Veil Of Maya - The Highler Lyrics

I have come to bear the worlds burden
A selfish unholy command
Calling towards the stars, an essential flow of blood
So they've come to take our pride
We will overcome their lie [2x]

I will stand and fight
Grazing the pastures of the restless ones [2x]

They command dominance in all, a force to obey
My brain unravels at my feet
Spilling what I know in defeat
My unconscious try is failing
Our existence in the fold
Demanding focus the internal message repeats
A mask to a septic being
(a mask, a mask)
Calling towards the stars, essential flow of blood
Calling towards the stars, Essential to us all

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Veil Of Maya The Highler Comments
  1. Winston Carter

    I think it's safe to say Marc is addicted to arpeggios lol 😂

  2. Calvin MacDonald

    What is a higler

  3. Devon Boes

    Polyrhythms are fucking incredible in this song

  4. Massimo D'Ambrogio

    2:08 this reminds me Diablo OST

  5. johns Manville

    My volume maxed out by :50 everytime

  6. C M

    these guys were really wearing their prog death metal influence on their sleeves with this song.

  7. Ricardo Aguilar

    Fucking badass lyrics, I love them here

  8. HNTR

    4 1 4 1 13 1 4 14 2 3 13 1 44 32 1 43 21 4 3 32 143 214 the numbers mason what do they mean?!

  9. Daedal Dumb

    2018 baby, this album has H E F T


    Almost 2020, album still fucking rips

  10. Caleb Nunes

    Veil of Maya.....why did you change from this sound :(. Your first 3 albums are true testaments to who you are as a band


    This is probably the best composition, but False Idol is amazing.

  11. Raktim Kashyap Deka

    Vocalist sounds like unhallowed era Trevor Strnad

  12. swingonthespiral

    Guitar work in this reminds me of Brent Hinds on the leviathan album but djenty

  13. cole schram

    Got to be one of the best songs ever made

  14. Davide Antinarella

    2:05 it reminds me Rayman2

  15. Hachem San

    Da fuck is that ! With my respect,I can't understand what do you like about that ?!

    Hachem San

    a friend mentioned that this is his favorite song

    Epic Rainbow

    Your friend has great taste

  16. vampevilj

    in memory when veil was great. Eclipse was meh and Matriarch just fuckin blows.


    for fucks sake you child. Shut the fuck up and move on


    matriarch is a really beautiful album imo lol just not always heavy

  17. Kris Collins

    that footwork

  18. nobody

    My ears was fucked <3

  19. Leonardo David Santos Ramos

    yeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssss   ROCKKKK HARD  ImI

  20. DannyDevious

    ugghhhhhh that riffage at 1:40 makes me cream

    Mathieu auclair

    so true!


    ah its so hottttttt

  21. Antonio Barrasso

    veil of maya don' t play this song live?? 


    Antonio Barrasso They can't. It's too difficult for them.


    Sethuna how is it to difficult for them to play it when they were the ones who made it?


    DON'T PUSH ME I’m guessing that some songs take too much stamina to add to the setlist. For example, I haven’t seen Echo Chamber on a setlist either. It’s probably why Marc things the newer songs are more fun to play. Humans have limits and technique can’t help some things, like a lot of Marc’s riffs are taxing.

  22. Kevin Benoit

    How does this have 7 dislikes? I bet they're 4/4 elitists. Go back to Lil Wayne if you can't handle a little syncopation and polyrhythm.

    Brendan Cosgrove

    The majority of VoM's music is in 4/4... Also I really don't think there is such a thing as a 4/4 elitist, only people who are unaware of the concept of time signature entirely

    Kevin Benoit

    @Brendan Cosgrove You do have a point lol I forgot that most of VoM's music is in 4/4. And silly me, to think that any Lil Wayne fan would know what 4/4 means is laughable.


    @Kevin Benoit  My dad once asked if 4/4 meant the key of C...


    +Kevin Benoit wheres the polyrythm in this song?? lol



    There's a dotted quarter ostinato on the drums (ride cymbal against snare) around 1:40 or so. Standard 2 against 3. They do that a bunch on this album, like on resistance he smacks the crash as a dotted pulse (2 3's) over the d beat (3 2's) on the kick n snare, right before it goes into a 5 over 4 feel.... all while tastefully holding it down in 6/4, fucking love these guys. When I first heard this band it was just all awesome heartfelt metal, and this album is a masterpiece because there was always some new detail popping out of the woodwork with each re-listen.

    Although there's none of those awesome polymetered syncopation grooves this album is famous for in this track.

  23. Minton Branham

    Something about that dry blast beat at the beginning coupled with that riff is just so badass

  24. Tree Tape

    The intro sounds like that one song on runescape haha
    Really good album though

  25. Niran Mistry

    all three records are amazing . (id) is slightly better than the rest....just for sheer ingenuity

  26. Tyron Tention

    an EP I heard

  27. Tyron Tention

    A person who carries and sells door to door.

  28. BlackValor93

    such a hard choice, i think i'd have to go with ID since ive learned so many songs off the album. but eclipse and the common man's collapse are both really great too.

  29. Luke Zuniga


  30. Luke Zuniga

    I haven't heard, but Eclipsed is my favorite album

  31. BlackValor93

    agreed. i love VoM's riffs, definitely been one of my top favorite bands ever since i heard of them and am always looking forward to the next album. i think marc said they have one coming out later this year right?

  32. Luke Zuniga

    Maybe it's just me having a really shitty memory, but I don't know---either way, his riffs are very well written

  33. BlackValor93

    9 times out of 10? yeah, dunno where your coming up with that.. have you ever written a song? it just doesnt make sense to do drums first... drums are supposed to keep rhythm for the rest of the band (i know its more complicated then that) but their supposed to keep everyone in time and playing together, thats why drummers practice to a metronome.

  34. BlackValor93

    that just doesnt make sense to me at all. is it explained in the interview as to why? surely not all their songs are written drums first. i mean, ive watched interviews where marc talks about thinking of guitar ideas and goes to record them on his computer, so naturally i would think drums would be next...

  35. Luke Zuniga

    He's right. Watch one of various Marc interviews.

  36. Alex Lou

    It's a Mowgli.

  37. BlackValor93

    i can see what that other dude meant though. i'm pretty sure most people couldn't play this song within just a year of playing guitar unless they practiced ALOT

  38. BlackValor93

    haha, your joking right?? have you ever tried writting a song before? seriously every band i can think of writes guitar first, then drums. so i dont know where you got that idea from

  39. FutureSequence

    Posers are not capable of comprehending music that is not 0-0-0 the whole song

  40. Owen Hoover

    im pretty positive marc writes the riffs first and then sam writes drums to go with them dude. but they do collaborate more when writing the breakdowns.

  41. Tyler Goodwin

    Obviously I know that. But 9 times out of 10 the guitar writes to follow the drums. Or they write together.

  42. raiderlaw4

    There is a difference in the process of writing and recording.

  43. Mavros Provatos

    not necessarily

  44. Tyler Goodwin

    You realize you track drums first right? Then guitar writes on top of it.

  45. Raymond Picillo

    Please check out my higler vocal cover getting a mic soon tell me what you think!

  46. thrshr2112

    I love that empty, hollow kind of guitar tone he has, it really adds to the atmosphere of the song.

  47. Justin White

    the drummer is amazing. he writes amazingly to those riffs

  48. Jordan Vargas

    I agree. Once you get the feel for it it's really not that hard.

  49. Killnumb

    this song is amazingly difficult to learn omfg

  50. Vault Boi

    Actually I didn't "no life" this practiced it like a normal person for a reasonable amount of time, I practiced sweeping with arpegios and still do.

  51. FujitoraTheGreat

    Just because you no-lifed it doesnt mean that everyone else will too.

  52. Steven Beest

    my friend had a bong named the higler. the cops took it and it made me :(

    Matt M

    Sad Stephan

  53. Vault Boi

    this song isn't to hard sure the time signatures are tough to get used to but i've only played a year and got most of this down, my point is pick up a guitar guys.

  54. Grey Shake

    lol the higler

  55. Ian Jackson

    The guitar in this song are like a symphony of brutal. Makes me want to go get high.

  56. Lavaalamp

    the whole song had me creaming in my knickers. THE WHOLE TIME.

  57. Skrim666

    VoM please release an 5-8 min long song PLEASE!!!

  58. D-Times

    You were lucky ! O;

  59. chronic condition

    @hardyrulez96 Not Marc, his name is Bryan Ruppell and I'm pretty sure he only toured from 2006-07, but I could be wrong on that.

  60. Cee Ruckus

    @selubria both

  61. Cee Ruckus

    @iam18ish What i thought Marc was an original member?

  62. Hoevercruf

    This song is an amazing showcase of how technicality can be beautiful without sacrificing heaviness, and you fuckers are creaming in your knickers over a fucking breakdown?!

  63. gmoney101392

    @BrutalityBrett idk it was fun and i liked the the rhythm? I don't argue over youtube i'm sorry

  64. Alex Lapeña

    Amazing riffs

  65. Blacksheep Lopez

    Sweet Jesus that was one of the most mind blowing, body shaking intro's ive ever heard..... Eargasm! :P

  66. gmoney101392

    i learned that breakdown at 32 just now its awesome because i've never played the song just heard it a lot so it felt all natural, good shit marc

  67. toke pls

    @Dylathyn an original member of VoM

  68. Alexander Cuervo

    Im so fucking highler

  69. joshbuckleysmelly

    @Dylathyn its a british term for a peddler

  70. chronic condition

    @Dylathyn The Higler is the ex-bassist for Veil of Maya. I used to live on the other side of the same apartment complex as him and his room mate who used to play guitar in Veil of Maya also.

  71. RustyCow

    @Dylathyn That was the last name of their old bassist.

  72. Onyxaxe

    @Dylathyn A door to door salesman from my understanding. Google is your best friend.

  73. 9rmetal

    @Dylathyn hahaha who knows???

  74. Kunaiechi

    I swear this song is dedicated to The Black Dahlia Murder. Sounds a lot like somethign theyd right.