Veil Of Maya - Unbreakable Lyrics

I hear them calling,
the damned are calling
From this hell on earth

Their voices flooding my ears,
I hear them calling
Their voices flooding my ears,
From this hell on earth

I sit back watching above,
sacrifice would mean relief from these times

We all hold the power to trust and have faith in ourselves [3x]

But just like a coward we flee from our hearts
Now is the time to believe in yourself
Have no fear how others think of you or will judge you
For your greatness will silence them all

Unbreakable [2x]

Now is the time to believe
Now is the time to believe in yourself
Now is the time together
Now is the time to believe (unbreakable)
Now is the time together
Now is the time to believe (immortal)

I sit back watching above,
sacrifice would mean relief

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Veil Of Maya Unbreakable Comments
  1. Antriksh Tawra

    This song is a masterpiece. A decade is almost about to go but no song can be compared to this. I feel it's an ART. Specially the section at 1:01.

  2. JohnM


  3. Dat Boi JRock

    God I miss VoM so much.. RIP guys

  4. OmegaNeofelis

    When veil had some actually relevancy in the metal scene. Good ole days.

  5. KompositionB

    Still to this date some of the most exquisite wizardry ive ever heard. From all members this song is a profound masterpiece along with many others veil has bestowed upon this earth.

  6. Alex Martin

    Starting off 2020 with this. God damn it fuckin wrecks.

  7. Richard Dantz

    Changed my age perception of what 1 guitars could. So sick.

  8. robertg305

    Ahh such a glorious song

  9. Nicolas MT

    He tries hard, the vocalist is not good.

  10. Immafukinhaterr

    To this day, such a timeless song, such a unique sounds they had.
    I miss this VoM, take me back.

  11. CHIraqMVP1

    this goes hard except for the annoying ass guitar parts in random spots

  12. ReaderMind Sense


  13. Google Hater

    These guys are kinda gay, but the music is dope. Good game.

  14. Rance Shepstone

    Love the old Veil of Maya. Saw them back when they were touring Common Man's Collapse.

  15. Alec Williams

    This is where the my love of this band started. Right. Fucking. Here. 😈 TY for the bad ass show in Nashville w/ Aaron Marshall (Intervals).

  16. MrMisterDerp

    Holy shit, hard to believe I saw them before this even came out

  17. Cough Symcox

    1:38 Slipknot vibes.

  18. Коля Калыч

    Members only заебись 🔥💀: )

  19. Miroslav Dočkal

    I miss this kind of aproach of full rich riffs these days, am i getting old? 🤣Im only 41!!!

  20. Jesse Lavon

    At one point in time this was the DEFINITIVE Deathcore band. It's a shame they went softer but at least they waited til the fourth album. They hold a special place in my heart. Got me through some hard shit in high school!!

  21. LaVonta’ Lee

    Love the old deathcore Veil Of Maya so much! ❤️❤️❤️

  22. Murder HeWrote

    Did this front man go to another band.

  23. Quentin Bohannon

    I nerver really know who they were till someone totally told me to listen to them lol but their decent enough.

  24. Deadidolizedpoet

    STILL HERE 2019!!!

  25. Naki Value

    Horrible breakdown

    Jose Rafael Bermudez

    Lets see you write a better one

    Naki Value

    Jose Rafael Bermudez *stupid comment* can’t dont know how too either way it’s shit

    Christopher Cunningham

    @Naki Value you're a fucking idiot

    Naki Value

    Christopher Cunningham you too bud

  26. MeltedMind

    The end breakdown sounds so fucking BRUTAL as FUCK played in .75 speed. I mean just ignore the slight digital sound.

  27. Alexis Rivas

    who's in 2019

    Large scrotum

    2020 simple earthling

  28. J C T

    I really like this song, but this video is CRINGEY!

  29. Capronic2 Dethroned

    Mind kontrol at it's finest

  30. KineticGTR

    Steven Crowder is that you??

  31. The Crow

    2019 anyone?

  32. Xenofob

    This is djently deathcore

  33. Master Vader

    So these guys couldn't afford to get a bass player?

  34. CS Rotten

    Like si te parecio ver a JuegaGerman cantando esta excelente cancion 😅

  35. Bill Quarter

    Which sucks.more..the acrual.vocalist or the type of.screams

  36. Jakey Forgo

    Oh yeah this was when they were good

  37. Zack Hinson

    From 2:41 til the end put on 0.75x playback speed, Thank me later

  38. Devon Boes

    Still the best guitarist his ability to write riffs loop them and write a completely solid lead over it is incredible. Shit gets groovy 🤙

  39. Dylan Taylor

    I was just watching the "overthrow" video. Went from there directly to this one. I gotta say, overthrow is a great song but not the unique sound i became a fan of. So this singer is a little rough around the edges. It's part of what made this band so sick. Not taking anything from the other dude. Fucking way good. I really don't know anything about the bassist. But the dude in the overthrow video was fucking crazy good. Flawless. IDK... Lately I've been listening to just instrumental metal like vitalism, and fractalize, shit like that because not only does vocals have to be musicly good but they also have to say shit you wanna hear. Not an easy task. So as far as hitting notes I guess the other dude, but this dude is a better writer hands down. I started to listen to another new song and dudes singing sounded a bit "winey"≤===I don't know how to properly spell that word. Wow I need better shit to do with my time than this😱👈

  40. Андрей Орлов


  41. Andy Venual

  42. Maykol breikol xd

    Pocos conoceran esta banda

  43. Charlie Osorio

    una de mis rolas favoritas

  44. thenumbersixlookslikeyou

    This is before Mikasa damn

  45. Osman Ozgene

    the breakdown which i want to sacrifice my child. (ofc in my balls)

  46. iyan naitsab

    Gatot Kaca

  47. Reggie parris

    Message is deep

  48. Leandro Alvarez

    Nice bass player

  49. Infinita Abysso

    That typewriter was the real instrument here.

  50. Grime WestBrooke

    The REAL Veil Of Maya before Mark started acting gay and the band added "Clean" vocals AKA WHINEY WHO CRAP

  51. Normie Peasant

    Still one of the best death metal songs out there.

  52. Vigilance

    Violet Evergarden: Metal Edition.

  53. Vishnu Prasad

    വളരെ നല്ലൊരു ....

  54. Michael Ellis

    ugh this band went so downhill I miss these days

  55. Relentless Ohio

    This album is shit compared to Common Mans. Dark Passenger is good but other than that Ill pass.

  56. scotty smith

    This whole album brings the sex.



  58. Jonah Valdez

    2018 and this song still fucking amazing

  59. CanadianCombatWombat

    This song is very nice :)

  60. Osman Ozgene

    the moment when she close the oven's door XD

  61. Matthew Sehon

    apparently they WERE breakable because we don't see this from veil anymore

  62. Disturber93

    This is 10000000000000000000000000 times better than this new shit they called mikasa

  63. Metafonics

    Was anyone else hoping that the oven would explode on that last breakdown? Visuals would've been epic \m/

  64. Lukeras25

    Caralho que nostalgia deu agora

  65. D the Nihilist

    Breakdown so nasty

  66. Punnch 96K

    This is really impressive according to 2010 standards, can't believe this is 7 years old ! Damn, production is dang !!

  67. The Be All End All Abstract The Arbitrary Avatar

    When was Steveterreberry in this video?

  68. Andres Mora J

    The riff is like salsa music combined with metal core. I love it!

  69. Antriksh Tawra

    Doublespeak? Overthrow? Whistleblower? Nope I still prefer
    This was the time when no band sounded like VOM & It was unique.

  70. Conor Richardson

    i hate that guy on the type writer, proper over acts.

  71. roy sniekers

    You got djent?

  72. Zac Redington

    Okay what the fuck.
    I've listened to Veil since Eclipse, through Matriarch, and now False Idol.
    I got so sick of hearing babies whine about missing the "old" Veil that i decided I had to come and check it out.

    This is fucking terrible.
    If you can listen to every song on False Idol and then still have the gall to say that this is better than any of it, you're sick in the head.

    Matriarch was an understandably jarring change of style, I get that. But the fact that these people are now still complaining about False Idol fucking baffles me. False Idol is like old Veil if old Veil was good. This vocalist sounds like a dying cat/puppy. The music is rhythmically interesting, but that's about it.

    If you loved Eclipse but hated Matriarch, I IMPLORE you take an objective look at False Idol. It's nowhere near as pop-oriented.


    You're so wrong dude. You should listen to their whole discography, every album is awesome. The Common Man's Collapse may please you, especially because you're a guitarist

    Zac Redington

    Alexandre Lessa
    I’ve since listened to all of Veil’s old stuff, and I can appreciate the guitar side of things, but I just can’t stomach the vocals. Which I find especially bizarre considering I love Eclipse.
    Re-reading my original comment now I don’t know why I got so pissy about it, guess I was having a shit day or something, but my opinion still *more or less* stands.

    Zac Redington

    I’ve recently come back to the first 2 albums and have had a massive change of heart. I think the feelings in my original comment were sparked by people bashing False Idol for no good reason. I was pissed off and pre-loaded with negative feelings coming into the older stuff.
    Both of these albums are literally like if old BMTH was more technical, and I was fucking raised on Edge Of Your Seat and Count Your Blessings, and love technicality. I’ve had Common Man’s and id on repeat for a couple of weeks now, and I, with full humility and regret for my anger, retract my previous statements.
    Veil is sick no matter the timeframe 🤟🏻

  73. Cameron Pangborn

    This shit is awful compared to their new stuff. Sounds like the dude is puking the whole song.

  74. CastratedBeaver

    How does everyone miss this guy? High ends are grainy and his lows are still just ok at best.

  75. Rogue Floppers

    if only we could have this quality of writing along with their newer style

  76. Insert Name here

    Veil Of Maya is like crack you just get addicted to it

  77. Cody Fine

    So glad I saw them like 4 times before their new vocalist joined.

  78. Twisted Faces

    if you listen to the drum beats closely you can hear how it progresses i love it such great work

  79. DeathSpellXVI

    Fucking awful

  80. Nightchair Records

    The ending breakdown is the heaviest breakdown of all time


    the breakdown at the end haha love there breakdowns

  82. ken buck

    used to jam to this in high school and few yrs back brings back some memories on some dark days.

  83. galih pratama

    Veil of Maya - How to make a brain

  84. A Anddone

    lol (at the end) Ze baked/roasted brain is served!

  85. Mafia 305

    lol nice song

  86. Schrodinger's Cat

    does anybody find it kind of funny that Taylor Swift listens to this?

  87. О Ол

    one of the most powerful compositions from the VoM

  88. О Ол

    We all ve got the power to trust and have faith in ourselvesbut just like a coward we flee away from our hearts

  89. ZeugmaPowa

    I usually find deathcore pretty generic, but I really like this song. Is the rest of their music of the same style ?

  90. DMP D

    this song is very fucking exiciting !!!!!!!

  91. J.M.

    To this day I still miss the old Veil of Maya. This album and the previous album before this were big staples in my late teenage years. They truly created unparalleled sounds.

  92. D F

    as if 7 years has passed since this was released...