Veil Of Maya - Punisher Lyrics

Do you remember
When your heart had that
Drive, Thrived to seek more
While it was there

The last care
We won't sleep for a day
If we survive, survive
Just one more day.

I'll forge a moment
A Marvel for all of
Time if life was simple
Mended by the mask,
Perfection glistens
It glows glamorous

Faces drawing near
Purged away by the
Flame seeking out
Do you remember
When your heart had that
Drive, Thrived to seek more
While it was there
The last care
We won't sleep for a day
If we survive, survive
Just one more day
I'll forge a moment
A Marvel for all of
Under this weight
We crawl
Last shot trigger
Hold your ground
Freeze all of your love
Ignite all the lust [2x]

(all they have is just bam nam pado dodi banano nino no)

As we try to get back
It drifts away [2x].

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Veil Of Maya Punisher Comments

    2:02 is the most elegant way to say "fuck you" I've ever seen

  2. Savannah Kay

    We need, we need a weedeat, we need a new weedeater

  3. Levente Sorc

    One of the best breakdown out there !!

  4. Yung Nosferatuu

    7 years ago jesus man

  5. red240 Red

    What axe fx amp model do they use. Love the tone.

    And what pickups?

  6. Aaradicatiøn

    2:02 mood-killer lol

  7. Brett -

    Djent at is finest

  8. B Rice

    Amazing . Hahaha.

  9. Niwangel Joseph

    All They Have Is Just Bwownow Derderdernow Weeneeder Weenerdeeder!

  10. Lars Jensen


  11. GeeTee eighF


  12. The Louiner

    damn good shit

  13. Zoilien Hrangkhol

    Back in the days I tried to cover this song.. But I couldn't find the tabs for that 2:03-2:06 so I gave up....! Help...!!!

  14. Geo Salgado

    I miss this veil of maya. Not that whiny ass shit with the new vocalist. Irritating as fuck

  15. CherryFoxIan

    2:07 It kinda sounds like After the Burial, but more atonal with the legato runs they have.

  16. Deft One

    Djent is the dubstep of metal.

  17. It's A Me, Dat Random Dick Butt

    The lyrics and some part of the riffs remind me somewhat of Lamb of God' Ghost Walking.

  18. Convince us

    It's way too short!,have to play it twice to feel satisfied.

  19. Eliza Scull

    Bow-wow badder her now, we need her nanny eater.

  20. Mark Joseph Basco \m/

  21. Alex Ryan

    Theme album for watching eclipse

  22. Mario Perger


  23. Edicius 8-bit


  24. Caleb Hollingsworth

    seizure warning

  25. Miranda Lee-Velazquez

    Bad ass.

  26. Necronomicron

    Press dynamic button.

  27. SameeAhmedMusic

    They fucking violated that kid

  28. -Uɴᴅᴇᴀᴅ Cʜᴀɴɴᴇʟ-



  29. lee Belanger

    All they have is just... \m/

  30. Mike Lariviere

    2:02 why doe that sound like George bush?

  31. Badfish2

    2:02 - 2:20 is my ringtone. I've missed one too many calls due to headbanging, rather than answering.



  32. Jessica Nusz

    Can't wait to see them at warped! 😍😍

  33. Phan2112

    The only time frets are acceptable in djent is to make fun of that kid.

    Tristan Traill

    But-the groove...

  34. Hunter Lacasse

    "All they have is just, baowdit baodidawaow ranudiuh ranuhdiduh"

    Davey Van Gooswilligen

    Veil Of Maya?

    Connor Gilkinson

    Did you listen to the song? 2:01


    I laughed soo hard the first time I heard that part.

    Cj Doyle

    That part goes so hard af after he says that.

  35. Hannah Rose

    Never listened to them before, saw them last week and it was fucking brutal. Too bad the palladium sucks

    MightyTeek Yandere

    yeah there pretty good dont you think?

    Mike Lariviere

    How does the palladium suck?

    Hannah Rose

    Mike Lariviere eh just when I've been there before it doesn't sound good in the downstairs

  36. Kill Room

    2:03 hahahaha

  37. Zachary Stevens Music

    I literally laughed out loud from this XD genius!

    Brent Wheeler

    Faithful Desire Solo Projects I got so into it the first time I heard it 😂

  38. João Moraes

    All they have is just preuleu preleu pererurelrerirurel re

  39. Colin Breslin

    2:07 Epillepsy waiting to happen

  40. Marc Peters

    Sick song but I do prefer Dan's just a bit more mainly due to the vocals

  41. xxXxII24IIxXxx

    The guy hating on periphery made for a sick breakdown

    Troy Drummer Allen

    scotty smith do know if that kid ever reacted to VOM trolling him?

    scotty smith

    Troy Drummer Allen I've looked it up and never found anything else from him.

    Sir Dudad

    Troy Drummer Allen they performed this song live with him before

    Troy Drummer Allen

    Sir Dudad oh ok thanks

    Marksman 5147

    @Sir Dudad wait what? I need info on this I need to fucking see this

  42. Jacob Flores

    I know that Misha was one of the producers for this album...And it really is noticeable on this song for sure

  43. Powderkeg

    whats that guys name in the background

    Manuel Cañero

    +Powderkeg Darude Sandstorm

  44. Ernst Jung

    I hate Deathcore, but i actually like this band. I saw them live, the singer gave me a wink and told to me to advance in the crowd. I might understand why some people love deathcore, the Cannibal Corpse singer watch in the air and most of BDM singers do that while the Deathcore singers watch people in the eyes...

    Poppa Punker

    +Jo Schuldiner Michaud What. The. Fuck. . . . Anyone else read this shit? ^^^

    Ernst Jung

    +Poppa Punker It's just a little better than Lil Wayne haha!!

    Gemütlicher Baum

    +Jo Schuldiner Michaud
    If you like Veil of Maya you might like Born Of Osiris too ^^

  45. Ryanishere

    Love this song too

  46. koopahermit

    2:02 Transfer from your mouth to the guitar, djent!

    Zwan C. Aliquando

    @koopahermit I see what you did there! ;)

    Munkybarrz Entertainment

    Djeeeeeeeent :^)

    Devon Boes

    Still the best sample in any genre of music

    Double FotyFo

    Heyy it's Stevie T.

    Eli Lachappa


  47. 9TxONE

    shit goes hard son

  48. CoastCore TV

    Where did they get the sample at 2:02?

    CoastCore TV

    @Barney Cockburn
    Hahaha cheers mate!

    MightyTeek Yandere

    where did they get it from?


    just search "periphery sucks- yes or no?"

  49. Seairra

    "brow now ban do do dow waneedo wanu deedo"

  50. Steven Phillips

    bwayernd-dun bwaynaydurdun waynaywerway-erndun

    Ruptured Bag

    @Steven Phillps all they have is just....


    @Steven Phillps Tabs?


    @Steven Phillps way too complicated

  51. James Sweeper

    There is something in Brandon's voice, how it sort of sounds like a can of whipped cream being sprayed to its end. I like it though, and it's what I look for these days in the ranges of other metal front men... After hearing phoenix I think I'm gonna miss Brandon.


    Yea man... Im with you... Phoenix is a great song, but im gonna miss Brandon...


    rabbiter brandon had low growls, while lukas has high screams

  52. Alan Lozoya

    I jus soe the video werw the guy says periphery suck and i realise were vom took that sample... i just cant stop laughing... jajaja well played vom, well played.


    @CoastCore TV people say this?

    Steven Phillips

    Misha actually produced this album, haha.

  53. adrian diaz

    fuck that what ever people say but you guys kick ass

  54. Mars Topia

    A guy on the internet critizing Periphery and VoM making a riff out of it. That's how you pay back :D

    Manas Yadav

    Just search Periphery Sucks

  55. Noah Schneier

    Wouldn't you tho? lol

  56. Obscure Creation

    The way Marc plays the guitar reminds me of Flea from the red hot chili peppers. 

  57. guit00

    Y'all need to get the phonetics right. It goes more like: ''Brow now, bra doo doo dow, weeneeda wheyner deerdoor'' With a southern accent. :)


    Haha, I didn't get this comment til I relistened to the song! XD


    Press dynamic button.

    Winston Carter

    Lmao deerdoor! A door made deers 😂

  58. reza

    periphery is gay


    And if they are?

    Homophobic much?


    DeadTongue You’re hilarious if you think calling me a name is going to avail you. 😊

    Megat Liu Xian

    Periphery nandos sauce peri peri chicken hot sauce .hahaha gay

    Megat Liu Xian

    @ReeeEEE !!! Fred Perry or Katy Perry 😂

  59. Chino Flores

    Dan Watson fucking destroyed this song

  60. kakashi3d

    Some sort of guitar business going on

  61. Lee Fesler

    2:07 "Ass Raaaapeeee"


    @Lee Fesler Almost spat out my water from laughter. Thanks bruh.

  62. Bobby Flay

    Dat sample lol 

  63. tristananvilcaster

    These guys kick ass

  64. Chef8898

    That teenager lyrics

  65. Andromeda is Coming

    now this is what i call metal. 

    Mo Yahya

    @Demis Elmgren I've never had a gf and I haven't dated either. I've been single my whole life lol.

    Mo Yahya

    @Demis Elmgren lol (:


    Close. A riff used in progressive metal like After the Burial, Volumes, and even Veil Of Maya. Even older metal bands like Meshuggah. Djent is a type of guitar tone. People are stupid to call it a genre. 

    Andromeda is Coming

    @DanFaceless "djent is not a genre" everybody knows this why keep beating a dead horse. everybody and their brother is constantly saying this

    Nikolas Stoebick

    Saying you don't like Metallica is interesting. They had some shitty albums, but they had some amazing early albums too.

  66. Josue Delgado

    I gave this a listen to check the band out and now I can't get over 2:03

  67. Noelle Silva

    What videos did they get the part at 2:03 from? I know that they took from someone's video but I don't know which one.

    hadi riduan

    search Periphery sucks

    Noelle Silva

    @hadi riduan Thanks.

  68. Stephen Ayres

    lol i wonder what that kid thought when they made this shit

  69. Hunter Habian

    Saw them in Grand rapids on the 20th. BRUTAL SHOW!!!! Absolutely amazing to see them live. Put on a good performance too! Got the whole floor into a moshpit.

  70. aub oli

    omg so much crying on every video i watch by this band. awaaaaah. go listen to the beiber. no one made you listen to there songs. so boo hoo somewhere else. 

  71. Woottipat Herabat

    "And all they have is Bow Dad Baw Daw Burn Out We Need A Wiener De Dord"


    Dude that's so fuckin funny!!

  72. Gwyn Stacy

    nice sound but these lyrics make ZERO sense


    They make alot of sense actually

    Daniel Draugsvoll

    Pretty sure the lyrics are about meth addiction

  73. Jamie Budge

    1:00 "Jurassic park!" almost. If you close your eyes. 

  74. dietermoreno

     Maybe modeling guitars are next, designed to make your shitty Fender Squire sound like it has Seymour Duncan pickups.

    Jones Corzlus

    They already exist, check out Line 6's Variax guitars.

  75. Nathan Beckholt

    This is my shit!

  76. ScreamMaster115

    "And all they have is djent djent djent djent djent djent bwa doub a do da do da do djent"

  77. Matthew Diaz

    i love how they turn that boys gibberish into an actual riff haha 2:03


    It's actually just him sounding out the next riff, I wouldn't really call it gibberish. But nonetheless that's my fav. riff too! :)

    Trevor Teichert

    @TheIranxican Actually some kid made a video saying Periphery was bad, and that all they had was "insert sound effects here". They took that video and made it into that riff!


    @Trevor Teichert link to video?


    @PoopTruffles /watch?v=Mxtue8cRdYc

  78. xXBMXBikerboy24Xx

    "All they have is just bow wow, wananawow, bwanananananownow"

  79. dietermoreno

    I think I've come to the conclusion that modeling amps would sound terrible if the djent kids didn't play in such an extremely low tuning and didn't play so rhythmically.

    Tubes have harmonics that make the tone sound fuller, but that is almost irrelevant to djent playing in drop G trying to make a guitar sound like a bass drum pedal.

  80. JLee2jz

    All they have is just BWON NOW, BWON DIGGA DIGGA BWON NOW!

  81. Cherrie Bomb

    veil of maya was soo good live

  82. Fernando Gonzalez

    My girlfriend dedicated this song to me... So cute

  83. The Evil


    Korian Woods

    I wanted to go SOO BAD! Don't rub it in!

  84. Gary Coolboobs

    Sumerian records always has the best philosophical bands

  85. Christian Oldham

    I lost my shit at 2:03

  86. HebbyMetal

    reply to Klein Typ haha yeah! 

  87. jorganbon

    It's a good song, but all they have is just brownabowdurdedadowwanida

  88. Sesshou Jv Maru

    you shud try the dan watsons cover of this song !!! its farrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr better than this one !!!

  89. TeethOfTheCombine

    If you think this is good, try their Common Man's Collapse or Id albums. MUCH better than this.

  90. Ger Unkwon

    He is the one who created the riff...give some credit

  91. Spadaforza

    These lyrics make me think of Dark Souls.

  92. Kevin M

    It was a video about periphery not veil of maya, misha actually helped work on this album

  93. gonzalo gantus

    all i heard is pwaung wa pwaung wa, tarapadaw ung ga dwa

  94. killer17394

    dude, i like it.. it builds up that awesome moment of the song :D

  95. killer17394

    my first time listening to these guys, im in love now :D

  96. Jay

    Misha Mansoor actualy sampeld someone taking the piss out of Periphery in this song an some how made it sound fucking brutal!