Veil Of Maya - Sever The Voices Lyrics

We all know what lies behind the walls of deceit.
These are the thoughts that keep him awake.
He contemplates his fate.
He has to decide what it is he truly wants.
An hour of pleasure, or two ruined lives?
He has to decide.
He cant sever the voices, from his mind.
The now.
What is his choice, not what is his fate.
To destroy all that is beautiful in not only his life, but hers too?
Separate the time and place, he has come to the end.
He holds onto false ideas of what makes a man.
He thinks no more about the love of another, he chooses to only satisfy himself.
Selfishness is not the word.
He has chosen, but he knows this is wrong.
He inserts...death for lust.
She grieves.
He knows better but chooses his path and now he must live with this.
She walks in, face like death.
She puts her hands around his weak and sweaty neck.
He's turned cold blue now.
There is blood and there's tears, for this occasion.
She can't sever the voices from her mind.
They held each other down

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Veil Of Maya Sever The Voices Comments
  1. Baldur Valdgir

    Brother. You must watch this band. From my country, indonesia.
    Don't ask, just watch
    Thanks 🤘🤘

  2. Cy Phvren

    2:37 Who else notices the voice different from this album and The Session album. I love this version more, it's like an underwater vocal sound.

  3. Chris Pouliot

    I member when i was 17, headbanging hard to this
    I’m currently 27 and i still think this is heavy as balls

    Trevor Brown

    This album came out in 12' though...

    Marc Cram

    @Trevor Brown ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.......the albumwas released in 2008 lmao

    Dick Trickle

    @Trevor Brown dude this video itself was uploaded in 2011.

    Trevor Brown

    @Dick Trickle Right I was thinking Eclipse

    Raphael Ewen

    yea alot of the music that came out that time has aged really well. I still listen to old Veil of Maya, August Burns Red etc. While i have definitely expanded my musical taste these days i can safely say i will come back to this for years to come :D

  4. Tyler Box

    Fuck Yeah!!! Old Veil of Maya Best Shit Ever!!!!

  5. Convince us

    Discovered this in 2017,...and holy fuck!,I'm loving this album,ip and the one with the red chick on the
    It's phenomenal to say the least.

    Convince us

    All thing set aside *

  6. fireadept007

    This song helped me breakthrough to a new level of consciousness while tripping.

  7. Shrugging Swampert

    4:20 you are welcome


    Blaze it

  8. leadartist420

    this is obviously Good music.
    All praise to Jesus Christ.

    P.S. there's a reason it's called sumerian records

  9. massiv pp man xddd

    0:10 is where the fun begins :^)

  10. Luscious

    It's not any of your crappy random names call this genre splashcore 💧

    Curious Fiend

    Lol,... yeah, na.
    They're their own genre,... Veil-core.

  11. Luxferous •

    2:06 sounds like slow reggaton

  12. Wadspo

    @1:06 so sick


    honestly don't see enough people mentioning this moment but it's deadly

  13. morwen angelus

    pure death metal here!

    Michael Psyche

    * *Djent* with enough heaviness to say they're Deathcore as well.

  14. Corry Florence

    oh sweet baby jesus..... 3:03

    Michael Psyche

    The feels.. Oh man.

  15. kbowie123

    "He inserts, death for lust..."
    What a fucking song

  16. Adolf Hitler

    It you don't like this band, simply don't listen, it's hard to understand?

    Curious Fiend

    Adolf Hitler -that's far too logical for most sheeple. Without their pointless complaining, about things, they'd have far less.

  17. stevezzorr lol

    This is obviously alternative pop punk.

    chris x

    I'm glad someone else gets it



  18. PinkoMoore [Casual]

    Deathcore and like many bands , they have a technical death metal influence.
    I like to think they're mathcore but cant find any objective evidence or something.
    So its just technical/progressive deathcore.

    Cursed Chris

    some solid mathcore to check out would be ion dissonance their new album slays

  19. Kit Kittington

    this is obviously smooth jazz, stop arguing

  20. Christian Urias

    This song... I feel like 18 again when I hear it... shit, time flies by...

  21. Mitchell allen

    Once and for all. This is Technical Deathcore. That's a no brainer. No debate.

    Curious Fiend

    Well, whatever it is, it invigorates the fuck outta my audio senses.

  22. Austin

    It's ironic how the advertisements would play but the fucking song buffers. YouTube you're a fucking troll.


    Misuse of the word "Irony."  


    Situational irony. bitch

  23. Jared Alexander

    1:06 So fucking sick!! This shit brings back some good memories of hitting the bong and headbanging!!


    @Varas Karn lol good shit

  24. Niran Mistry

    2:24 onwards is where its at 

    Steven Shipman

    Yes its like a galaxy of sounds going through your nervous system.


    I scrolled up and it was at 1:20

  25. SharkxBait

    my favourite VoM song ever. i fuckin love this record :)

  26. Teddy Egger

    Their best album by far for me, the other ones are very good too, but this one's the best.

  27. The_OG_Smith

    Gah, this album is a masterpiece.

    Cy Phvren

    Is it a remastered album? Because the voice is different

  28. bad.rasta

    i would call it deathcore^^

  29. Dylan Williams

    I don't think it'd be Death Metal, though. Progressive, but maybe Deathcore. Doesn't matter, anyway.. xD

  30. coldbloodedkidder

    yeah right isn't that like saying "2 days before the day after tomorrow ?" .,.-Dom

  31. coldbloodedkidder

    oh. and BTW , love you're moniker just watched a biography on J.R.R.Tolkien awesome shit .,.-Dom

  32. coldbloodedkidder

    you sure took those words straight outta wikipedia. don't worry im not ragging on you .i just went to wikipedia myself to find out what DJENT means and as far as i can tell it's just the sound of the rythm guitar playing paim muted riffing. CHUGGING is the way I say it ,so you're right DJENT isn't a genre .it can also be called CRUNCH . but in the end ,who gives a shit about genres and sub-genres its all complicated crap that has no bearing on the music you listen to. . cheerio! .,.-Dom

  33. FutureSequence

    Extreme metal is not a genre as well, but a term used for describing bands who play metal that incorporates extremity
    Same goes for Djent, it's not a genre, it's a tone, and a term, for describing bands that use that tone

  34. Swagprince69000

    well there is also a genre of techno called drums and bass, just saying.

  35. freakymrq

    label this whatever genre you like I just call it music to my ears.

  36. HarlequinDisease

    Died with the "Post preCore"

  37. Hazel Rah

    Nobody cares.

  38. Faceless free wolf

    That lyrics... <3

  39. nod mgr

    2:35 breaks my heart

  40. Nap-0

    one of the best comments about music on youtube. you, sir, deserve a medal.

  41. Manglani

    That moment when you realized that the first album is the best o.o

  42. Moncho M

    Guess you can't take a joke, huh? Dipshit, stop raging over youtube comments.

  43. Evan Marshall

    Stop naming random shit dumb fuck.

  44. Moncho M

    what are you guys talking about? Veil of Maya is a Progressive Djent Deathcore, technical core, Djentcore, proggesivecore, death Metal Metalcore, Post preCore, hardcore, Heavy assshit, analcore, 2stepcore, Djentmetal, With a Little of Openchordscore, FastCore, Metalcore, Deathmetalcore... Get your facts straight...

  45. Kyle Hanneken

    *Bitches about genres and forgets there's even music on this page*

  46. TheCoOrtiz

    i was under the impression vom was technical deathcore or somewhere in that field genres

  47. SalvationsRestored

    it started as a 'description' or 'label' of certain guitar tones and/or riffs... now bands just play to that style, therefore its become its own genre...... :)

  48. SalvationsRestored

    Djent is a genre...!! I guess it just evolved into one?? accept it... people seem to be so resiliant to accept jent as a genre :P

  49. midgaard666

    Djent isn't a genre, and in my book VoM is more progressive death metal than anything

  50. YZtwostrokin

    Have you listened to the new album?

  51. Evan Marshall

    @YZtwostrokin ya that's true I guess, just a few guitar parts i thought sounded similar lol

  52. MrSmurfySmurf

    The lyrics are amazing

  53. YZtwostrokin

    @bfmvfan117 Parkway Drive doesn't really djent very much, vocals are way different, drums aren't quite as pronounced. But I guess so haha.

  54. Evan Marshall

    idk t but this song kinda reminds me of parkway drive a lil?

  55. Mrjuiceboxjunky

    VoM you make me smile EVERY time I hear your music

  56. joshbuckleysmelly

    how about who gives a flying fuck what the genre is. jesus christ you hoodlums argue over the most meaningless shit. just listen to brandon marc sam and danny do their thing and enjoy. best band out there veil of fucking maya

  57. John Dombroski

    wow..okay fuck that woke me up.

  58. Matt Bosiacki

    @contortionist94 Yeah, it's technical deathcore.

  59. Ramen Noodles


    technical deathmetal

  60. Jesse Brennan

    @Supermassivebangbang Metalcore usually doesn't have blast beats like these, and the breakdowns are very deathcore-esque. I would categorize this as melodic deathcore maybe? Technical deathcore?

  61. Tyler Potts

    could download this illegally but its too good for them not to make money on :)

  62. sorasorasora0

    Holy fuck this is good.

  63. Justin Manack

    i like their original release of this song from all things set aside more, but at the same time this version is just cleaned up a lot more.

  64. Deccy B94

    i'd like to burn the one prick that disliked this.

  65. James Kennedy

    2:20 onwards is just sublime

  66. NeAerA90

    @Hustenbonbon1 yea these parts are pretty equal...even the uptempo on the never heared that :D

  67. Hustenbonbon1

    is it just me, or is it really not safe to swim in this song from 2:23 on either?

  68. WillyBumm

    @avengeddrummer120 i loved them both bro!

  69. coldbloodedkidder

    @hitachaiyusen i was kind of offended too when i saw that buddy up there made a criticism that sounded "absolute" ...sever the voices has one of the most emotional riffs i ever heard...rock me baby!!!...-D

  70. coldbloodedkidder

    by far my favorite VOM song...-D

  71. Caleb szyszkiewicz

    look ate the tags sumeriancore

  72. 123121s1

    @TheMattTrivium actually SumerianRecords uploaded it a while after i asked, they're just nice guys i guess

  73. Chris

    @deadman695 I agree. Really, I've made better* breakdowns. Just not famous...

    *depending on musical taste, but more complex.

  74. 123121s1

    can i hear "mark the lines" pls because i only find uploads of live versions and covers