Veil Of Maya - Namaste Lyrics

We will stand, make this place our own
One day we will leave it behind
We will stand, make this place our own
And one day leave it all behind [2x]

There is a place
An isle of non-existence created by our drive to live
Somewhere other than reality
We must sacrifice to survive, others try to take and deprive

Live together, die alone [2x]

Created by our drive to live
Fight on until it's known, our purpose, our being here
Must be a sign to the path, to the path we must take
From the sky a black smoke engulfs our minds, our souls, our minds ( our minds) (our souls)
We fight on until it is known, our purpose
This is the path
The path we must take
We will stand make this place our own
One day we will leave it behind
We will stand, make this place our own
And one day leave it all behind

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Veil Of Maya Namaste Comments
  1. Butt Bandit

    Still blasting in 2020

  2. Star Fox

    Heard this about 8 years ago. Still shitting on others !!!

  3. ehBORRISeh

    how that verse drops is to hard.

  4. ehBORRISeh

    the verse is way to hard for me even to comprehend.

  5. Baratinha DJ

    The djent is way too much to handle.

  6. i am Hindu and i support god

    namaste from India

  7. scotty smith

    I love Lost and I love old VOM

  8. Brandon Toft

    Are they referencing 'Lost' in this song? Lol

    Brandon Toft

    Nevermind, they are DEFINITELY referencing Lost with this song.

  9. Gonza E

    0:38 ayy lmao

  10. Chris White

    I didn't even watch Lost, but basing those rhythm patterns on the numbers is bloody genius.

  11. Benzedrine Shapiro

    I still really. *Really*. Want the original extended version of this song back.


    +I Kiss Girls So do I so bad I miss that version

    Benzedrine Shapiro

    Yesssss, thanks for telling me man! That extra few bars of intro makes all the difference!

  12. furiouspainable

    on fibonacci suite ;-)

  13. Mojo Risin

    where the fuck is the unmasted version of this song

    Benzedrine Shapiro

    +Mojo Risin Yes! This guy gets it! Holy shit that version was so good.

  14. cosmic_owl4

    rip this complex, technical veil of maya. 


    Hey at least this album exists.


    Their new stuff sucks, it's a shame.

  15. Oier Arcelus

    why do I hear a 7/4 with a 2/4 at the start at 0:30 when the tabs say its a 5/8 an then a 5/4 ?



    Oier Arcelus

    @Boltrz stupid ears...

    Juliette Ringsrud

    Tab that I found says it's all in 7/8

    Benjamin Haworth

    L2 polyrhythm


    I hear 8/4 starting at 0:00 why it switches to 2/4 is beyond me. F-ing polyrythems man

  16. vince guzman

    This song is amazing...happens to be about LOST. (Fade in)

    Convince us

    vince guzman -aye?, for real?

    Convince us

    Lost was fun, I liked.
    Then the finale happened.
    Finally cracked that nut open,...
    ...only to discover it's fuckn empty.


    yeah the intro rythm goes 4, 8, 15, 16, 23 and 42 :D

  17. kxrider70

    The lyrics tho

  18. chode

    The fact that this album has a song about LOST and Dexter is super awesome 


    I was gonna say that! You're awesome for watching those shows!


    Thanks comrade! You're awesome for saying I'm awesome!

  19. edwin nabiallahi

    Can someone find the unmastered version of this song online?

    edwin nabiallahi

    No i didn't, i had one downloaded on my computer too, long time ago. But can't find it on the internet anymore! :(

    edwin nabiallahi

    +sakeido You make me so incredibly happy!! I had the unmastered on my computer years ago, but then removed it. Hate that you can't find it anywhere on the internet now... :(

    edwin nabiallahi

    Holy crap man! I can't thank you enough!! <3

    Mixtli Lozano

    +sakeido dude thank you, like the guy above I had it saved too and lost it somehow. Thought I'd never see it again.

  20. Jaayraaay

    good job man its pretty tough one, but i love figuring out their patterns and writing them down

  21. Jaayraaay

    Ive figured out all of veil of mayas number patterns in their songs and break downs ever since they came out, I love it.

  22. SenzaSenzo

    I would consider Veil of Maya to be technical deathcore, maybe djent as well.

  23. Benzedrine Shapiro

    Yeah, they're technical and have some odd meters in their songs, but their melodic passages and influences are way too core. The band are also fairly urked by the term "Djent". The Common Man's Collapse showcases these influences much better than ID or Eclipse, but even then, their sound is darker and a lot less polished than any "Djent" band.

    Marc Cram

    Yes I an with you...TCMC was the best ever album they've done for how raw and beautiful the darkness was in the songs...I'd they evolved their sounds up and also came Danny

  24. RedSectorX

    Leave it to an apple product to fuck shit up.

  25. ImmortalGurl97

    I know that now, but my iPod sure as hell didn't.

  26. Joe Stack

    What? This is definitely Namaste lol. Mowgli is awesome too thought.

  27. Joe Stack

    Holy shit lol. They chug so hard haha

  28. PublicDisgraceBand

    Να 'μαστε

  29. Bruno Freitas

    1:46 - 1:58 *-*

  30. ImmortalGurl97

    I had both [id] and Eclipse on my iPod and this song was called Mowgli...what the hell?

  31. Gareth Dowdall

    Just started watching lost and my mind is blown.

  32. tapion123

    1:45-1:58 thats one evil riff

  33. Sahr

    "Every breakdown happens for a reason"

  34. Tormented


    "Its" as a possessive word does not have an apostrophe in it ;)


  35. Verrulz

    More Fun Facts : The song "Dark Passenger" is a reference to Dexter, "Winter is coming soon" is a reference to Game of thrones.

  36. Aspacs

    It's true, ragekid.

  37. Tormented

    Considering this band made a song based around Lost, I'm sure they don't "know it" and are fans of the show.

  38. sabotagefate69

    No, I'm pretty sure this is the less you know situation because lost was awful. Throw a bunch of bullshit and then bring it together by wizardry. Lost sucked and everyone knows it.

  39. doctor deepwater

    Ahhhh, VoM, love these guys. The guitar and vocals are amazing. They never seem to disappoint me.

  40. Tormented

    What exactly are you upset about? Lol

  41. Book of Joe

    Yes, you fucking chode.

  42. despondence

    I just opened guitar pro, and shat my pants.

  43. DarkPhantomSky

    Carnifex and Whitechapel are/were creative bands that have a unique style. Check'em out.

  44. Oscar Moshmann

    All my life thinking it was classical. My life is a lie ;_;

  45. Twiliscael

    False, it's face-melting flamingo pop.

  46. FEBRIZIOtv

    which riff/breakdown? number it out im slow. lol please

  47. Kaleb Birdsong

    I'm in the middle of the Lost series right now. When the numbers that correspond to this song popped up in the show I was too excited haha

  48. StevenAlpha97


  49. Lauren Grace

    Chelsea grin sux, always did just like Suicide Silence, Carnifex, Whitechapel, and all the other "DUNK" metal bands who people think are the shit because they just play that one sour ass low note "DUNK DUNKDUNK" then one tech part so you dont die of boredom.

  50. PeenutButterTim

    I know that, but what i'm saying is that by classifying songs as "Djent" you can easily separate in your itunes library stuff like VoM, Volumes and Vildhjarta from stuff like DT and Scale the summit even though all of them are Progressive metal.

  51. William Horn

    Djent is a tone.

  52. potkers

    i thought it's jazz-influenced post-avantgarde trip-hop life metal, thank you guys!

  53. Alejandro Cisneros

    i know the type of band they are, they are just music like the others bands, stop tagging bands and just enjoy it =)

  54. PeenutButterTim

    I will cut you.

  55. PeenutButterTim

    VoM is either Progressive Deathcore or Technical Deathcore if you want to be specific but it is all more general genre of Progressive metal. Djent isn't really a genre though i use it to loosely describe a general group of bands that have a similar sound or tone from Periphery to cloudkicker to Veil of maya to Meshuggah. Essentially Djent is used to describe the heavier side of Progressive metal. It just ensures Dream theater and Intronaut don't get played when i'm in the mood for heavier stuff.

  56. Mavros Provatos


  57. 1nSilence

    Veil Of Maya is indeed Djent/Progressive
    DeathCore = WhiteChapel or Depths of hatred

  58. Nibby

    Anyone got accurate bass tabs for this??

  59. MrTripitz

    Maybe the old Chelsea Grin... The new Chelsea Grin sounds like a bunch of pansies.

  60. Cory Sterczala

    How is this considered deathcore!!? Veil Of Maya sounds nothing like it to me. Chelsea Grin and bands like that sound definitely like deathcore. Veil of maya sounds technical and djentish in my opinion

  61. pitakebabinkosto

    man i got these cheeseburgers

  62. xI FreakzZ

    the drums on this are way too quiet..

  63. The God of Hentai - Guy Fieri

    i use to not be a fan of this band, but then i started to understand how fking epic marc okubo's riffage is and they rule!

  64. adam smith

    God of the underworld that is

  65. TheRockStarExperience

    "you wanna leave?"

  66. Lavaalamp


  67. Lavaalamp

    it's a greeting :P

  68. Gideongames_art

    You guys do know what namaste means right? :)


    The breakdown is written in-key with the mythic numbers from LOST:
    4 8 15 16 23 42

  70. JoshK

    Nah Mastay is how I've heard it

  71. Cole Saunders

    And I'm gonna take a guess and say "Dark Passenger" is about Dexter. Fuckin sick man.

  72. Antranik Zakarian

    I know!

    So awesome... \m/\m/

  73. Cole Saunders

    The lyrics are actually about LOST! "Live together, Die alone"

  74. Ian Jackson

    Fucking ten minute unskippable ad for a fucking cell phone.

    Samsung, please kindly jump into speeding traffic.

  75. Samuel Schofield

    How do you pronounce the name of the song: Is it NA-MASTE

  76. Antranik Zakarian

    4 8 15 16 23 42


  77. Sivrin

    awsome song fucking awsome

  78. ofthesic0133

    we must sacrifice to survive, others try to take and deprive! --- best part of the song

  79. Geo Huete

    ^ thisss

  80. Ian Jackson

    Best fhucking song on the album

  81. Ataraxia

    if you didn't know, count the guitar strums in the beginning: 4 8 1 5 1 6 2 3 4 2, mind blown

  82. Lavaalamp

    it's about the show called Lost, the breakdown is actually really interesting, the kick pedal goes with the numbers on the hatch 4-8-15-16-23-42 i think those are the numbers i forgot tho it's been a while. the breakdown starts at 2:20, listen to the kick pedal it's very unpredictable unless you count the beats

  83. dj kennedy

    this song makes me wet

  84. kasPWI

    1 week left until I see them live.

  85. Ian Jackson

    du fug is dis

  86. Blake Collins

    EVERYONE GET READY. It's tribal-campfire-dance time.


  87. Ian Jackson

    2:05 = uncontrollable headbanging.


    the breakdown in this song is the numbers from lost. 4-8-15-16-23-42

  89. Fenrisulv987

    The whole song is about Lost LOL. Namaste? The Dharma Initiative? Have you ever watched Lost? This song is based entirely on the series Lost, not just a little chunk of the song. If your a Lost fan, and youve watched all 6 seasons, youd recognize that literally every single line in the song references the show. Just so YOU know :)

  90. Tormented

    FUN FACT • • •
    Did you guys know that the breakdowns in this song are actually written in-key to the mythic numbers on the TV series Lost?

    Also, the chorus where he says "Live together, die alone" is a reference to the Lost episode of the same name.

    The MORE YOU KNOW!!!

  91. Felix Bauuer

    death by Veil Of Maya

  92. Ian Jackson

    Best song on the album, imo.

  93. sugabaldt

    @veilofmaya42 God loves them too

  94. Ian Jackson


  95. TheMad Gamer

    vom i cant understand nothing and i like your super music

  96. TheMad Gamer

    oh man vom i cant understand the words u say ant i like u rock

  97. Thaddeus Griffin

    We will stand, make this place our own
    One day we will leave it behind