ^_^

  41. Sasoy

    @shadeslayer0307 hehe, people power talaga ah...
    hyaan na natin, hand pick tlaga ni songbird na sa mga album nya sa ngayun, eh mga mellow songs ang recorded.... and it's never a proof na bumababa ang boses nya.... sa mga live performances tlaga bumibirit si songbird.....

  42. Mac Quir

    I already bought one last Saturday the one with the black and white cover. It consist of 2 cds. First Cd is original composition and second Cd is more on revival songs. The time I play the first CD I noticed that "this time" composed by Nyoy Volante and "True Roamance" compose by Jano Gibbs are the best for me. While the second CD is slow beat version of "What about Love" original sang by Heart Band. Moreover, First CD is more on mellow sounds and the second CD is more on belting. BUY NOW.

  43. nestor silvestre

    can u pls give some updates on her album? whats the status now?

  44. rey aquino

    parang na sad ako dun sa message niya na last album na niya being SINGLE!
    hope mag ka baby na sila agad ni ogie,sana di sila mahirapan God bless regine and CONGRATS :)

  45. iJonel

    @yesyeshow really.. hmmm that's a bummer.

  46. rey aquino

    medyo disappointed ako sa packaging ng album,though yung poscards ang gaganda. yung case kasi KARTON, nagagasgas yung cd. i think ito pa naman yung pinakamahal na cd ni regine na nareleased so far..

  47. ila gine

    haay....ang ganda...naiiyak ako..huhu..

  48. ila gine

    haaymmmang ganda naman.....naiiyak ako..huhu...


  49. 1917candy

    such a beautiful song..........hay, so love it!

  50. Ron Ferrer

    do you know guys anong software ginamit to come up ng ganitong slide show?

  51. Jon Dalusong

    - "Fantasy" posters are now displayed in all record bars. But the album itself will be available by 30th of November. Please support our Songbird.. Ü

  52. Beaute Reine

    Was the simultaneous UR's Nov. 15 release of Regine's "Fantasy" with Mariah's "Merry Christmas II you" in the Philippines the real reason for the delay? It shouldn't have been 'cause I like them both. Only difference is, Regine's "Fantasy," I'll spend P550, even a thousand for. As for MC's, there's the web for that. Sorry UR.

  53. Jedidiah Nazarene

    We Love You Songbird! Promise, for as long as I live, you will always have a fan. -Jedidiah Nazarene ^^,

  54. RegineVelasquezTV

    @jazzmhine26 talaga? wow naman mas nabuhayan ako ng loob pumunta jan sa manila just to meet her in person. can you help me please? kahit 1 picture lang with her that will be the happiest day of my life! :D

  55. RegineVelasquezTV

    can anyone help me? i heard regine will have a mall show in nov.27 and on dec.5 in eastwood. i'm from bacolod but i'm planning to go to manila para matupad na dream ko magpapicture sa kanya! do you think it's possible guys? ayoko kasi masayang pera ko papunta ng maynila. :(

  56. Scorpio Soarshigh

    cant wait to get a copy of this album....

  57. Angie MusicReigneOnMe

    i love it....... magkakaron din ako ng original copy ng "fantasy" sa sweldo... hehehe:)

  58. iJonel

    @shadeslayer0307 hahahaha now I know =P

  59. iJonel

    @emjei12 hahahaha may ganun talaga? sino ba 'to add mo ako sa FB

  60. iJonel

    @shadeslayer0307 awww thanks shadeslayer0307. wait friend na ba kita sa FB? add mo ako if not [email protected]

  61. iJonel

    @shadeslayer0307 oo nga! tama! ako pa mag ddown kay Regine? ako ata ang promotor na ngayon sa mga vids na HQ!

  62. iJonel

    @shadeslayer0307 sino naman daw?..

  63. emjei12

    @shadeslayer0307 okay apology accepted, pinainit mo ulo ko kagabi hypertensive pa naman ako hahaha kaya nga minsan hindi na ako tumitingin sa mga ibang comment ng vids ni regine kasi hindi ko ma take mga sinasbi nila :P tska hindi ko inaaway si iJonel crush ko kaya cya hahaha :P

  64. emjei12

    @shadeslayer0307 but don't tell me to shut up ok! I didn't bash him for your info!

  65. iJonel

    my favorite part: "I've been so lonely, until you owned me" such a strong line ~

  66. iJonel

    @illios08 with all due respect, I beleive shadeslayer0307 has utak naman. don't say something if you haven't walked in someone's shoes..

  67. iJonel

    @emjei12 kasi naman, wag ka ng mag-pa nice nice. kahit ikaw don't tell me hindi ka galit sa UR?!?!?! look at it this way, para kanino ba yung album? para sa ating mga buyers diba? so when the hell is it being sold?! yun alng yun! buti nga dito sa US, hindi pa lumalabas yung album, may release date na at may single na agad!

  68. iJonel

    @shadeslayer0307 TAMA! like "low key" was that ever promoted very well? HECK NO!

  69. iJonel

    @emjei12 sweetie it's not to much to ask for! for consumers like us, that is the least they can do, give us a release date! not announcing on air that it would be release on the 15th when it's not! people are actually going to the store and expecting it!

  70. nestor silvestre

    Its like" where are you christmas"?

  71. Jordan Alap

    @emjei12 naku wag ka na magalit, may mga reginian tlga na utak talangka pero konti lang (at isa na siguro si shadeslayer0307 dun hehehe joke) kaya pati tayong matitino na reginian nadadamay sa kanila, pero ang importante dun eh masuportahan natin tong album ng idol natin tama?

  72. emjei12

    Grabe hindi ko akalain na kapwa ko reginian paiinitin ulo ko, akala ko mga bashers lang ni regine mang aaway sa akin pati pala mga kapwa ko reginian. I never thought this will happen.

  73. emjei12

    @shadeslayer0307 Who the hell are you to say that to me? Feel what you feel? Damn! People are you unique in diff. way so don't tell me to feel what you feel cause I'm not you! no disrespect to me? but you already disrespected me by telling me to shut up! All of us wanted to have that most awaited album as soon as possible hindi lang ikaw! And for your info hindi lahat ng reginian katulad mo na utak crab! Regine is my fave singer ever kahit tignan mo pa sa page ko halos lahat dun vid ni Regine!!

  74. emjei12

    @iJonel No it isn't! But don't be harsh to the Record Label just by not announcing the release date of the album. Try to be civilize please! They know what their doing and Universal Record loves Regine Velasquez.

  75. iJonel

    @emjei12 we are patient just so you know. But all we are asking is the release date! Is that hard to do?

  76. emjei12

    Kung makapag salita naman mga tao dito, kayo na lang kaya mag release ng next album ni Songbird ko, it seems like you are all better than Universal Record. Hindi makapg hintay napaka impatient tapos puro bad things mga comment. tsk tsk tsk remeber guys patience is a virtue!

  77. iJonel


  78. iJonel

    @shadeslayer0307 sinabi mo pa! stupid record company!

  79. iJonel

    @shadeslayer0307 hahahaha correct! people power ito!

  80. TheReginified

    Im not happy with the way UR is handling Regine's Fantasy Album. How come UR's sales department cant give me the exact date on when they're going to release the album? Geez!

    Please lang, make sure that the official single is more catchy than this one. At hindi boring and "kundiman-like" which seems to be UR's forte. *rolleyes*

  81. Scorpio Soarshigh

    what a beautiful song....

  82. Jennifer Malapaya

    tagal nmn irelease ng FANTASY haissst.. gus2 q na mgkron ng copy eh..

  83. Jedidiah Nazarene

    November 22 - Fantasy Album Launch -- Can't wait for this one!

  84. treigne

    Kainis naman, nagpunta pa ko ng mall kahapon para lang bumili tapos wala pa raw.. Sana kasi siguraduhin nila kung kelan talaga marerelease tapos parang di naadvertise yung album eh irerelease na, ano ba yan

  85. iJonel

    @michaelfrancs ganun ba? kasi dito sa US nung Nov.2 pa out yun

  86. iJonel

    @Songbird0422 CORRECT! EXACTLY!

  87. iJonel

    @onebigshit23 that's f stupid! problems? problems with what? mga excuses nila! They are unprofessional! and if next week, next week when??? can they be more specific!

  88. Pinggoy99

    @vida1s any similarities between two songs are not subject to that.. unless it took 8 bars of the an existing song.. take for example janno gibbs' FALLEN and nsync's FALLING... janno did the exact copy and even lyrics of the nsync song... but no infringement occured...

  89. iJonel

    what is taking forever UR? this is so unprofessional! all you give us is "soon" wtf is that???? can't you give us an actual release date?! is this how you promote your stuff? omg

  90. Jomzkie

    Super like dis video.. ilang bese ko na toh pina play.

  91. Beaute Reine

    We also have BEEN WAITING for this ALBUM from Universal! Release it please!!!

  92. jsarahina

    Official Prenup Shoot ba nila to?

  93. Raven Ho

    @sodalover3 grabe ka aman kung makapag salita kai Ogie.. ndi mu ba alam na halos lahat ng tagalog hits ni regine c Ogie ang nagsulat .. at wala pang co-writters un. . Pangako, Pangarap Ko ang Ibigin Ka, Hangang Ngayon, Kailangan Koy Ikaw ect.

  94. Berg Chua

    woah! this song sounds like 90% of Faith Hill's "Where Are You Christmas". Kulang ang effort sa pag-rip off. Some subtlety would have been less incriminating hehehe

  95. sodalover3

    Don't get me wrong, I love Regine. In fact, I am planning to buy 10 copies of her Fantasy album-ipang reregalo ko. Ayoko lang talaga ke Ogie. And yes, you are right, this song is not a single material.

  96. treigne

    I have BEEN WAITING for your new album, songbird. Magaling ang vocals ng songbird dito. Very feminine ang atake, parang yung ibang songs sa dati niyang albums like Drawn. I just don't like the idea na kinopya ang melody ng song ni Faith Hill. Kahit ano pa man, bibili ako ng copies ng Fantasy at ipamimigay ko sa friends ko sa ayaw nila at sa gusto, lol

  97. Jennelyn Contreras

    so cutE tlga ng song na tohh... i played it again and again... i love itt.. so muchh...

  98. Jennelyn Contreras

    so cuTe Couple..!! i loVe You BoTh :) <3

  99. sodalover3


    Parang Ogie composition sya- so BOOOOOOOORING!
    Sana hindi na lang nakialam si Ogie sa album ni Regine bec.he is not worth it!
    Sobrang nakakasawa na mga compositions nya- pare pareho na lang.