Veil Of Maya - Phoenix Lyrics

I've held it in my hands [2x]
My dismembered soul reassembles
I've held it in my hands [2x]
My dismembered soul reassembles

My dismembered soul

Take shape of which you desire
Evil lingers within each valley we pass through [2x]

I've held it in my hands [2x]

Evil lingers within everything [2x]

Hope has replenished my healing body relentless
Always in motion

Evil lingers within everything

I've seen it now, I've held it in my hands
My dismembered soul reassembles [2x]

Elevation is no escape
We send ourselves
To search for tranquility
A feeling that can't be found

Search for tranquility
A feeling that can't be found
It is fabricated through acceptance
Of a broken world

Evil lingers within everything [4x]

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Veil Of Maya Phoenix Comments
  1. Luis Rodriguez

    Does anyone know who made this video?

  2. Jester954

    Hey, does anyone know what company they reached out to to get this lyric video made?

  3. DougDimmadomeXI

    #AvengeTheFallen #Butler

  4. Daniel Kester

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    Roll in the cut... ... ... only in the cut
    Get some of your closest people and then...
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    While only underground skaters post together.
    And no matter.what the bust...
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    Daniel Kester sk8 or die

  5. F M

    This song helps me a lot. It cleanses my soul, almost like a catharsis. The complexity of the rhythm and the monotony of the melody (which is not a bad thing, it clearly serves a purpose) makes me focus, trying to figure it out. By doing that, my mind exorcises the thoughts possessing it and, ironically or not, calms down.
    This might seem a bit presumptuous of me, if you think so, just know that I haven’t figured the song out. I’m not that good

  6. Saika

    I havent listened to this shit for at least 1,5 years thefuck have i been doing

  7. messengercrow

    I never get tired of this song. I can listen to it for a week and repeat

  8. Mitchell Rhoden

    Why does this song remind me of dark souls so much?

  9. Jrocka7x

    The Phoenix riff is my favorite riff right now. I admit that I didn't really listen to matriarch when it came out, but if you didn't like Matriarch, False Idol is actually the bees knees.

  10. Karl Binder

    BTW the bridge give me shills :)

  11. Karl Binder

    Too good. at least one of these guys must be damn good at math :P

  12. Black Cube Prod

    Does anyone know the name of the effect in the text around the 30 first seconds?

  13. Sethuna

    This is just lazy writing.

  14. Karl Binder

    does anyone else actually get what this tune is meant to mean..?

  15. XTheLiquorX

    420 Dislikes.... not even salty lol

  16. callsign similton

    Best song in the album

  17. Izhak Ib

    I’m surprised I’m the only one who thinks of that intro to be similar to The Color Morale’s living breathing something

  18. Misanthropy

    Listen to the sniveling shitkids in the comments. This is easily one of their best tracks. Shut the fuck up you little ingrates.

  19. Shatt3r_m3

    Me and my fiance have recently discovered that Veil of Maya calms and puts our 3 week old son to sleep.

  20. Drew Thomas

    I can never get over the that temporary tempo shift at 2:27.

  21. Pratyashi.

    Take shape of which you desire, evil lingers within each valley we pass through!

  22. Fuckyourselfgoogle

    The second half of this song cleared my skin, killed my annoying neighbours and cured world hunger

  23. Racoon City Police Department

    Лалї, єто похоже на The Korea))))

  24. Lovelace Camilo

    Amaizing song, so sick AF

  25. Henry Lehtovirta

    The breakdown at 1:42 had played in my head for a month or so, but I didn't even remember which band's part that was. Damn awesome.

  26. Dumbass Libtardian The III

    brandon and ronnie canizaro are the best vocalists in progressive metal period. this guy sucks but veil still kicks ass

  27. jeFF Fury

    For me personally, the best song of the album!

  28. Zaneurus

    My Dark Souls jam.

  29. Kijionn

    "my ass! i felt it in my ass! i felt it in my ass!"

  30. Leo Gomes

    2:07 OHHH SHIT!!!

  31. Faris Luthfi

    hell yeah djent!!


    best deathcore djent song evah

  33. Gautam Bhat

    This song is so badass.

  34. Gio

    So it says Brandon did co vocals on this. Where do you hear him???

  35. Jessie

    This song is so bad ass

  36. AlphaOmega

    ive held it in my hands

  37. Joshua Winans

    Dude this may sound stupid, but is this like a remastered edition? There are a few spots that on the cd I have seem to just hit you hard, while this seems like the drums sound....more ambient per sa?.

    Mr. Person

    Joshua Winans just lower quality audio

  38. MetryxAZ

    I'm still getting used to their new stuff. Although I did think the old vocalist was amazing, I feel he didn't quite fit with them sonically, be better for more heavy deathcore forsure. This new vocalists screams are clearer and he sings, which is what I've wanted from them personally for a long time. I believe the singing compliments VoM's intrinsic composition of melody very well. That's just my humble opinion, I feel I'll be a fan no matter what they do lol

  39. Tommy Chappell

    i cant help but think of jared dines djent reference whenever i listen to this song

    Connor Higgerty

    lol totally

  40. Mike Normandy

    it's cool Brandon Butler does co-vocals in this song - Glad they didn't leave on band terms!

  41. GHiZA

    fuck yeah best song ever fuck hate comments

  42. Funk SC

    what in the gay happend to the metal... Fuck

    Adrian Höijer

    why use sexual slurs lel

    Mr. Person

    Funk SC it's almost like musicians have evolved and some people hate change. Crazy, right?

  43. dead meat

    this sounds like a crown the empire song

  44. Ryan Ainsworth

    Mike Ulanski, your comment is retarded. This song has everything you mentioned and more. Also, how is this generic? Breakdowns and simple djenty chugging is generic, there are tons of bands out there that have that. Your opinion doesn't only suck, it's completely wrong.

  45. Chris H

    Not a fan of this vocalist. His style seems forced and not very natural.

  46. Lisandro Quiñonero


  47. soniclover888888

    Kind of weird to me how the last 3 songs in the album are the ones that got any sort of lyrics or video of some sort. Any reason for that decision?

    zifee mayne

    The only songs that got videos were teleute, phoenix(obv), Aeris, and Mikasa. The last 3 songs on the record were teleute, daenerys and lisbeth.

  48. Seth Rich

    This part doesn't get enough love 2:21 - 2:34

  49. Vicarious 1928


  50. erwin yawoga

    Born of osiris????????>

  51. Mike Dietrich

    You're all so fucking annoying, just listen to the music and quit voicing your shitty opinions, no one gives a fuck.

    Fisty Steve

    Better idea, why dont you get over it and don't tell us whether or not to have an opinion. The singer is basic as fuck, deal with it.

    Adrian Höijer

    stop being such a bitch lol

    carl marker

    dont scroll down if its disrupting your safe space

  52. Polishhammer1232

    lol These comments are full of spilled pocket spaghetti

  53. bike4aday

    Best song on the album. Fuck yes \m/\m/

  54. Mitch OfLeviathan


  55. Naz Idoura

    if only this song was slowed down a littlw

  56. Antiphase

    Veil of Maya!!!!!!

  57. DramaticGoat

    I can fuck with this

  58. Marksman 5147

    Whelp VoM writes album with references to cartoons

    Every FUCKING WEABOO is here now.... RIP you asked for this.

  59. Daniel Davenel


  60. Bryce johnson

    to all the ppl hating, clearly more like it then dislike it cause that's why they are signed and making money for doing something they love, while you are setting in your mom's basement on YouTube talking shit about a bands music.

  61. kurishey _95

    that intro, <3 kills me

  62. megaman416

    this song breaks balls

  63. Garrett Gault

    i felt it in my ass I FELT IT IN MY ASS! hahahaha


    +Garrett Gault You ruined the song for me.. Lol

    Garrett Gault

    +icedragon2812 shit sorry man I just noticed that haha

    Sebastián Benítez

    +Garrett Gault I can't stop fucking laughing at this.

    Garrett Gault

    +Sebastián Benítez haha me either I'll always here it this way now

    Tommy Chappell

    well... this was a good song xD

  64. EE NO TA NA


  65. trent brookins

    2:13 gives me dem chills ayyyyyyyyy

  66. StoneRockGaming

    Really digging this album and the older ones as well. I was recently introduced to this band and I thoroughly enjoy all of the tunes. Ive seen the hate this band is getting for changing. Lay off guys. Like it or don't. But don't crap on the band for trying something new or adapting to a new situation.

  67. Blake Yeo

    2:41 "Search for Good Will Hunting!"

  68. Jesse Bowles

    This song live is sick af

  69. Sneaks Mcgee

    to search for tranquility

    a feeling that can't be found

    it is fabricated through acceptance

    of a broken world

  70. Dainjamouth

    1:46 - 2:08

    I've had this riff in my head for days, such a cool little part to this epic song.


  71. Gabriel Henrique

    Perfect! Fuck off haters

  72. DeathstalkeR

    wow! i really relate to this song! love the instrumental and vocals! this is definitely one if my fave of this year. 😀

  73. Marc-Andre St-Jean

    Saw them live. it was... FUCKIN AWESOME

  74. OMGIDestroyedMatter

    Whoever calls this "generic metalcore/deathcore" is off their damn head!

    This whole album is incredible. The first time listening to it I never never knew what to expect for each track! It's just so different and I think that this band is incredibly creative with their composure and especially with the themes of the album!

  75. Roger Clinton

    That intro is almost entirely ripped from "Living Breathing Something" by The Color Morale.

    Good song tho.

  76. Benito Andrés

    this song pumps me up good!

  77. dakota schweinler

    This sounds like something that my dad would wanna listen to, bring back Brandon, or let me try out... either way would probably be better.

  78. Helena Sulu

    @José David Rojas Guillén

  79. Benjamin Hammond

    a bit of poo came out at 2:24

  80. Mizra Acephalous

    The truth is music can't really be judged beyond opinion there is no definite outline for what is good or bad. . I don't like Elvis but the man is a legend. It is all and only personal opinion based on ones taste.

  81. UglyStru

    1:16 holy shit

  82. Andie Garcia

    All I can say about this track...... "AND THE LAKERS WIN, AT EVERYTHING" .... LMAO. What a hilarious chorus line.

  83. Brett Williams


  84. LankeyKong_with_an_AK47

    358 people who viewd this, dont even lift

  85. messengercrow

    I actually became a VoM fan after the introduction of the new vocalist. They even sound more technical in this album. So suck it up haters.

  86. Total Metal Promotions

    Orgasmic. I can't listen to this song enough.

  87. bellysleeper

    I make videos like this if anyone's interested. HMU.

  88. ZigZag

    when that first riff drops...HHHNNNGGGG

  89. Devin Williams

    I think it's funny seeing all these people talk shit about the new vocalist. I have never liked Veil. I've tried, just couldn't get into them at all. But this is album is so much better written musically (in my opinion) than any other of their albums. And the new vocalist is great. I like singing. I can't stand bands that only scream. Some are good but it's just not my thing, So far this is probably my favorite album of 2015.

  90. Noel Rambo

    man i miss brandon!!!

  91. Max G

    This song is pretty much an improved version of Wounds from A Common Man's Collapse. The intros are basically the same.

  92. Sean O'Callaghan

    The beginning almost sounds like The Color Morale's Living Breathing Something, anyone?

  93. James McCartney

    The whole beginning sounds so similar to The Color Morale - Living Breathing Something. NOT saying it sounds better, just saying I get the same vibe from the intro.

  94. Skeletonn_

    "Oh no clean vocals means $$$

    Fuck off and just listen.

  95. michael williams

    1:45 reminds me of the new Job for a Cowboy album and I love it!

  96. Dylan Williams

    I do honestly think the new VOM might be a step down in creativity compared to their older stuff.. its just not catchin me like the rest. Definately not bad though, i can force my self into it i guess

  97. Jagerz

    Music and life gets better when you learn how to play an instrument. Learn how to play an instrument and your once-useless brains can put everything into context. If you don't play an instrument, your opinion not only means nothing to me, but it means nothing at all. Learn to enjoy music for what it is.

  98. BrandenBarber

    this song, plus the gym.... GAINS.

  99. Glove Ripper

    I'm a HUGE VoM fan! And I have been for years. I believe this is a step in the right direction. I also believe Lukas is a better vocalist than Brandon. Fuck me right?! Don't like the new VoM? Then fuck off! You were never a real fan in the first place.