Veil Of Maya - Nyu Lyrics

Enslaved in a place that's referred to as home
We are all too afraid to be cast out alone
Our strength is unknown
They claim the end to be imminent

Though we live on

We must make amends
There is only one way that this can end

Enslaved in a place
We are too afraid
Enslaved in a place we call home

I'm still fucking numb

We must make amends
There is only one way that this can end

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Veil Of Maya Nyu Comments
  1. Hansol

    i forgot how insane these chug patterns were on this song holy..

  2. V V second channel

    Enslaved in a place that's referred to as home
    We are all too afraid to be cast out alone
    Our strength is unknown
    They claim the end to be imminent

    Though we live on

    We must make amends
    There is only one way that this can end

    Enslaved in a place
    We are too afraid
    Enslaved in a place we call home

    I'm still fucking numb

    We must make amends
    There is only one way that this can end

  3. Yami-chan

    Weeb of Maya

  4. ShatterMusic

    These guys song predicted by Anime

    Pentex Sucks

    How do predict something that already happened?

  5. ShatterMusic

    Elfen Lied

  6. G Nava

    All that touring throughout Florida and you fuckers aren't coming to Jacksonville?? Fuck off!! 🖕🖕

  7. Pentex Sucks

    Veil of Elfen

  8. XIIKO
    Kaali was a demon

  9. Daniel Johnstone

    The drums sound programmed

  10. Porkchop Jefferson

    Periphery changed their name?

  11. Alan j hullinger

    what tuning is this

  12. Stuart Baillie

    All these people saying these vocals suck! Best ones they've had so far as well as the style of guitar riffs their using.

  13. NoSanity

    This is now the new opening for Elfen Lied.


    What's your pfp? I wanna make it my pfp

  14. MrFRNTIK

    I always get the urge to play Killing Floor when I listen to Veil of Maya

  15. Indistinct Figures

    47 people felt like being rebellious

  16. Nightchair Records

    Veil of Meshuggah

  17. Yamazhaky Willian

    BR PORRA! O/

  18. Harun Vazquez

    Veil of Periphery


    Harun Vazquez more like veil of meshuggah

  19. Joey Hanna


  20. VenomSpreader

    aaaah that opening riff makes my brain so happy \m/

  21. brian fig

    Fucking banger

  22. Luscious

    This is about Elfen lied

  23. tristananvilcaster


  24. khrom

    band full of fuckin' weebs
    not that i'm complaining.

  25. Vertedero De Kirai

    <3 veil of maya <3

  26. Tom Guerrero

    so much fucking groove, this album is my all time favorite right now


    I'm just gonna say the artwork on this album is siiicckk. And oh yeah, IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME.


    kristennification too bad their new vocalist is horrid


    Could be better yes, but I gotta say I kinda like it.


    +EliPorterMahn What? He's seriously insane. Stop clinging to the past. Things change. People move on. You should too.

  28. Andy S

    after all these years they still make short songs as fuck xp

    Ethan Navarro

    +wolf well said


    what if it lacks both?

    Colin Kurtzweil

    +wolf agreed

    hugo pereira

    it doesn't tho, this intro is a complete banger. what a way to start an album.

    Joey Hanna

    jason G short and sweet

  29. Nik core

    Elfen Lied ♡

  30. Chris Conner

    Veil does sound like Meshuggah, total compliment!!

  31. Hrafnaguð

    Elfen Lied thall is best thall

  32. LIJ4Productions

    searched up "Weeaboo trashed" and Veil of Maya was in the suggestion


    and btw no im not hating, i love VoM

  33. A t o m i Z e J

    Lol Breakdown..rolls car..dies

  34. TheTurpinator

    Are these grooves even legal?
    Sounds like a djentier version of TesseracT, very nice, idk how i missed this song before.

  35. bloozism

    Wooo boy do these guys have some garbage taste in anime, and video games for that matter.

    Flame Emerald

    bloozism ._. ... Keep your dumbass opinions to yourself please... thank you... have a nice day

  36. Eli Was

    Everytime this song plays, i just want to jump in the pit and sacrifice souls! 😶

  37. Richard Dantz

    0:53 to 1:12. Is that Rage Against the Machine? Haha I love You VoM!

    Jay Sampson

    what the fuck are you talking about

    Richard Dantz

    Guess you didn't see the interview. Sorry? I think?

  38. Fishyfishyfishy FishyFishyFishy

    Elfen Lied references? Interesting. What happened to Brandon? I'll stick to The Common Man's Collapse. Nostalgia. Pillars still rips.

  39. Ben Haze

    Fkin awsome

  40. Shlomo Goldstein

    Fuking weaboos need to take their shit taste in waifus and kill themselves

    Sodie Pops

    fukn weebs


    +Scholomo Goldstein says te one with an anime profile picture

  41. Mike Lariviere

    Anyone else see them at the palladium on saturday?

  42. Monster Fukk

    Ever since they got a new vocalist this band got extremely cringey.

  43. Kern O'Leary

    elfen lied is sweet

  44. XxD0MINUSxX

    I fucking love Elfen Lied..

  45. marianasreality

    Love this album!

  46. LunedKarina Yuujirou

    Fuck Vocals!

  47. Fukengruven23

    Kusanagi from GitS

  48. mummas shack


  49. Stickman Zed

    Seeing these guys on Sunday (June 14)!  Pumped as fuck!

  50. Jordan

    veil of maya is such a technical band, that's why I love them so much

  51. Maria Ionescu

    Elfen Lied much? They even have another song named Lucy.

  52. キティニャー

    red wvyy

  53. Lawrbear

    Bruh that's a smelly ass groove

  54. Brutalious

    Holy Meshuggah!

  55. Mario Fratipietro

    i see diclonius :D

  56. celark

    I thought Three-Fifty was a reference to South Park and the Loch Ness monster in Chef's dad's story about it trying to take tree fiddy from them.

  57. LankeyKong_with_an_AK47

    Holy fuck. The second my pre workout kicked in during this song, I transcended to a whole nother level of super saiyan.

  58. Jesus H

    That breakdown that hits at 1:14 is one of the most brutal moments on this album. Fuck

  59. Ryan's Race Reviews


    Enslaved in a place that's referred to as home
    We are all too afraid to be cast out alone
    Our strength is unknown
    They claim the end to be imminent

    Though we live on

    We must make amends
    There is only one way that this can end

    Enslaved in a place
    We are too afraid
    Enslaved in a place we call home

    I'm still fucking numb

    We must make amends
    There is only one way that this can end

  60. mo kyubi

    This Original Genre Progressive/Technical Deathcore

  61. spadorade

    I rolled my car at 60 mph to this song on the highway yesterday morning. The car is absolutely totaled, had to kick out the driver side window to get out. I'm so lucky to be alive and enjoying Veil of Maya today!

    Jesus H

    Wow. I hope it was during that breakdown that hits at 1:14. I would totally be fine with rolling a car during that.

    Sir Kyrxon

    +spadorade Try a piece of crap car thats old and can red line at 120mph out of 140 :p That shortened the batteries life the next 3 times i started up the car

    Johnny Martinez

    Glad your still here today fam to enjoy life and great music like VOM 🙌 #GodBless you

  62. Cole Jordan


  63. The Dj0ntening

    The Weeaboo Album?

  64. Aaron Paul

    Trying to bring wounds back eh

  65. neville6402

    delicious and tasty, i like it!?

  66. Spencer Vogelbach

    This is definitely on par with The Mixture by Volumes for most djenty album opening.

  67. TreyHenryGuitars


  68. Kawaii Imouto


    Pentex Sucks

    Just weeaboo-core. If it had any remains of Tumblr they'd be complaining about men and genders

  69. Gerardo Loya

    Nyu nyu??

  70. PHUCKifailed

    Marc: okay guys listen we need atleast 1 song with no cleans to please the brutal d00ds
    Lukas: ugh fine but no longer than 2 minutes cause i can't stand that shit lol


    @PHUCKifailed Marc: pleaase lukas one more song with no cleans?
    Lukas: oaky but i wanna do this dumb thing in the middle of the song that i repeat over and over and it's gotta be something stupid as fuck like "WHILE I WATCH YOU DIE" and i will do that half scream/half whine thing the fans will LOVE IT


    @PHUCKifailed All jokes aside i love veil of maya (marc sam danny) but this new guy has room for improvement. It feels like Veil of Maya minus the false chord lows. I wish them the best of luck on their journey to become the greatest band of all time whether that be a heavy metal band or a band with a broad range of styles.


    how is this so brutal

  72. Tormented

    i just wish they didn't go back to getting a fry vocalist like they did with Adam on their first album. There's something about fry vocals and Veil of Maya that just don't sound good to me and I don't know what it is, fry vocals just aren't powerful enough for this band I guess. Butler and his extremely heavy false chord growls/screams were meant for VoM, I wish he never left. I'll still check this album out though because at least Okubo is still there and he was 3/4 the reason why I ever loved VoM for the past couple years anyway.

    Cody Hardy

    +TehKrakerzGuy I prefer this!

    B Vaught

    +Jamie Herrington okay dude you don't know shit about screaming or vocals


    I don't think anyone in youtube comments knows shit about vocals lmao

    Marksman 5147

    omfg 😂😂 how retarded do you have to be to think that theres a single guttural lol


    Lukas > Butler.

  73. Noah Papafagos

    Elfen Lied anyone? Lol

  74. chzzyg269

    This band all the sudden has that "trying to go commercial" sound to them.  It sounds fake.  Too many studio effects.

    Jackson Furlong

    I can see what you mean but really, even the commercial people still wouldn't like this as much as the amity affliction/northlane. They're just trying something different


    I agree, can't penalize them on trying something new.  This band took a direction that I was hoping they wouldn't go.  I like my metal raw, and not so prettied up with layers and layers of studio effects.  Most of all, no singing unless it's a dedicated ballad of some kind.  

  75. Smithysmithin

    I hate making my 2 favorites songs based on titles/subjects, just because they're anime, but i think Nyu and Mikasa are my favorite.

    Maria Ionescu

    What about Lucy? It could refer to both Elfen Lied and Fairy Tail xD


    True that! But i love Mikasa specifically haha and Nyu, because..... NYU!

  76. vyxins

    I wish they made some of their songs longer

  77. Shawn Kade

    Nyu (Elfen Lied)
    Leeloo (The Fifth Element)
    Ellie (The Last Of Us)
    Lucy (Martyrs)
    Mikasa (Attack On Titan)
    Aeris (Final Fantasy VII)
    Three-Fifty (Agent 355 - Y: The Last Man)
    Phoenix (Marvel X-men)
    Teleute (Death - DC comics)
    Daenerys (Game Of Thrones)
    Lisbeth (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo)


    +Shawn Kade The Matriarch would be the high priestess Waifu, Waifu of them all. Which is??

    Dendi Saputra

    +Shawn Kade lol, weeaboo reply this comment


    Elfen lied =best friends I never stop humming it's op tune

    Blood-Crazed Orc

    Shawn Kade I thought three fifty was a south park reference tbh

    Adriana Martin

    Kawaii Imouto definitely not. Elfen lied was really fucking good.

  78. Nizzi Woods

    The best intro this album would have.

  79. Comment Youtube

    Veil Of Meshuggah


    @Kawaii Imouto Really? Their lyrics are some of the best lyrics in all of djent

    Steven0125 Kjl

    +i approve of this Not only are the lyrics amazing, his voice is sheer perfection.


    haha this band can't even touch meshuggah.
    I'm not really here to argue about that, but either way this kind of shit is getting old . this fufu kind of Music is just like Chicago drill rap. everybody sounds the fucking same and it's annoying as hell

    Naki Value

    Comment Youtube meshuggah is garbage

  80. Shawn Kade


    Shawn Kade

    One of their guitarists? They only have one guitarist and he said he has black roots lmao.

    April Perciful

    My bad, still new to this band. I swore I read somewhere that Marc was Japanese and I keep forgetting he's their only guitarist. Peace out, rock on \m/

    Anthony Sprinkel

    +Shawn Kade Not sure why I hadn't saw this comment before. I'm geeking hard.

    zifee mayne

    He's black/Japanese mix


    (sithu aye)

  81. Shawn Kade


  82. Lito'sForum

    Heard all these songs 5 days early 😎😋

  83. tristananvilcaster

    So sick!

  84. MetalMania


  85. Engelbert Twinkleton

    As the highly skilled reddit moderator of /r/djent I can safely say that this album is now BANNED for its excessive use of cleans. This song is a perfect example of how cleans have ruined the djent scene. Any redditors listening to this album on /r/djent will be shadowbanned. Now I am off to listen to Issues, one of the original djent bands and not this posercore.

    Engelbert Twinkleton, esteemed redditor, moderator of /r/djent, /r/metal and visitor of over THREE djent concerts (2 without my parents).

    edit: thanks for the geld kind reddit stranger!!!


    @Engelbert Twinkleton God dammit, I was like "cleans? What?" actually re-listened to the song after reading this. GG

    The Struggle

    @Engelbert Twinkleton *Tips Fedora


    Oh yeah. Nice fedora


    Clean? You mean compressed? Learn to terms newfag.

    SomeStupid ldiot

    Fuck you man, my stomach hurts from laughing so hard.

  86. Nikolas Hagialas

    Nyu Nyu!

  87. U FUKIN WOT M8


  88. Statics

    3 songs named after animes.... cool :P

    Elliott Mansfield

    Aeris is Final Fantasy

    Shawn Kade

    @Morfy Lisbeth is from "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo"


    Yeah! I was right :D

    R. Ramos

    You're right! I thought about Lisbeth from SAO because there were other songs related to animes, it was kind of inevitable to me. :P


    +R. Ramos Lisbeth refers to The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo