Veil Of Maya - Teleute Lyrics

The thorns protruding from the vines. They penetrate
Deep enough to kill the fight
That I have harnessed all my life
That I have harnesses all of my life
Compared just as brothers
Let's not pretend that we each know the other
Neither is greater. Compared just as brothers

We are simply distinguished
One of the same
Bred from a different place
Your hate - It penetrates

Caught under a blanket of fire
I am who I am. Now dragged under
With a smirk so pretentious
You are who you are, now pulled under

Compared just as brothers
I'm alone within a black hole
Turmoil suffocates
I am left to suffer
I will engrave the demise of my brother
I'm alone within a black hole

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Veil Of Maya Teleute Comments
  1. Dylan Hitsman

    This is so underrated. Best song off of Matriarch 🤘

  2. zSpeikin Bleikin

    Non ho mai ascoltato un album con i volumi cosi sballati tra le varie tracce. Album ottimo, master veramente pessimo.

  3. Jacklight Baptism

    That fucking solo.


    Does anyone else love the classic metal core sound of the guitars? Like I’m talking early 2000s

  5. Brad Huff

    T U R M O I L S U F F O C A T E S

  6. Leonel Ramirez

    Jasonnnnnn Fucking Richardson,no le pongo unos corazones porque me vería bien gay,pero es único tocando la guitarra

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  8. alan cortes

    Jajaja vengo por un video de tipico shileno jajajaja

  9. Nikusui Senetza


  10. WilsonxDoom

    2:20 is official as fuck

  11. HarmoNix TiTi

    DAT OUTRO BRO ! Sick

  12. Lost SouL

    2:06 !!!!!!!

  13. Chets

    0:40 reminds me so much of Oceans Ate Alaska - Hikari (1:04)
    While nothing of these are ripoff, it still sounds so familiar
    love it <3

  14. DannyDevious

    I get hardcore The Word Alive vibes when the "im alone within a black hole" verse starts

  15. Buttstinky


  16. Rimaiuna play

    awesome even after 2 years ^^

  17. Luis Valentin

    Credits on this video?

  18. Nick Adams

    Does anyone else think the singing melody at 2:07(and the end of the song) sounds very much like a Chris Motionless melody?

  19. Jamesaroni

    The fuck is kung pao justice?

  20. anne van Heek

    So is the title supposed to be the ancient greek word he teleute(the end)?
    Would be cool

  21. Tyler Durden

    I'm sorry for all the stubborn men, who think old Veil of Maya are better than the new VoM. They simply are more versatile but not a bit less heavy or hard or VoM than ever before. I like the old shit without clean vocals though, but I like their progess and I'm excited for the new album.

  22. Ricky Bobby Jr

    Veil Of Maya, Always killin it, i Played shows with these guys back in 09

  23. Tony RTS

    2:06 "I'am alone with the hamburger"

    Miss Djent


  24. Yoozi Insert Name

    I hate it so much when people talk about a band evolving =___= a lot of vands that had screams only have cleans now.. it's not about trying a new thing cause everyone fucking does it.. it's about how jt pulls more people in.. if it were a couple of bands you can call it evolving. now it's just following the group and soing what'll pull more people in compared to what is actually good..

  25. javievery rockx

    sound like the old veil of maya.. :D

  26. Mike Chartofilis


  27. p33pdon

    Love those necrophagist style leads

  28. Diego Cardenas

    tipico shileno xdxd

  29. Viennamysausage

    feels like a mix of volumes and avenged sevenfold I love it

  30. Ricky Adams

    brah Jason Richardson shredded this song and didn't even get credited...

  31. Alan Loyd

    Anyone else get some all that remains vibes on this track?

  32. Mat Lan

    1:22 Jason Richardson

  33. Scheudo


  34. Wee wee the magical bee ?

    This is the only song in the album that sounds like Veil of Maya.
    Also the only song I like from this album.

  35. awes0mee (:

    I now understand why I saw "I'm alone with an alpaca" a lot in the comments. cx

  36. Titi Djent Core


  37. JNetwork

    love the old school Meshugga vibe

  38. Earthbound One

    So many boobs o.o

  39. Black Vomit

    que cancion mas beia por la chucha <3

    Luis Garrido

    wn la cago, la escucho como 10 veces al día la wea hahaj, el disco en general igual es bueno pero esta destaca brigido, es a la antihuaa :D

    Black Vomit

    @Luis Garrido exacto :D

    Hija de Jainico

    тιll lιndeмann si wn es demasiado zukhulemta


    yo hasta le digo de cariño teletubi

  40. aiceron xD

    like si eres el unico enfermo que abla español -."

    IV Existence

    nelson cook

    Martín Contreras

    Ni siquiera puedes escribir en español... hablar*

  41. Adrale4gotten

    This was the song that made me buy the album in the first place.
    I'm new to veil of maya ....but this song made me realize that I might like their old stuff better
    The new stuff is good though
    Which is way more than I can say for most metal core bands these days

  42. BK Media

    2:20 churn all your sausages

  43. Raúl Romero

    its kind of weird video but i like it

  44. bro wot

    The most VoM song on the album.


    this and leeloo.


    Leeloo is my favorite all scream song from the album.

  45. Alfredo Palacio

    Avenged Maya

  46. ODi! _GO

    This looks like a tribute to the Hindu Godess Kali, Mother of the Serpent Race.

  47. zen

    looks like some power ranger shit in the beginning

  48. Anthony Higuero

    Every time I listen to this, that one bass drop makes me feel like I'm about to shit myself. That's the sign of a good set of headphones.

  49. absent

    Why the fuck Jason Richardson wasn't even fucking mentioned in the description? The solo is his... For fucks sake. Common courtesy stuff...


    yeah kinda sad but marc did mention him at his instagram page..

  50. tristananvilcaster

    That guitar solo sounds like A7X!

  51. Hrafnaguð

    Veil of Sevenfold?


    There may have been a Syn influence in the solo, that stands out. But never really heard Marc solo. Lol

    zifee mayne

    That's not Marc, Jason Richardson did the solo.

  52. Tom Guerrero

    that solo is very a7x ish. this is my favorite album right now

  53. drizzy2k


  54. trippy maayynne

    damm boii this shit is badass
    never expected this.from the band through out all these years

  55. Rumi Bahl

    1:45 I AM HAWAIIAN

  56. Anthony Amezcua

    watch this on acid o.o

  57. Joshua Wade

    Somehow, I imagine a "Teleute/Gift of Death" mashup.

  58. EraseMyParanoia

    Das some trippy shizz. Awesome track though

  59. Lea Sve

    Am i the only one who sees a woman figure in the piramid at the begining?I swear I'm not high!


    "Aaaall aaalooone with anal plugeeeeeer"

  61. Tim Tse

    best veil of maya track for me

  62. ScytheSteve

    Jesus okubo's riffs are fucking godlike!

  63. roman grace


  64. Jane Nicole

    Fucking excellent song. Probably the best on the album. Veil of Maya just got better.

  65. Aaron Poole



    +Aaron Poole Goddammit lmao


    +Aaron Poole Can't unhear ._.

  66. jason bey

    Marc okubo this is Jason bey I'm a drummer want to join the band call me 323 812 1288

    jason bey

    You know of any bands in LA that's looking for a drummer


    the vocals remind me a lot of painted in exile

  68. MEDrums


    S p i n g o

    +Max E This is easily the best comment I've seen in the past month.


    Made my day XDdDd

    Hector Dominguez

    I just commented the same thing lmaooo



    Matt Malcore


  69. Nicky


  70. Eris

    That damn melody at the beginning <3,

  71. Psycro Lacertine

    this album. is amazing.

  72. Andy Patzner

    im in love with an alpaca

  73. Randy Randleman

    The musicianship on this album is mostly great, but I think the progressive aspects are in horrible taste. All of VOM's veteran fans that I have talked to (many, many people) absolutely despise this album, citing reasons like the fact that the production squelches the traditional "dry" timbre shown in previous albums, and the unremarkable and unexpected melodic vocal lines. It's a decent album, but it's not a decent VOM album to those that loved everything since Common Man's Collapse. Just trying to represent a point of view from the real world, since the majority here seems to be biased (for obvious reasons).

  74. Matt Heater

    1:45 "I AM HAWAIIAN!"

  75. Maximus Gigantos

    they use the same bitch in every video?

  76. Mizter Meschie


  77. Mike Chartofilis

    How is teleute pronounced?

  78. Kyxda

    Stupid maya theme

  79. Zach Miner


  80. wolfbite6

    love this band now just discovered them!

  81. anzov1n

    Any suggestions for anything that sounds like the last 30 seconds of this? I don't know shit about percussion but that kick drum pattern sounds awesome.

  82. TheRadPi

    I alone am in the backhoe

  83. Brandon Chambers

    I'm a drummer and I don't get how 0:31 works


    ur not the only one mate! was figuring out how he choke that while doing the double kick thing while filling the toms lol..


    ur not the only one mate! was figuring out how he choke that while doing the double kick thing while filling the toms lol..

  84. Matt g

    1:22 dat solo

  85. Wee wee the magical bee ?

    I don't know why this song doesn't have more views than this shit Mikasa song.

  86. Taddicus Taddiay Brethren

    Fucking hell, that solo!

  87. Mathew Gilbert

    Am i the only one? lol

  88. Eder Alain Villa Coronel

    Just great! Riddm´, cadency, breackdowns, guturals, solo and video too!

  89. OMGIDestroyedMatter

    Gee the guitarist just doesn't wanna stop moving his hand up and down the bridge does he!? XD
    His playing is so complex!!!

  90. Lacesout Cody

    No soul. I enjoyed every part. But it felt sterile. Too much btbam, which is awesome. Still more breakneck riffs noodling past the point of no return. Restraint isn't good with this band. I enjoy it, but not like they were

  91. Iridescent Noise

    i hear some revocation influence here!

  92. Sixftsenpai


  93. Qrc od macke

    Tasty solo 10/10.

  94. Noire Sebba

    I don't care how amazing the guitar work is, this song isn't really fun to listen to; here come the but hurt comments.

  95. Benvolio Quagmire

    Check out "Throne of Tyranny."

  96. Zim Zephyr

    The only song that i haven't liked lukas in or doing live has been It's not safe to swim today, could of been nervious at his first festival tho :P