Veil Of Maya - With Passion And Power Lyrics

This is a war
And attack on us all

We all let it slide as our
Morals burn in it's wake

We all fly
Until the day that it strikes you.
Leaves you broken inside
This is a war
And attack on us all
How could this be
Happening? We were like

I won't forget you,
Keep you with me [2x]

When the smoke clears
Our life's total appears

We will map everything,
Structure all of the Lines

When the smoke clears
Our life's total appears

You were a king to us all,
Gentle giant of the land

When you have life in
Your hands[2x]

Hold it tight
Grasp it with strong
Demand [2x]

Mount this earth and excel
With Passion and Power [2x].

Hold it tight
Grasp it with strong
Demand [2x]

When the smoke clears
Our life's total appears
We will map everything,
Structure all of the Lines
When the smoke clears
Our life's total appears
You were a king to us all,
Gentle giant of the land
How could this be
Happening? We were like
I won't forget you,
Keep you with me
When the smoke clears
Our life's total appears
We will map everything,
Structure all of the Lines
When the smoke clears
Our life's total appears
You were a king to us all,
Gentle giant of the land

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Veil Of Maya With Passion And Power Comments
  1. Alejandro Rocha

    0:38 "Gay you and me"

  2. For the ments

    2:13 this riff, it's a good riff.

  3. Winston Carter

    2019 my neeggas?

  4. Reddusk Ironsky

    Too bad this band is kinda dead to me. To me. As well as Betraying The Martyrs. These albums were my favorite for the whole year they came out and I still listen to some of the songs on each, but the bands changed style and members to a point that I dont like their newest shit at all. VoM's only song I like from their newer stuff is Follow Me. Betraying tho...none...


    Reddusk Ironsky Fucking hear you there, Brandon was one of the best.

  5. Thomas The Train

    That blast beat from 0:55 to 1:21 will always be the best I've ever heard.

  6. Dave Torres

    Their best album hands down

  7. DoubleD Productions

    What a farting cheese

  8. Convince us

    Woah!,was not prepared for this.
    Nicely done 🤘

  9. Patrick Willis

    could he be talking about losing your best friend?

  10. Brendan Byrnes

    1:47 makes me want to drop kick a door down

  11. Marcos Souza

    best song of the album \o/ \o/

  12. Dakiaty

    Fucking sick

  13. Firman Hardiansyah

    first time i hear this genre before lukas magyar

  14. DomSchu

    The drop at 1:32 gets me every time.

    Péter Bagosi

    same here :D awesome song !

  15. Shayne Medellin

    Verl erv Mayor

  16. Sam Cruncy

    2.14 eargasme

  17. Steven Fletcher

    My mom thinks this band is called veil of mayo



  18. osiris tomo

    best song. Very impresive

  19. Andy S

    Djent at its finest.

  20. Renzo Pérez

    Veil of Maya*-*, amo tú musica carajo<3 la amo demasiado alksjdalksjdlkasjdlkajsldkajsdlkjasdlakdjalksdjalkdjlaksjdklasjdlakjdklasjdlaksjdlkasdjalksjdalksd es recontra hiper high<3

  21. da bigboss

    classifications shouldn't change what you think about bands!!!!! so many sub-genre bands who cares just enjoy it

  22. Kristian Moore

    Veil Of Papaya 


    lol. I miss the red chord.

    Kristian Moore

    @boozefly I think their still together but they Ain't making new material because the singer became a police officer.

    Winston Carter

    Unfortunately I'm allergic to Pineapples my dude.

  23. Ian Jackson

    Best song on the album Imo.

  24. jacob watson

    Checking these guys out on a recommendation from a coworker. Thanks for putting this pl together!

  25. Matt M

    Good job guys you've proved that even veil listeners can be just as bitchy as the scene kids from the hardcore bands you bash about genre. Nobody comes for a genre they come because the music sounds good to them and if you do you're just as stupid as the kids that feel its important to advertise what genre they believe it is even when they're utterly wrong.

  26. Taykwuan Jackson

    @Jaayraaay in most cases including this one. These guys will come up with a specific pattern then repeat it. Once you remember the pattern piece by piece put it all together. Since the common listener doesn't know the pattern it sounds SUPER complicated. AKA… LISTEN AND PRACTICE DUDE lol

  27. amovement01

    At least 3 hours of metronome everyday during rehearsals

  28. Therukuss

    Yeah it's definitely one of the greatest ones <3

  29. John Doe

    Talent and practice.

  30. Jaayraaay

    how do they play this? its such a technical breakdown i dont see how they keep track in most of there songs 1:34

  31. jack dahnke

    Stop worrying what it is and just call it amazing. Okay? Okay.


    For real. worrying about what genre (or subgenre or microgenre or submicrogenre) ) something is doesn't do anything for anyone.

  33. IIllIIllII

    I hate to be that guy but can't we just call it metal? Like damn.

  34. SaturnineXTS

    Fuck Periphery. Tesseract is the shit as far as djent is concerned.

  35. Darko Photo

    Interviewed Marc yesterday and asked him if "Djent" was a genre. He said if you call your band "Djent" I wont be listening to you because you basically are saying that you rip off Periphery. Interesting.

  36. Aaronduhmoron

    I would call it something like Progressive Deathcore too...I was just making a point with that :P
    Honestly I still stand behind what I said, but I respect the mixed opinions.

  37. Aaronduhmoron

    Don't get me wrong here- I love Tosin Abasi, but only Frederick Thordendal gets to decide what Djent is, and he describes it as a sound/style.

  38. Deku_Hero

    Tosin Abasi , founder of Animals As Leaders , member of Born of Osiris and Tram , says : When there are some bands or musicians that make a kind of music it is a genre , so there are some bands that use Djent , and Djent is a OFFICIAL SubGenre of Progressive Metal. So , Sir :)


    S-H Entertainment Tosin isn't in Born of Osiris?

  39. kingplutoxiao1

    I know, but I made a point. Djent is a prog metal band that uses tone style toned guitars. Its funny when people say some bands are a djent band. Its like saying "We do UFC" when its MMA.

  40. Alex McT

    Chill out mate, i already know meshuggah, i can play a couple of songs on drums by them. but yeah, Veil of maya are great, let's just agree on that yeah?

  41. kingplutoxiao1

    Djent is NOT ITS OWN FUCKING GENRE. Djent literally is a tone/style of prog metal. it'd be like calling growling a genre. Veil of Maya is a Technical Death Metal/Deathcore(Or Technical Deathcore band whatever floats your boat) that uses the djent tone for their notes/rifts. Listen to the legendary Meshuggah(who should be their own genre)

    or Sixth(people forget about their importance as well)


    kingplutoxiao1 its a genre

  42. kingplutoxiao1

    Stop listening to music.

  43. cjjmonkey

    Its a good thing we are past the hardcore punk times because if I had to listen to that shit I would have never been influenced to listen to great metal bands like veil of maya.

  44. Alex McT

    In fact, djent has become its own genre as a result of the use of the certain palm muted guitar which makes the 'djent' sound. It may be called progressive metal, or experimental metal or whatever, but ultimately djent can cover a whole spectrum of genres... Also, I do not consider Veil of Maya as djent, although it is clear they do take influences from bands which are djent or progressive metal or whatever.

  45. kingplutoxiao1

    Hardcore Punk has influenced more than 70% of metal. If you think Hardcore Punk is wrong, stop liking metal enjoying it.

  46. cosmic ascension

    who the fuck cares? does it kick ass? I don't care if it's called djent or not!

  47. kingplutoxiao1

    No no no. PALM MUTED + SINGLE NOTED PLAYED. SLAMS are NOT PAM MUTED and AREN'T SINGLE NOTED. And if you don't think Deathore cam from Slam Death Metal, you need help. Its almost obvious. And i know its technical deathcore with DJENT RIFTS. And if you don't think 70% of metal was influenced from HARDCORE PUNK NOT POST-HARDCORE. Then you should stop listening to metal completely. Hardcore Punk was in the 70s. Deathcore is DEATH METAL WITH BREAKDOWNS. /watch?v=72BkII5Z9Cg <---- Slam is at 2:53

  48. Therukuss

    You're wrong in almost every department. There are plenty of breakdowns that use more then one note, and they aren't always palm muted. Also it's technical deathcore. Not whatever the fuck you said.

  49. kingplutoxiao1

    Yes it is. Djent is a prog style of tuning. Saying its a genre is retarded as hell.

  50. Ian Jackson

    no, no it's not you fucking tard.

  51. Ian Jackson

    you do have a point

  52. H4ze _

    Shut it Cap'tn Know-it-all.
    It's metal period. stop debating on the fucking genre and listen to what you like

  53. Dale Walser

    I like most metal regardless of genre, and these guys put on one fucking hell of a show.

  54. kingplutoxiao1

    No its not. Deathcore is basically a spin off of Slam Death Metal. its Death Metal, with Breakdowns. 70% of the metal genres take Hardcore Punk influence. Slams usually aren't single noted nor palm muted, breakdowns are ALWAYS palm muted and single noted.

  55. kingplutoxiao1

    Post-hardcore/Hardcore Punk, not just Hardcore.

  56. kingplutoxiao1

    Hardcore or Post-hardcore. Pick you're words wisely.

  57. kingplutoxiao1

    THANK YOU! Djent is just a toning. Its like calling growling a genre lmao.

  58. Superschlafanzug

    We are all normal dudes here, no need to talk in fancy words to make you seem smarter.
    But yes, i got your point, but most of us just say this jokingly.

  59. Superschlafanzug

    "Gangsta" Rap?

  60. gonephishing


  61. cjjmonkey

    hardcore is a bad music genre.

  62. cjjmonkey

    I didnt go to a hardcore concert. They were shitty local bands. I went to see the good bands like veil of maya. I went to summer slaughter NJ 2012.

  63. Young Money

    I'm not saying they're similar, I'm just saying that's where the name came from.

    Even if the name doesn't make sense, it seems to fit.

  64. SaturnineXTS

    Only that in practice it's basically death metal with more syncopated riffs and excess breakdowns, none of which curiously are found in either death metal or hardcore punk. That's why I've always wondered why this style of playing is called deathcore in teh first place.

  65. Young Money

    No but when you put "core" at the end of a metal genre it stands for hardcore punk, not metalcore. Metalcore itself is a mix of metal and hardcore punk.

    Deathcore bears little resemblance to hardcore punk as the "core" sort of just means energetic + harsh vocal when used as a suffix

  66. Young Money

    okay this is lots of wrong
    deathcore fuses elements of death metal and *hardcore punk
    so it's in some ways a subgenre of hardcore
    learn ur shit sun

  67. Captain Pseudonym

    The use of the word djent is slowly being morphed into another sub-genre. That's the evolution of language lol. I'm not gonna say it's a genre yet, but people are going to turn it into one eventually

  68. DreastChamble

    2:14 ~ nice core

  69. Djesssiee

    if you think its gay, why did you go to a hardcore concert in the first place?

  70. Travis Bickle

    2:13 is gonna play when I throw on my tighty whities and red cape, ready to save the world from the mind boggling black hole bound to eat our asses in about 2 weeks.

  71. Aaronduhmoron

    LOL I'm sick of seeing people say "Djent is a genre". It's NOT a genre. The genre is progressive metal. Djent is simply the sound heard with the use of noise gates/compression/palm muting of the guitar.

  72. gonephishing

    How could this be happening? we were like BURGERS!?

  73. cjjmonkey

    Went to hardcore concert and they got boo'ed off stage. You can sound intelligent and argue with me on youtube all you want. That is just my opinion on your comment, "What is wrong wit hhardcore?"

  74. Ariel Isaac

    The best band Sumerian Records signed <3

  75. TheBleedingFace

    Worst troll ever.

  76. sorasorasora0

    Reminds me of Fall Out Boy.

  77. Cloud Strife

    BOTDF <3~

  78. MattLitzan

    the way i see it, its fucking metal. stfu about sub genres. respect there music no matter what at least therekeeping metal alive. some just do it better than others.

  79. Luan Morais

    2:11 this is so beautiful. i want to cry

  80. Arkham.Knight52

    This is why people end up hating genres, because when someone mistakenly confuse one for another, automatically they get bashed and hated on. its kids like this that makes music more of a popularity contest about what bands you like rather than just appreciating the music you like solely for the fact that you like it.

  81. Arkham.Knight52

    yeah but rap has unique qualities unto itself that makes it a genre, what you call 'djent' doesn't. all anyone ever says "It's played on baritone instruments, and uses awkward time signatures". sounds like metal/prog-metal to me. A lot of what you call djent is probably closer to metalcore or deathcore, with the exception of a few bands. the logic i hear the most is "their guitars go djent, it's a genre."

  82. Daniel Segura

    You're an idiot. Look it up cause I'm not even going to bother explaining to you.

  83. jake lyons

    djent is a genre dumbass.

  84. Daniel Segura

    Haha you go to some childish shit cause you can't prove anything. I'm not going to listen some dumbass kid on youtube that doesn't even know the music he's listening too lol. Get your mind straight and grow up, dipshit.

  85. Sellotape

    You just called yourself a tard. Stop talking.

  86. Daniel Segura

    Im the tard lol and you're a douchebag. I get your point as it doesn't take much thought to comprehend, but you don't seem to get MY point. Just cause they invented the tone doesn't mean they turned into a genre of music as well. It's just progressive music, but idiots like you don't seem to understand.

  87. Sellotape

    Nice one. You completely missed the point, you tard. Don't get mad brah.

  88. Daniel Segura

    You just said it, RAP is a genre, not DJENT. Meshuggah invented to the tone waaay back before dumbass youtube kids couldn't figure out what to call progressive music that had something to do with metalcore or a breakdown.

  89. Sellotape

    Rap is a vocal style. Rap is also a genre. Where is your God now?

  90. Daniel Segura

    Djent isn't a genre, "sigh" It's a fucking guitar tone..why can't anybody younger than the age of 18-19 get this right?

  91. Harrison

    DJENT ISN'T A FUCKING GENRE OF MUSIC! Don't bash Attack Attack either dude! Let's all just fucking call it metal.

  92. DOTHOH

    Fuck Emo Shit It All About Metal!

  93. pounds85

    veil of maya is metal. simple as that.

  94. Gerardo Lozano

    Veil of maya is deathcore

  95. Mike Kopplin

    To be exact, Progressive Metalcore. Not simple Metalcore. But does ot matter?

    Thanks for your attention.

  96. noaadude

    Go listen to Gallows for a good hardcore band

  97. teamSKDM

    hardcore is lionheart, and thick as blood, you tard. most people who hate hardcore dont even know what it is. attacks attack is scenekid post fake hardcore.