Velasquez, Jaci - Adore Lyrics

From the moment You opened up my eyes
I have seen the world in a different light
From the dawn to the setting sun
I am overwhelmed
By all that You have done

Adore, Adore, Adore
Jesus I adore You,
Adore, Adore, Adore, adore
Jesus, I adore You
And I lay my life before You, O Lord

There's a union of two becoming one
Deep inside my heart
I know that I belong
You have given everything to me
The least that I can do
Is give it back to You

And all I am and ever will be
Is for You, Lord
And everything within me cries

Adore, Adore, Adore
Jesus I adore You,
Yes I Adore You
And I lay my life before You
Adore, Adore, Adore, Adore
Jesus, I adore you

And I lay my life before You
I long to love and adore You
I lay my life before You, O Lord
I adore You

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Velasquez, Jaci Adore Comments
  1. Gideon Sipenghancur

    Suaranya Cantik seperti orangnya.hebatttttt....entah kapan Aku Punya perempuan seperti ini:D

  2. Roberto Vázquez

    aarón-el ángel luchador...✡🕎📜📚 jorge luis borges - cabalgaron tres días, y le dijo: "¡oh, rey del tiempo y substancia y cifra del siglo!, en babilonia me quisiste perder en un laberinto de bronce con muchas escaleras, puertas y muros; ahora el poderoso ha tenido a bien que te muestre el mío, donde no hay escaleras que subir, ni puertas que forzar, ni fatigosas galerías que recorrer, ni muros que te veden el paso". luego le desató las ligaduras y lo abandonó en mitad del desierto, donde murió de hambre y de sed. la gloria sea con aquel que no muere - p. d.: desde mi tintero...✡🕎📜📚

  3. tito luca mera

    Jaci velasquez is AMAZING ❤️😍😘🥰🤩🙏

  4. Roberto Vázquez

    oscar wilde "ningún artista desea probar nada hasta las cosas ciertas pueden ser probadas ningún artista es nunca morboso el artista puede expresarlo todo cuando los críticos difieren el artista está de acuerdo consigo mismo existen los elegidos para quienes las cosas bellas significan únicamente belleza" aarón-el ángel luchador...📜📚 p. d.: desde mi tintero...📜📚

  5. Roberto Vázquez

    aarón-el ángel luchador... cuando el cielo es un regalo: ¿qué impide obtener vida eterna? el pecado, necesito solución. dios afirma que la muerte de su hijo provee el perdón. cuando cristo murió por los pecadores es tan claro, no puede pedirse más. necesito salvador, él es el único capaz de serlo: humano para morir, dios para con su muerte pagar los pecados enteros. por fe lo recibo, como su perdón, él resuelve mi problema del pecado, vive para ofrecer su perdón. no puedo ofrecer más, ni igual, mis días dan lo inperfecto, nada contribuyo a perdonar pecados. prometer, aun cambiar, no borro la culpabilidad de pecar. mas cuando, recibo la vida eterna de su mano, de cristo, persona infinitamente superior a mí, reconozco que soy incapaz de borrar mis faltas. sólo soy receptor de su gracia, no uno que promete algo a cambio. en salvación, soy quien recibe, no donador: cuando el cielo es mi regalo. pagado, gratis. p. d.: desde mi tintero...📚📜


    Amo escutar suas canções jaci Velásquez elas são verdadeiramente inspiradas. 😉

  7. Will Scott

    To much makeup for professing to be a woman of God Most High. Needs to button up her shirt some too. Shame!

  8. zazi cruz

    Thank you Lord

  9. Scizo Phrenic

    wow even non christians should enjoy her music. very talented indeed.

  10. Dj Kito Ramos

    me alumbras

  11. Joseph Garcia

    My Father adores you too...

  12. Juan Cruz

    santo estu majestad rey soberano jesuscristo amen.Juan Cruz

  13. Rachel Folsom

    My Childhood

  14. Juan Cruz

    Sierba te bendigo te ama jesus amen.Juan Cruz.

  15. Jose Pavon


  16. Crystal Sakal

    I love it


    Amo esta cancion y este bello video

  18. Neiva Souza Silva Rocha

    Deus abençoe

  19. Damaris Cadenas

    Año 2019 😍😍

  20. Princess Dar'Lisha


  21. Erick Rivas

    Hermoso video musical besos Jaci te Amamos

  22. Juan Cruz

    HOoooo que glorioso es y poderoso son tus alabanzaz te amamos padre santo de toda la eternidad amen.MRP.MarioReneParedes

  23. Juan Cruz

    Amen bendito señor.jesus Amen.MRP.MarioReneParedes

  24. Andrew Payne

    love jaci velasquez and love this song i had crystal clear album growing up also i had such a crush on when i was a little boy

  25. Rachel Kharigus

    Came across this, old but still refreshing to my spirit. 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊 Beautiful love song to sweet JESUS.

  26. Ryan Borbon

    Hi Randall!

  27. R Gray

    You have given everything to me the least that I can do give it back to You

  28. R Gray

    Absolute precious song

  29. Saint mohair

    I love this song it’s from heaven

  30. Luiz Hernan

    Since I was 13 first time I listen to jaci

    Fiona O'Keefe

    Luiz Hernan her first album came out when she was 13!

  31. Scott Mosure

    I notice when she sings her songs she moves her arms and hands if u watch her videos you will see she is powerful

  32. Ayesha Karim

    I like this song.

  33. Dee Mataitini

    Nostalgia hit me like a ton of bricks. Last time I heard this was when I was a child. I totally forgot about this song but hearing it for the first time in these so many years made me just start tearing up for a time so long ago when things seemed so simpler and happier.

  34. jcbbe

    Very awesome, love her voice

  35. Vitória Leandro

    Song beautiful

  36. Barbara Ellis

    Jesus I Adore You!









  41. adeniyi toyin

    i love you jaci and all your songs. they are so inspirational

  42. Marko Khan

    What a song! Almost 19 years now and still a favorite.

  43. Loreina Joseph

    must've been great times in '09

  44. Andrew Pollner

    Very beautiful music! I enjoy it very much!

  45. m. tyg

    Went here because of Regine Velasquez who introduced us, Filipinos this beautiful Christian song.

  46. Jozette Valencia

    We adore God
    Beautiful song J aci 💖

  47. Getrude Mmata

    Amazing I love it

  48. Rebeca Amarilis Ruiz Montepeque

    No habia visto este video muy bonito 😍

  49. Jose Rocha

    La mujer mas hermoza que han visto mis ojos

  50. R Gray


  51. R Gray

    Jesus ...i adore You ...

  52. R Gray

    and I lay my life before You

  53. Deb

    be broken!
    Psalms 51:17 The sacrifices of God are a broken spirit: a broken and a contrite heart, O God, thou wilt not despise.
    The word contrite in Hebrew is 'dakah' which means one that is crushed to pieces. Paul wrote of being a 'living sacrifice' holy and acceptable to God. Being a living sacrifice means we often can walk off the altar. To be a continual living sacrifice we need to renew our minds day to day! Let your mind be renewed -- off the things which are worldly and onto those things which are Godly. When our minds are focused on those things above, on His holiness, His righteousness, His grace, and His mercy -- we realize that we can always be closer to Him! We understand what Isaiah meant when he said, "our righteousness is nothing but filthy rags before the Lord."
    When God provided for Himself the perfect sacrifice, His Son, 2000 years ago -- His heart bursted! His heart was cut through -- cut for you! God desires you to be a living sacrifice and a necessary ingredient is a heart that has been cut through by God's sharp knife. When you allow your heart to be continually cut through by God's Spirit, then your life will be a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable before Him!
    It's wonderful what God can do with a broken heart, especially when we give Him all the pieces!
    Being Transformed slowly~ Phillipians !:6=7 Complete
    Seagulls cried and waves crashed as I walked along the beach.
    "Lord, I've messed up again. It does'nt seem I'll ever live a holy Life...
    (Holy means set apart)
    Stopping I picked up something from the sand - seaglass. I had collected sea glass all my Life.
    The smooth, frosty looking pieces of glass had been tossed around and sand blasted by the ocean
    until the edges had become round and smooth.
    I had always delighted in finding these little treasures.
    Funny, I thought, how what started out as garbage- most likely broken a soda or beer bottle-
    could become a collector's item after its ocean transformation.
    As a child, I i used to try to hurry the process along.
    I'd put broken glass in a bowl with salt and water, then swish it around thinking I could I could make sea glass myself...
    But of course it never worked.
    Only the ocean was capable of bringing such a change.
    My efforts to be holy aren't any more effective than my efforts to make sea glass.
    It is only the precious Holy Spirit who is able to transform me/us...
    Sometimes I don't I don't feel like I'am making any progress, but G-ds Word ( Yeshua is G-ds Word) says that G-d
    has promised to bring the work He is doing in me to completion. Indeed I know that G-d is smoothing out my
    rough edges -slowly~
    My prayer is : Lord I know sometimes it is hard to believe that I'am getting anywhere in my walk with You, But I thank You for Your Holy Spirit who is at work in all of us that love You,that You are slowly ,lovingly bringing us all to Your wonderful transformation of how You want us to be , not our way.. For this I thank You for all You do and who You are .. Thank You for Your Son Yeshua Ha Mashiach ~ Come Lord Yeshua come...

    Philippians 1:6Complete Jewish Bible (CJB6 And I am sure of this: that the One who began a good work among you will keep it growing until it is completed on the Day of the Messiah Yeshua.
    Philippians 1:6New International Version (NIV)6 being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.

  54. juan carlos rojas vega

    esta le canta bonito a Dios

  55. Zoram Thanga

    One of the best voices i have heard...

  56. jay walker

    jaci is native american from her mex indian roots

  57. Shelly Chaitram

    This just beautiful. And I agree with the words in this song

  58. Julio A. Sanchez


  59. Emelda Mills Gakpetor

    I am overwhelmed by Jesus' love for me.

  60. Alexandre da silva

    Simplesmente linda

  61. Free Music Resources - Cristian R. Villagra

    This song is perfect!

  62. racky camargo

    Tenho uma b r u s a de seda mais laranja

  63. Sarah Powerz

    Even upto now I can't get enough of it it's always fresh to my ears

  64. R Gray

    This song is so beautiful ,,,,
    I wake up at 3 in the morning with this song in my head
    thanking my Saviour
    love You Jesus

  65. Junior Serrano

    Jayleen is the best

  66. R Gray

    You have given everything to me...the least I can do is give it back to You .
    I am pathetic Lord.... I Love You

  67. R Gray

    About as beautiful as the sunrise .. Jaci .
    Thank You for redirecting my attention.........
    you are awesome

  68. Brendan Carmichael

    This album wasn’t released in 2006! It was released in 2000!

  69. yeferson rojas

    Hermosa Cancion cantada por Jaci velasquez Gracias por tus Melodias

  70. R Gray

    Thank You Jesus

  71. Abigail Delany

    Do you 'ADORE' Jesus? Has He come into your life to live eternally with Him? Tell Him how much you LOVE Him. Jesus paid our sin-debt by dying on the Cross, "Without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sin." HE PAID THE PRICE! Take the time to tell Him how much you truly need and ADORE Him. \o/ Jesus is LORD.

  72. DannyFlow11

    CRISTO JESUS es el señor

  73. moonshine 1982

    nice christian song i love it so much i adore you jesus

  74. Katherine Santana Castillo

    I love you Lord 💜😍

  75. Jozette Valencia

    Good morning everyone
    J aci Velasquez
    God bless you and your family
    Your songs inspire me to be a better person and I enjoy your music
    wonderful songs
    They keep me happy even when I have my by-polor symptoms
    you get me threw them so does God @
    I love your songs so much
    God bless and keep up the good work

  76. Jozette Valencia

    I adore you is a awesome and special and beautiful song
    God bless you Jaci💟💕💟💕💟💕💟

  77. Sister Betty Jo

    Jesus Christ I Adore You!! \0/\0/

  78. David Leonardo

    que lindo recuerdo de escuchar esta linda cancion :)

  79. SameG

    Thank you both for leading us in worship this weekend God bless you both and we love you both. You're brothers and sisters in Christ!

  80. Felipe Fontes

    Muito linda essa musica

  81. wifeyniJIN Kim

    Wow your the best singer that i adore

  82. R Gray

    I am overwhelmed by all that YOU have done !

  83. Agustin Ramirez

    O me encanta tu voz q ermosa canción y q fuersa al espresar tu fuersa corpora

  84. abraham Ayerdis

    Que lindo tema un lo escuchamos y adoramos a Jesús

  85. Jr Ogwang

    Glory to God

  86. FHERSITO23


  87. Cheyenne Ferriss

    She is so pretty and I just love this song

  88. Dionê Damasceno

    gloria a Deus lindo louvor!

  89. Applehead Lover

    Jesus I adore you... with all my might

  90. Jozette Valencia

    I adore you Jaci...your voice is incredible and beautiful..God Bless 💕

  91. R Gray

    Jesus...I adore You

    R Gray

    and I lay my life before You.......pathetic as it is

  92. MIMI OB

    So happy these words are sung and available to the world...

  93. Robert Grijalva

    jaci you are beautiful and great voice

  94. Adrian Jose Valdes

    me encanta sus canciónes

  95. MIMI OB

    I love all of Jaci's songs. For me, they do not just worship but are songs of LOVE.

  96. julmae Lim

    im so thankful this song,

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