Velasquez, Jaci - Come As You Are Lyrics

You are the reason
For blue in the sky
Yes, you are the reason why
Snow covers winter
And melts into spring
And rivers meet the sea

God is here for you
And you were made for him
He'll give you more of everything
Cause he has always loved you
His promises are true
So true if you

Come as you are
Don't change a thing
Open your heart
He'll walk right in
Come as you are
No alibis
His love for you
Will never die

There is a heaven
Open your eyes
There you have no disguise
He'll never leave you
No need to hide
He's always by your side

If you just believe
There is a way you'll see
It's just one step to eternity
And he will always love you
This promise will be true
So true if you

[Repeat Chorus]

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Velasquez, Jaci Come As You Are Comments
  1. Celebrinbor Fellowship

    This guy is the Same who create despacito Lol

    Angelette Art

    Yes! I just realized that so I had to check😭

  2. Mairenis tejeda

    hermosa canción 💕😊😘

  3. cynthia june

    I'm still recovering from "the Luis Fonsi" being a singer on this track

  4. A. B. J. Sangtam

    here in 2019. this is not my first time. I seldom visit this song. it's wonderful

  5. Jozette Valencia

    GOD has always been there by our side...
    So true
    GOD Bless everybody
    Have a blessed day 👌💟

  6. Michabel Polki


    klave zion99

    Plz stop

  7. Jozette Valencia

    God loves us just as we are he's Awesome
    GOD Bless you with all my HEART
    J aci and Nick
    GOD is Special 💟💟💟💟💟💟🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹💜💜💜💜💜💖💖💖💖💖💖💞💞💞💞💞💞💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💟

  8. willyman

    This is the first aproach from God ' s invitacion you dont pretend to reform yourself first and then come ; that completly change ( ner born experience ) will gradually take place in your life by staying close to him and above all to remain that close; otherwise wont progress , he that is in Christ a new creature he or she is , the bad thing pass away and then every thing is make it new. DIOS

    Disco Disco

    True, not self effort but coming to Christ is THE Repentance. He does the changing for us. He gives us a new heart, He gives life to our dead spirit. : )

  9. jhon ramos

    Vier como estás
    Não mude nada
    Abra seu coração
    Ele irá ao seu encontro
    Venha como estás
    Sem álibe
    Seu amor por ti
    Nunca morrerá


  10. Jozette Valencia

    God is no respector...of person
    Give him your HEART 💟💟💟💟💟💟😙

  11. Jasynda Crawford

    !!!!!my nickname is Jaci!!!!

  12. Алекса Вэй

    God bless you!😇😇🎶


    It's good to hear this song again!! Gods promises are always true and Hell never leave us no matter what.

  14. Maryanne

    2018 and this song doesn't cease to touch the heart.Thank you Jesus!

  15. hugo calero

    que cancion

  16. Joy joy Kaipeng

    I love her voice

  17. Boithem Touthang

    I love this song

  18. Kumughaty awolimi

    God you are great...

  19. Aroonema Koteyal

    Omg I heard this song in 2011 and had no idea who luis fonsi is back then. I was so obsessed with this song damn 😍

  20. dario cleomates

    ❤ essa musica muito é muito linda claro só deus que tão lindo Amém .....

  21. 拉迪

    So blessed hearing these songs of Jaci

  22. Akhamei Kamei

    I love and like this song so much

  23. Crystal Colon

    Originally from the girl group Wild Orchid

    Jamie White

    With a lot of the lyrics changed as well. Interesting version.

  24. Bobbylyn Palatic

    2017 still hearing

  25. Michabel Polki

    the best song I've ever heard..

  26. amy spanfellner

    wow !!!!! Beautiful want this album where can I perches it ???

    Jaci Velasquez Videofan

    amy spanfellner Crystal Clear by Jaci Velasquez

  27. MsCocoaBoo

    My sister and her friend sung this song at our school💕👏🏾

  28. wakanyi mungai

    Lovely song.

  29. DogUdders

    Vfffvc. V. V. V.

  30. MIMI OB

    I came to HIM because HE created me and has accepted me as I am so that I can choose HIM with the desire to become more like HIM.

  31. Stella Wangechi Gathenya

    Of God's unconditional love for us

  32. Pentti Muhli

    This is a nice and sweet song, but I think there is some error in it.Come just as you are, you don't have to change a thing. This is a half truth, yes it is true that you come to Jesus just as you are, but when you do come he will produce total change and it will require dying to self and dying to the world. Without these conditions there is no discipleship. Satan uses half truth


    Pentti Muhli As i listened. to this song that verse really bothered me not inspired by the spirt this song...
    a deceiving song.

    Pentti Muhli

    Hi there - satan uses half truth often times. I think the artist probably sings worldly songs that are sensual. I think many of the 'Gospel Artists' are preaching a different Jesus to the one found in the Bible. The Jesus they preach is often a sentimental Jesus with a soft love. The Jesus in the Bible is tender at times and other times he is tough. He is the Lion and the Lamb.

    Heidi Bower

    Pentti Muhli Hi. I just read and I understand what your saying. But I think this song is about coming to Jesus and let his grace change us. God knows that is impossible for us to perfect ourselves without him. I'm going to share with you my favorite verse that found in Mathew 11. He says come to me all of you are burdened and weary, and I will give you rest. We don't have to change a thing without Christ. We just come to him and let him do what is best for us.

    M M

    This is an invitation to come to Jesus. He will accept us as we are.

    Man in a Bubble

    In my opinion, the message is one should come to Jesus regardless of the condition they're in, instead of feeling condemned and unworthy despite the truth....

  33. Brittany Bull

    Beautiful song <3

  34. champaka rani

    I love the songs of Jaci Velazquez

    Phoumra Sa Em

    so do I

  35. Fabiola Valencia

    Que bello

  36. Kate Vales

    it was nice and sweet songs..i like this song always ..Lord, thanks for your love for us ... never dies..

  37. Anneserina Tuilautala

    2016 still love this song

    Pentti Muhli

    Hi there, it's a nice sounding song but if you compare it carefully to what the Bible teaches its not nice. The song has the words "Come as you are, don't change a thing". The truth is when you come to Jesus he demands change, but he also gives a person the grace and mercy to change.  God bless ^_^

    Melissa Medel-Alvarado

    Pentti Muhli Don't change a thing meaning, you don't have to do it on your own. when you give your life to Jesus, God will do the transformation in your life not you.

  38. Jujuhsilva Silva

    Muito linda ❤

  39. scr1231

    Good song.

  40. Zizzy Caz

    wow love the mixing of the song ,so much ,nice to hear

  41. Gaynor Arnold Martinez

    I love dis song

  42. Fujiyamamakeup

    This song has always blessed me!

    David Bustam

    I do not know if this song is a blessing for you, see your picture of your perfil I would not believe it

  43. Kim Stahl

    Such a beautiful song...I love it!

  44. Paulos May

    I love this song thank you God!!!!

  45. Aaron Hamilton

    I love this song ....great music.

  46. shamiza shameer

    Beautiful songs

  47. Jeff Noncent

    this is an awesome song

  48. princessajlp

    I am waiting for you

    Marie Kristensen

    princessajlp good for you take him away from me yet again.

  49. karen ambrose

    thank you for your love of music it has touch my heart

  50. Buffy Nus

    Wonderful ....Wonderful...Wonderful ...God bless you!

  51. Dan and Krypto

    Omg!! i didn't know lusi fonsi did a christian song. this is DAMN good!!


    Love God

  53. Jandicira Santos

    Amo de paixao todas

  54. Dece Mae Orias

     i love this song :)

  55. Sam Chacko

     I love listening to this song, but is it really all that scriptural, I mean I listen to christian songs all the time, and I never stopped to actually pay attention to the lyrics to see if they were in line with the word. In this song, it goes, "god is here for you, and you were made for him, he will give you more of everything". God never promised he will give us more of "everything", I think it's kind of deceptive like the prosperity preachers, because even after I became a Christian, I am still not a millionaire, but I didn't come to Christ, to get "more of everything", I came to Christ, to be saved from eternal damnation, for I know this life will soon be over like a dream, and I will face the righteous judge on judgement day.

    Syonis Macias-Johnson

    Well god never promised he would give us anything. We walk by faith, not my sight. We believe that everything is in God's hands and he will be out light in a dark place. I think that's what they mean in this song.

    Sam Chacko

    @Syonis Macias Well in the song it goes " He will give you more of EVERYTHING", quite frankly I think that's a bit deceiving, and imagine if god gave us everything, it would be quite dangerous, it's like a kid wanting an AK-47, imagine how destructive that would be. Especially for the new believers it can be deceiving, while I ENJOY the song, I don't think I am raising an illegitimate point, because a lot of people come to CHRIST thinking they'll get EVERYTHING, because preachers nowadays promise that, but we must be truthful, and our songs must be scriptural, they should not LIE. I am not saying this to be cynical, it is true, we as Christians must be truthful.


    @Syonis God actually makes lots of promises in the bible. I'm actually a little confused by your statement that God doesn't promise us anything. He promises that the world will never be flooded again he promises to give life and that more abundantly he promises that his people will one be with him in Heaven forever

    E A

    PREACH!!!! Never stop and always give thanks to God. Psalm 136:1 " Give thanks to Lord,for He is good. His love is eternal"

    Mimi Lamm

    I know this comment is super old, but I looked at it as inheriting the kingdom of God is God giving us "Everything" long as we follow the path of God

  56. Ruthie's Klassic Kreations

    I just love her Love for God!!

  57. Ngunte

    I love this song.
    nice song

  58. Lisa Rodriguez


  59. shantel reid

    i love this song!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  60. Kui Karingithi

    I love this true about the love God has for us despite our shortcomings :)

  61. irina tremont

    I love this song

  62. cindy villasor

    i like it

  63. Sherna Cunningham

    love the song

  64. LivinLifekawaii

    love this song,,

  65. studentlady

    beautiful songgggg

  66. Gabriel Be


  67. Anthony T

    This is literally my favorite song of all time!!!! WHY? CUZ ITS R&B STYLE SPEAKING OF GOD. SOMETHING I WILL DO WHEN I GET A STUDIO!

  68. Esmeralda Oliveira

    linda canción dedico a vc amore mio


    linda es sta letra jaci la canto junto a luis fonsi uno de mis artistas favoritos...!

  70. Dora S

    love this song...took me some time to look it up

  71. tin ken

    God is love

  72. lessthen3d

    LOVE THIS SONG! God's Love is AMAZING! <3

  73. karina smith

    thanks never
    heard her but was just great song

  74. princessgenevieve9

    @ThePentecostalChick1 Luis Fonsi

  75. solangespi

    Mto lindaaaaa! Nota 1000!!!! Escuto sempre.

  76. Kimberly Ramos

    i love this songg:)