Veil Of Maya - Vicious Circles Lyrics

Messenger, when have you seen my face?
I will become - become like the wind
A tyrant in disguise
A muse upon our eyes

A rare extermination, no stop to extinction

When have you seen my face?
I will reform - reform like the storm
No stop to my spreading
Unarmed die around me

Enter vicious circles
Feel it close upon you
You feel it consume us all us
Our honor is out the window for tonight
Choke on leverage
You feel it consume us all us
Our honor is out the window for tonight for tonight for tonight
When have you seen my face?
I will become, become like the stone
So strong to my standings
My skin cold and lonely

Feelings will mean nothing
I laugh at their coming

I'd taunt what they'd die for [2x]

When you find yourself in that room not alone, you are surrounded

You will collide with your thoughts
Brand yourself a natural inside you know it [2x]

No one will save you today (save you today)
This is a fight for your pride [2x]

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Veil Of Maya Vicious Circles Comments
  1. Devon Boes

    I miss the old VoM

  2. Kris Owens

    M E S S E N G E R

  3. ColdFireSamurai

    2:19 best part

  4. Eliran Sabag

    Still a new song for me after 5 years

  5. k par

    And this song is new still. Good memories of listening to this in 2012 while my mom drove to stop and shop. R.I.P. (old VOM) you will be remembered btw if nobody knowns, Bradon (Old Vom vocalist) ♪0-00-0-0-0-0-000-0♪is in another band called origin or something like that, can't remember.


    k par the old Vocalist had horrible vocals

    Joshua Morgan

    Northlane has Brandon.

  6. Steven Bacakos

    best song on the album tbh it's the only song I really listen from this album

  7. Angelo Ambrosio


    Feels Amazing Man

    still new


    Dont use Twitch cringe outside of Twitch.

  8. Shapeless_Abomination

    The riff that starts at like 1:42 gives me pure chills. That part is so fucking GOOD. I love the vocals over that part too.


    +Dylan Rose Totally agree, it's very melodic.


    same bro, pure fucking magic

    Stock Market George

    makes me want to 2 step

  9. Maximalus

    such a classic :)

  10. Yvelle Zom

    This song is just a roller coaster of emotions.

  11. Pinkha Gaming

    bulshit music :/ is that art ?


    @KADHIM DZ Ever heard about opinions? I personaly don't like it that much either but I wouldn't call it bullshit. Ofc when you never heard this kind of music before it's a little bit extreme but not as extreme as Black or Deathmetal :)

    Pinkha Gaming

    Sorry If I mad a problem 


    I'll admit the screamer in this song sucks balls but the guitar is amazing in my opinion.


    +A Fancy Notebook .......His vocals are fuckin awesome. You can't honestly tell me he's not good. that's fucking ridiculous. His vocals over that whole part that starts at 1:42 are amazing.


    @Dylan Rose nope I don't like it at all

  12. Fitz Alvin

    Vicious Circles = Vagina???



  13. LoW WoW

    page is not lost

  14. ulises gonzalez

    1:45 omg ambient as fuck and melodic 3 I love veil of maya


    +ulises gonzalez My absolute favourite part. So fucking good.

  15. Sphelpsx

    2:40 this is why i love veil of maya

  16. Sir Kensworth XIV

    very good.

    Sir Kensworth XIV

    its vicious. :p

    Torque Bow

    +Kenny Krucify did you reply to your own comment

  17. Anthony Fiorella

    2:40 is just one of those things youre better off listening to... because if you attempt to learn it, your wall will surely suffer

    James Ashe - Bigeau

    Yeah the open string chug is harder than the opening riff, surely.

    Sahil Vaidya

    Yes, terrific breakdown! Btw does anybody know the meaning of this song? I'm really curious. 

    Austin Martin

    the pattern is
    3 4 4 3 4 4 3 (2:40 - 2:43)
    4 4 3 4 4 3 4 4 3 4 4 3 4 7 4 3 4 4 3 4 4 3 4 4 3 [3 3] (2:43 - 2:55)
    4 4 3 4 4 3 4 4 3 4 4 3 4 7 4 3 4 4 3 4 4 3 4 4 3 3 3 (2:55 - 3:07)
    happy chugging guys :)


    @arrestedshrimp its not really a polyrythm 

    Jack Heet

    @Aura Official yeah it is. Its an 14/16 aka 7/8 phrase repeating for 4 measures in the time sig of 4/4.

  18. XMageOfMetalX

    can someone tell me what this song is talking about?

    Sahil Vaidya

    Even I'm super curious. Someone help please!

    Torque Bow

    The song is literally about vagina. Not lying.

  19. tvogt15

    this is a wise man

  20. Thy Holy Circle

    Well, we have a different opinion about the meaning of ''maturity'' cause I listened to hard rock and now I just listen to this wonderful subgenre and of course another genres.

  21. bigboy1295

    wait... how did the record label that the band is fucking signed to get the lyrics wrong??? too much coke i guess..


    Since when is hard rock more "mature" than metal? I never understood why society labels metal as immature when it takes actual skill to play and has a meaning to it.

    Winston Carter

    Fucking exactly dude

  23. Niran Mistry

    2:40 DAYUMM

  24. john yacullo

    this is my alarm clock haha

  25. Tyron Tention

    It has nothing to do with maturity at all. These bands don't just write music for kids. People of all ages enjoy metal and even its sub-genres. There are people that say they've grown out of what you listen to now, so maturity is definitely out of the picture. You can keep it at just liking other music.

  26. Tyron Tention

    Best alarm clock ever.

  27. castlevaniamaniac

    Best ringtone ever.

  28. oddball21


    -Peter Griffin

  29. Jason Bauch

    morc okuba pls

  30. Steve Drums

    love of FUCKING SHIT UP

  31. justin harris

    VoM is too good to not listen to.

  32. justin harris

    Why did you "used" to listen, why did you quit?

  33. TheBr0seph

    I can't believe it's not butter.

  34. Joe Waters

    No such thing as too brutal ;) least there's no gay clean vocals here!

  35. Alex Spiegel

    Well, whatever, I guess. In my opinion you're missin' out, but to each his own dude.

  36. Guy Dion

    Eh, got more mature and started listening to better music (in my opinion) I simply stopped liking this kind of music, now I listen more to Hard rock, alternative, etc. Not much of anything revolving around the "core" genre's or even Metal is general

  37. Alex Spiegel

    Why did you stop...?

  38. Guy Dion

    Jesus, I can't believe I used to listen to this shit

  39. Alan X Díaz

    Yeah, Amazing!

    -Saul & Jesus Art Company.

  40. Anthony Fiorella

    replay button... prepare your anus!

  41. Ryan Kober


  42. Jared Costello

    this style of metal is not brutal at all fragments of unbecoming, at the gates, morbid angel, cannibal corpse now thats brutal shit listen to diacide i think thats how you spell it listen to them a couple of times and my face melted off , true brutality to the max.

    Philip Studer

    well, that´s just like your opinion, man

    Redline RR

    These band members have more talent in one finger than any of those band members combined lmfao, any weeb can be br00t4l

  43. Jimmy Russels

    Yet you're still here...............

  44. Andrew Stuart Brown

    Dude, the comment you're responding to is six months old.

  45. Walker Corley

    This song reminds me of bears riding unicycles in Russian circuses.

  46. bradyistruebusiness

    *Dies laughing*

  47. WeAreWeaponized

    Yeah, and your point is? It sounds fucking fantastic, and that's all that matters.

  48. BeGoodeJohnny

    just normal relationships between chords and their functions...

  49. Jimmy Russels

    gtfo, you're the laughing stock of this thread. Don't you think that means something? Save the embarrassment and fuck off.

    >I've listened to more brutal music than you'll ever hear.


  50. Truth

    lmao, athenas nipple tassles

  51. WeAreWeaponized

    It's been over a damned year, and I still get goosebumps whenever that comes up.

  52. Thy Holy Circle

    ¡So Fucking Brutal!

  53. K ND

    savior tittays!

  54. Travis Benedict

    Pretty sure you said something about them only catering to 14 year olds? That's more insulting than critical. I don't know exactly what you said because it's been removed. Also, calm down man. If you're that pissed over YouTube comments maybe YOU should go jerk it for a while. For someone who's trying desperately to appear smart, you'd think you'd insult me based on information you had. You're trying to insult me like a 13 year old girl.

  55. Travis Benedict

    Well, if you really think they're awesome, why insult them?

  56. StavrosMarinos

    Fucking Inspirational Brutality!

  57. Andrew Stuart Brown

    Nice of you.

  58. Elegist

    *claps* Excellent comment, good sir.

  59. GetFuckingAngry

    the vocals are fucking horrible

  60. Andrew Stuart Brown

    I'll be serious for once. Although I can't honestly call myself a metal fan, there's some guitar work and general musicianship that's just amazing. As for my comments, I guess I'm just curious about how some people respond to criticism. If you know that what you like is good, be confident. Laugh off criticism. Rage isn't power. It's anti-art and anti-thought. Mr. Okuba and VOM are awesome, as are hundreds of other artists in other styles. Music is intellect plus love.

  61. taylor eke

    There were no 14 year olds at the concert I went to.

  62. CardboardWallet

    Sooooo gooooooooooood

  63. Travis Benedict

    I can't tell if I like your comments or your picture more. They're both too awesome.

  64. Travis Benedict

    If you honestly sincerely don't like it, just go to a different video and enjoy the music you personally enjoy. Because frankly, most of the people here came here because they DO like this song. What kind of response do you expect you're going to get when you insult the music that everyone came here to listen to? This is why people are insulting you. Because you're fucking stupid. If you want to know why you're a fucking moron, re-read the top part of my comment.

  65. Rick Thatcher

    and that is why Sweden freaking owns.


    This band is not from Sweden. Sweden is famous for melodeath, not metalcore.

  66. Jonathan Oren

    comment deleted.. AAAAAAARGGGGGGGGGG

  67. Magnus P

    You're part of the prevention. Who cares if it stays extreme or not? If it's good, it's good. It isn't better because it's lesser accepted. If more people accept and like the style, there will be more of it, and new approaches to it.

    "So, no offense, but "accept" a vocal style catering to American fourteen-year-olds? Probably not." That is a direct quote from a previous comment by you in reply to BrownBreadGames. So evidently you did say it.

  68. Chin

    as soon as I hear the opening a small smile starts playing on my lips, VOM please don't ever stop making music

  69. XMageOfMetalX

    Can someone tell me what this song is talking about?

  70. Jérémie Henneuse

    I whant to fucking buy a icecream truck and play this song.. deathcore icecream guy o.O

  71. drewloveschainsaws

    This is fucking flawlessly beautiful.

  72. FullAlcMetalist

    I need those eyes!

  73. Chairs

    Comment removed
    Author withheld
    BrownBreadGames in reply to Andrew Stuart Brown 2 months ago

  74. riversendbaccy

    Veganjediknight that is the good shit right there man. Aesop, eyedea&abilities, gang Starr, lootpack, slugs, murs, brother Ali, grandmaster melle Mel... That's my shit man. Sooooo good

  75. Chairs

    Comes on a metal video and complains it's too brutal.

    Isn't it past your bed time grandpa?

  76. sheedrock1

    Why am I shedding tears?? This song is amazing

  77. xTsukeo

    So you try to find any talent instead of enjoying the song? A song may be made VERY easily but still be awesome to listen to.

  78. xTsukeo

    Dubstep is HARD to compose, it may not seem so, but the best dubstep is carefully put together. And rap MAY be good, but not the stuff they send on the radio. btw, Veil of Maya. <3

  79. Alex Monro

    Listen to untrue by burial

  80. Tyler Cross

    Don't be silly, MTV doesn't play music these days :P

  81. Jacob Miller

    i love this sound lol

  82. NH505

    Amen Brother. Amen.

  83. 1PooNGooN3

    2:47 save your titties

  84. TheExemptNetwork

    Sumerian is the shit.

  85. Kittens meyn

    I know what you mean.

  86. biqgi

    YOu dont listened to REAL hip-hop back then i guess....
    I admit that most of this mainstream chart hip-hop/rap stuff does not transport any message to me either than having much money , bitches and swaaag....
    But look at those classics like NYs mobb deep and so on , they had something to tell you....

  87. bloodline862

    Old school rap has meaning. Today's rap sounds like shit. No offense.

  88. theNickTZ

    true man xD

  89. Melancholia

    I'm liking the comments on this video. Everyone's real chill.

  90. Brucey Boii

    dude I know what you mean, lol JUst keeping trying.

  91. alex shea

    Tell me this isn't the discovery.

  92. InsideTheBong

    ^ these guys get it.

  93. Aeolian

    Not saying 14 year old americans cant listen to this lol. i said "the only people who appreciate bands like this are musicians", no one is too young to be a musician, and my bad I should have said in general. Don't feel offended, ad I understand what you mean. keep working for those goals man :)

  94. Magnus P

    Growling and screaming, for American 14-year-olds? I'm 18 years old and from Sweden, I have two brothers by the age of 25 and 28, and a father by the age of 56, we all love this vocal style. My father who spent his entire life listening to classical music, Beatles, Queen, Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, Al Jarreau and so on thinks that growling and the technicality of metal is a revolutionary thing for music. Stop being close-minded and learn to accept new things, or be part of the problem.

  95. jack dahnke

    I feel very insulted by this comment, being an American 14 year old. I personally love this type of music. I play guitar, and while I can't play anything nearly this technical, it still gives me something to strive for.

  96. Guanabana Records

    Rock and metal changed the music and the world. That is a scientific fact