Veil Of Maya - Subject Zero Lyrics

frozen in stasis, time is of no concern
awaiting and plotting revenge, against all I know
my body is painted in colors the way that I dreamed of
we will all wait for that moment, that moment we open our eyes
open the pathways, shaping how we will rise
something silent and empty something quiet and cold
this world will be dead when I'm done
encounter a new breed, evolutions demand
this is when we react, when we strive for pure life
through the eyes of a child a hate filled world
we live for destruction left to fend for ourselves
I won't let you fall
every door that you open means another one closed
this is one rule I will change, this is one thing I know
my decisions will mold me, take grip of who I am
so many dreams shot down, so many ideas burned

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Veil Of Maya Subject Zero Comments
  1. SomeBlackGuy

    My 2 favorite things: Mass Effect and Metal

  2. dr .n0

    one of the best VoM tracks in my opinion still to this day

  3. Simon Tide

    Am I the only one who get aroused from visuals?

  4. Dyllan Reed

    I wish veil would go back this is style I miss the brutality ☹️

    Derek Frankovich

    That was a different time. Bands are allowed to change, since for them they started at the top of the pile technicality wise, where is there to go?

  5. Danquis Creation

    Wow! This video is stunning. The music is great as well.

  6. Citrus

    Someone tell me what time signature this is in

  7. Jordan Kendall

    That chug is lit

  8. djentfan84

    Some of us still fucking love old Veil songs. Just a reminder that these guys can fucking destroy \m/ \m/

  9. xXsail hatinXx

    Why is the baby in breach position

  10. Samuel Mejia

    This is what could’ve been.

  11. Xaki

    The beginning of the end

  12. Punished Venom Snake

    Best Singer this band ever was like peanut butter and jelly ..... :,(

  13. Shinethelight

    I saw them live like 3 times they never played this argh. They don't play certain songs live anymore because they don't appear to fuck with the keyboard/electronic sound as much when they're playing live.

  14. Ghosty Frost

    Damn I miss this sound

  15. Krucester

    Why has this banger never been on spotify?!? D:


    It is you have to search for it by song title.

  16. Ángel Arévalo


  17. Moonwise 720

    An hour long loop of 0:59 would be nice

  18. דוד מרדכי שלזינגר

    BOO- hoo vs VOM-mit

  19. TheOghannsmetalhead

    00 00 00 000 00 00 00!!!!

    Daniel Tonkin

    The intro? Yeah

  20. bsting601

    666 Dislikes Fuck yeah

  21. HerroPrease ThankYou

    666 dislikes SATAN HAS ARRIVED

  22. Zachary G

    I get put into a trance with this song, it's weird but fucking awesome.

  23. transform a brick

    666 dislikes...

  24. moonwise 720

    Thanks for the seizure warning

  25. davis drumkey

    What is name the song in spotify?

    Igor Marchel

    it isn't on spotify :(

  26. Devon Boes

    The last good VoM made. Complete change in style when Brandon left.

  27. Rocky Marble

    The psychotic biotic!

  28. Sebastián Arrocha

    How would the album belonging to this song have been?

  29. Violet Rain

    This song is like opening an evil music box. I ❤ this forever

  30. FlywithMike

    Why this specific song isnt on spotify?

  31. A Man From Nowhere

    Watch it at 1,5 speed for more brutality

    massanti madunigang

    Way too much 😂 1.25x is more like it

  32. Stay Metal Ray

    2019 boys!

  33. Muhammad Hadiansyah

    AMAZING !!!!

  34. Nikita Serov

    Beautiful song, beautiful cover. Such a pity this band is not like this nowadays.

    massanti madunigang

    Most Sumerian bands has completely gone the wrong way the last few years :(

  35. red viperx28

    either, im not getting something, or this band sux dick

    red viperx28

    like, no flow, no melody, no atmosphere, these guys are always getting recommended by ppl who love metalcore/deathcore, but they are one of the shittiest metalbands in terms of enjoyment, in my opinion. i said in my opinion so relax lol, not saying they suck dick, just saying i believe they do

    b00ty bu77ch33ks

    @red viperx28 lol wtf are you on about? You say they suck dick and then you're saying they dont which is it? I disagree I think eclipse and Id are incredible albums

  36. NdnCar Productions

    My first time hearing this while I was tattooing today holy sh$t I took notice pretty damn quick lol awesome band

  37. Brian Sabul

    5 years later and this song still fucking rocks my socks as hard as the new album \M/ (>.<) \M/

  38. Ryan Hale

    Who wants to make a band that plays this style? you know, the style that VoM ditched when they got their new singer. Aka, the album that never got released!!!!!!!!!

  39. Albus Dumbdoor

    That moma in the video djently touching herself

  40. skägge dooodle

    i hear almost everything that happends (i try man calm down) and omg its just so amazing, i am dead its so well written im so jealous and inspired and have nothing to do with all the inspiration and twists that happends in my head and i want to write this song myself but with all the amazing twists and mindfuk i'd add to it to make it remarkable.. man i guess alot of ppl feel like i do. i just feel the need to be part of music. i love music so much, i want to be a tone, i want to be music. I want to be music.

    edit: one can't improve a masterpiece

  41. R M

    why the fuck is this not on spotify

  42. Ian Sarkar

    They say progressive metal artist suck but they are the ones who are best songwriters and musicians. Something to think about before we attack prog artist. Jason Richardson is probably the best songwriter in the world at present. He is a progressive metal/djent artist. It follows a pattern. Tosin Abasi changed the whole metal scene by his innovation. If anything prog artists are the future of metal music.

  43. Bullet zone

    My love

  44. Jack Admirand

    Whys this not on Spotify

  45. Luani Silva

    I'm probably the only Brazilian to like Veil of Maya.

    Aaron Steinhorst

    Luani Silva Why is Brazil lame? Lol


    2:17 fuuuuuuuuucccccckkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Dave Masse

    Cool beans. Heavy beans

  48. GodEater

    I remember almost every VoM fan shitting on this song when it dropped and there was supposed to be a follow up album to Eclipse that was already finished written and started the recording process til Brandon left the band. I wonder what happened to that work and if any of it (or all) was incorporated into Matriarch and False Idol

  49. GSC Noqturnal

    4:27 - 4:40 tho

  50. Illusive

    Bring this masterpiece to Spotify please.

    Aaron Steinhorst

    It is on Spotify

  51. Kaleng Kertas

    Play this at speed 1.25x

  52. palm tr33


  53. ArjenThrawn

    Oh man.... This is sooo good. But what would i give to have a Lukas Magyar Vox Version of this. He kills it live with his diversity range of his vocal skills.

  54. BestLaidPlans

    This would make a sick drum corps percussion cadence.


    Ain't no breakdown like a Veil Of Maya breakdown, I showed this to my father a while back and he couldn't hind the beat lol

  56. Chant BOB

    Dont get this in i tunes

  57. Jonny Bravo

    This shit goes HARD

  58. mcdangles89

    Lol Born of Osiris is terrible can you guys shut the fuck up

  59. red240 Red

    This song was played as a encore. Retardedly hype when the intro came on. Such a epic song live!

  60. John Towey

    never gets old

  61. Jake

    best VOM song hands down.

  62. Raptor 328xi

    So djentilicious

  63. Buttstinky

    00 00 00
    000 00 00 00
    000 00 00 00
    000 00 00 00
    000 00 00 00
    000 00 00 00
    000 00 00 000 000

  64. Tim Price

    if their dad an endless istrimental version of the first part that would be great

  65. Skuniqe72

    jared dines djent 2019 leaked

  66. LIMBO

    Noise gate song

  67. Víctor Esteban Gajardo Fuentes

    (g)old memories

  68. Karnage Fails

    Just checkin in, bitches. 2018

  69. yannikho

    Best veil of Maya song. Get this shit to Spotify please

  70. Shakeel Bajjar

    velo fulam

  71. Aurelio Puentes III

    This was Veil of Maya

  72. Дмитрий Клепиков

    Mass Effect reference?

  73. AJ Henson

    IMO, this is the best sing Veil of Maya has put out to date.

  74. fireadept007

    These guys have clearly done psychedelics.

  75. yasmin urrego gonzalez


  76. Taylor Christy

    Four years old now. Man..

  77. Rob Locks

    jesus fokin christ.. that start made me shit my pants
    damm its good..

  78. scotty smith

    This band was sooooo good

  79. Sethuna

    The instrumental, the lyrics... *This* is divine music.

  80. Coockieboy3 Coockieboy03

    Born of Osiris XD

  81. Jesus Christ

    1:38 favourite ❤️

  82. TrumpetBoy 7861

    the awkward moment people call them deathcore

  83. Joey Jones

    duh-duh, duh-duh, di duh-duh-duh-duh, di-duh, di-duh, di-duh. I can do it too, can I get a record deal sumerian?

  84. Desi Thug

    that hell?

  85. James Sweeper

    How Brandon, Marc, VoM, or Sumerian was able to make this and walk away from it for something else kills me. I can't even explain the feeling, but it sucks. Even though they didn't know it at the time they probably walked away from the best music I would've ever heard in my entire life. This song, and even the two singles Brandon did with Lost Origins were some of the best shit I've ever heard. Brandon was onto something, VoM was evolving with him. But we'll never be graced by the same path again. I love VoM still, but Brandon left a hole that hasn't filled, in me or even metal. I love this song more every time I hear it, and that makes me more and more sad about it. WHICH IS SO FUCKING METAL.


    James Sweeper I also love the melodies on the beginning and the end. They fit so well with the song. Perfect balance.

  86. Carla Flores

    Fino finoooooo

  87. AKLM Simrell

    I miss THIS VOM

  88. Gabriel Arsenault

    they should really have a seizure trigger warning at the beginning of the video XD

  89. Isis Carpenter

    can't wait to see them with tdwp and silent planet in november!

  90. IllWill

    Is not this music video in some form a realization that the feminine, that is, the natural carrier of the human, the limitation of the possibly human - that is the limitation of what is possibly defined as human, without recourse to some surrogate for the feminine?

  91. Gabriel Barrios

    So palmute!!!!!! 😊

  92. everyday panda man

    Bring old Veil back.

  93. Zach Miner

    I think these kinds of chugs are my favourite
    They literally sound like barking

  94. Steve C

    I wish they would've stuck with this direction that they were going with their music. But then the singer left the band and the rest of them decided they wanted to hook up with teenage scene girls.

  95. Nandy vj

    mind blowing track from awesome djentlemen

  96. GamingwitGabe

    who came from craig golias snapchat ?? saaaaaapp