Veirs, Laura - Little Deschutes Lyrics

It sure is hard to dance across
The room when you've got
One foot on the floor
And one foot outside the door

I want nothing more
Than to dance with you

The peace I've known, floating along
The deep green river with you and a song
Is something like the peace I hope
To make with you my whole life long

I want nothing more
Than to float with you

Paddling through the hail storm
Clothes ravaged, the leaves all torn
And a part of me was born

Why care about yesterday's haze
When the stars above are all ablaze?
Why care about the coming dawn
When the moon pours now, its searchlight strong?

I want nothing more
Than to dance with you
I want nothing more
Than to float with you

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Veirs, Laura Little Deschutes Comments
  1. Vampirella

    Bevor sie beginnt zu singen erinnert es mich immer an cosmic love von Florence and the machine 💕

  2. Acacia Dreyer


  3. Kelly-Ann Medeiros

    I want nothing more, than to dance with you....💔💔

  4. what

    I want nothing more than to fuck with you

  5. Jeffrey Lyons

    The whole album is wonderful but this song is wonderful.

  6. Christian Matthew

    Wow. What an amazing song. Thank you Vampire Diaries and Laura Veirs for this song

  7. Blue - Grey

    Why am I seven years late to this? A great song

  8. perrz f

    I need more songs like that

  9. Infinitus Aeternum

    i'm a guy with a broken heart. and listening to this now.

    Lauren van 't Hart

    same but I'm a girl...

  10. Shresti Sharma

    Madlyyy n deeply in love wid dis song ::::😻😻😻😻😻😻

  11. Alexias B.

    Absolutely love this song!!! ♥

  12. Josef Zineldin

    The Vampire Diaries - Season 4, Episode 7 - 19 Minutes and 30 secounds into the episode brought me here <3


    that scene gives me chills for whatever reason


    You a real one

    Anya Fremed

    same omfg


    Josef Zineldin gave me chills


    Josef Zineldin me ttoo

  13. King Oshy

    ya me too

  14. JacklesSpeedy

    Rewatching episodes of The Vampire Diaries and heard this song again! I had to look it up! ❤♡ :)

    Lauren van 't Hart

    same 😊

    Jimin ChimChim

    JacklesSpeedy omg yesss i was watching the episode S4:E7 and heard this song!

  15. El Miguel

    Masten Rd?

  16. Jenn Mora

    Love love love this song!!! I can't get enough of it!!

  17. Rick Brooks

    This is such an incredibly Haunting Song, what a remarkable young woman.

  18. Jenn Mora


  19. Mark Harrison

    I like M5177's comparison with Judee Sill. Perhaps not so sad but grips your heart nonetheless ...

  20. m5177

    She reminds me of Judee Sill, high praise indeed :)

  21. Rick Brooks

    I discovered this extremely talented Lady only yesterday, quite by accident. Music such as this has the power to enhance life immeasurably. Beautiful, Haunting, Timeless, Evocative...enough to make an Angel weep.

    Rick Brooks

    @Rick Astley condescend much? 

    Anglo Bango

    love that. enough to make an angel weep. genius

    Rick Brooks

    +Anglo Bango I'm glad you appreciate this track, not everyone agrees with my you can see....but I stand by what I've said. Be Well Anglo.   R.B.

  22. Livvi Horton

    I want noooottthhinnggg more

    Simply 1234

    Then to dance with you

  23. Oceane L

    Merci vampire diaries pour la découvert de cette musique je l'écoute en boucle..

    Infinitus Aeternum

    merci vampire diaries♡

  24. Clémentine Cassie

    Amazing song i love you Laura.

  25. akm960

    This sounds like another song but I can't remember the words or who sings it


    Some parts of the piano sounds familiar

    Mari Nerbovig

    Riverside by Agnes Obel? The piano is super similar as is her voice. Really any of her songs could match this one.

    Kerrie Riley

    +akm960 soley pretty face?


    Kerrie Riley that song doesn't sound much like this one at all


    Mari Nerbovig there are simularities ig

  26. Thomas Clay

    Ringer <3

  27. Haley

    Absolutely beautiful.

  28. Daniel Shippey

    I love it

  29. jonniejingo

    Hauntingly beautiful.

  30. FolkyFan15

    thumbs up if your good taste in music brought you here

  31. rose c

    I got really excited because this song began to get popular, but then I realised it was because of a tv show.

  32. katherine pierce

    Amazing voice!

  33. Sarah C

    not true at all

  34. nietzscheslover

    thumbs up if ringer brought you here

  35. Hussin Alsaggaf

    Matt & April ! Dance !

  36. caraclark

    I listened to this song so much last year when I feared my wife and I were ending and I wished that we weren't. We stuck it out a year more, and now after 9 years, we are ended. No more floats on the Deschutes river, or dancing across the floor. It IS hard to dance when one foot is out the door.

  37. Joharis Byas

    The Vampire Diaries led me to this song :') and now I can't stop listening to it!!!

  38. ninawithnailpolish

    Gah, I'm crying! :(

  39. raksha

    Nicola brought me here! not Delena...

  40. noushinMI

    I loved ringer! Thank you for this playlist: I love this song

  41. Mason Raines

    Hey everyone! Check out my channel! I just started it, trying to add more and more songs and videos! Thanks!

  42. ernest adziwi

    your mothers brought me here

  43. Bay_ lbbl

    Ringer :)

  44. Gian Lucas Cardoso

    Sometimes I hear ''I want nothing more than to fuck with you'' I know it's in my mind, but just give it a try...

  45. Yolanda

    Good taste brought me here

  46. Loki da Iceman

    Pandora brought me here

  47. Nivr Kp

    great song....

  48. Rhiannon Thayer

    vampire diaries did NOT bring me here.

  49. Malaika

    Why does he make you sick ? He's not worse than Klaus or Stefan.

  50. Malin Melin

    Am I the only one who would, if given the chance, kill Damon with no doubt or bad feelings? I know that it's only a TV-show, but he makes me sick.

  51. Simm.

    It's delena bitch. ♥

  52. FiyaFlameSpitta

    It's Stefan's Theme by Michael Suby. It's not a song song it's just from the TVD soundtrack. Michael Suby does all of those.

  53. hardrockbusser

    This is a wonderful song.. I heard it on the vampire diaries also.. A Wonderful piece..

  54. julianne silva

    omg i heard this song on vampire diaries and i fell in love with this song. Took me a while to find out what this song was called lol

  55. Bourbon_St

    *Damon and elena laying on bed* Damon: This would be so much more fun if we were naked. Elena: That was your call.. Damon: I was being a gentlemen. #died

  56. Sky ller

    I'm sure no one will answer or read this but nvm.. Whats the song name when stefan talks with caroline on phone, its just music, pls pls?..

  57. itsmekatieeee

    this seems like such a klaroline song even though it was in a delena scene

  58. W3R3W00F

    Lol no.

  59. Keara

    thumbs up if damon and elena brought you here
    i love them together <3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  60. Keara

    vampire diaries <3

  61. Jana Sinková

    Vampire Diaries ♥

  62. abraxas

    sounds like that Austrian Soap & Skin girl. Or maybe she sounds like this. Either way, reminds of each other.

  63. Talyssa Gutierres

    quem ta aqui por causa de TVD da joinha

  64. dreamwindow

    Had to find out straight away what this song was because of Vampire Diaries! <3

  65. tApja

    The Vampire Diaries

  66. manar gh

    it sure is hard to dance across
    the room when you've got
    one foot on the floor
    and one foot outside the door.

    this describes it all !

  67. Petra Plisic

    TVD brought me here:D

  68. Tiffanyxox

    Love this song bc of TVD

  69. janesalvatore39

    Thumbs up if Damon&Elena brought u here <3

  70. Monika Kilon

    which episode? on ringer it didnt get my attention, inspite of tvd

  71. lou draper

    i fell in love with this song on the vampire diaries!

  72. Andrew Akanbi

    You really should be thanking Christopher Mollere (Music Supervisor of The Vampire Diaries)

  73. Vera AM

    yea so did i

  74. Angie Betancourt

    listened to this song about 50 times since yesterday TVD!!

  75. unacopadete

    I want Mapril <3

  76. unacopadete

    I like when April and Matt started to dance, Damon remembered his dance with Elena, and looked at her and she got excited.. Oh, the chemistry of Delena...

  77. orfeas skn

    April Young <3 :(

  78. JennBug

    I feel a TVD Delena video coming on... it will be ending at 2:12 and with the final scene of tonight's episode :)

  79. tiannaalexis42

    The Vampire Diaries brought me here! Love the song!!

  80. Amena Ahmed

    Hit like if vampire diaries brought you here <3

  81. Mariana

    I'm so glad that The Vampire Diaries is starting to use music that's not mainstream as much. It's letting me discover all of these great songs and bands that are absolutely beautiful and I probably would have never came across if I haven't heard from somewhere.

  82. Mykhal

    Was expecting a vampire diaries comment on this....

  83. xSixBillionSoulsx

    Delena <3

  84. Gretchen Schumm

    Ya me to I don't have a tv.

  85. De Mora

    I have also found new singers and band due to many shows over the years. I thank Netflix. Because that is the only way I can watch a series. On my time.

  86. Gretchen Schumm

    I have found so many great new singers and bands thanks to Ringer. It's a great show!

  87. IllogicalMachine

    Sooo amazingly good. One of the best songs on one of the best albums in recent memory...

  88. ephram85

    I'm italian and I casually discovered this song while I was searching an other song. It is... I don't know... I love it. Great song.

  89. Nadhira L. Z.

    This side of Youtube... you have to find it yourself to truly discover it.

  90. Creative Video Zone

    Song reminds me of early Genesis.

  91. Creative Video Zone

    RIP Ringer.

  92. Eliezer Pennywhistler

    Obviously, I meant that you are not a feminist.

  93. 4TheCacti

    And I'm sure it all depends on context

  94. 4TheCacti

    Wow. That's news to me. I mean, I always knew my boobs were small, but I've never been called a man before... lol

  95. Eliezer Pennywhistler

    No you aren't.

    Or you would know what the word means, how it is used, and what it represents.

  96. 4TheCacti

    Oh that's funny because I am a woman, and I don't find it offensive at all. And I'm pretty feminist.

  97. raisin22

    @MrRajamuttu fair enough!

  98. Eliezer Pennywhistler

    If you don't know, try calling a woman a "chick" to her face and see what happens.