Veil Of Maya - Members Only Lyrics

Close up the gateway
Enter slowly
No way to safety
Members only

We spark the light
That soars through the midnight sky
Tear through the night
Go run and hide
Or you'll turn to dust inside
Leave us behind

You can't take us all
Your foundation is gone
You will fall
No you can't blame them all
No you can't blame them all
Sirens will echo
Dismantle the shell below
No you can't blame them all
No you can't blame them all

You know
Eyes closed
You know
Eyes closed

Subconscious feed the mind
Not a thoughtless state of mind

You can't take us all
Your foundation is gone
You will fall
No you can't blame them all
No you can't blame them all
Sirens will echo
Dismantle the shell below
No you can't blame them all
No you can't blame them all

Feeding the mind
One thought at a time
Break the design
One piece at a time

No answer
Time to take over the matter
Line shattered
I will aim toward the disaster
We scattered
Now we aim towards the disaster

You can't take us all
Your foundation is gone
You will fall
No you can't blame them all
No you can't blame them all
Sirens will echo
Dismantle the shell below
No you can't blame them all
No you can't blame them all

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Veil Of Maya Members Only Comments
  1. Sinan - 시난

    The start of this song has the exact same patern as MIKASA ! It's so obvious but i love it !

  2. HoboCop92

    stank face activated 2:10

  3. Shawny Shawlts

    Tbh I really like the band and the music, but the vocalists voice gets old fast.. I miss the old veil of maya lineup, listening to these new song is like listening to the same thing over and over again and I'm not saying he's a bad vocalist or anything it's just not my cup of tea and makes it harder for me to listen, just my opinion

  4. Phantom Bubblegum

    This is my first song by them.

  5. replicagl

    members only mothafuqaa!

  6. Anirudh Kumar

    Didn't like it the first time tbh. I'm here after 3 months, and now this is lit

  7. IDNTY

    Hella squashed mix. Sounds good!

  8. Pedro Henrys

    Just wow


    This y'all best song in my opinion keep making stuff like this

  10. Cole Outos

    Hooooooly. New Album when?

  11. Lowell Wolfe

    Periphery II: This Time It's A Ripoff

  12. sheedrock1

    Why can't I find this album anywhere? Is it not out yet?


    What album lol

  13. MelodicCore

    hold beer

  14. 정체이없다

    fuck yes


    Vocals is gai

  16. FuCkInGWhItEcHaPeL

    Marc Okubo drives me nuts sometimes. You know it’s complex music when you have no clue what time signature to headbang in.

  17. Ryool Gagaboogala

    Blue ballz Veil of Maya.
    You know what blue ballz are?

  18. Noely Barraza

    November 2019

    Noely Barraza

    Metal yes

  19. yogi hargiono

    Really good song, can we make it to 1 million views?

    If you agree, just like it 👍

    Djentleman XIII

    This song will get more listens as the album releases. No worries!

  20. Daniel Johnston

    The amount of times I've listen to this song is horrific..

  21. Mazimi

    I like this song and don't get me wrong I like Veil of Maya but god damn it seems like they will never be able to top the absolute brilliance that wast Unbreakable... Kind of adds to the symbolism of that song considering it's name.

  22. soft punk

    they have my attention again :-]

  23. Marco Latreille

    Pathetic. Old VOM Was SO better than this shit

    Djentleman XIII

    Luckily, that material still exists for you to listen to.

  24. ReaderMind Sense

    Love it!!!!

  25. Kayla Evans

    Anyone else get Stranger Things vibes from that synth?? No? ok.

  26. Clutchy LFG

    Sounding like Matriarch again, thank the lord!

  27. Jessie Marsh

    Thanks VoW! 👂🏼💥👌🏻

  28. Aero

    Is this song a direct reference to that Ben Stiller film the watch?

  29. Kyle Enriquez

    Check out this cover I did with Kyle Werner.

    2 times the Kyle in 1 song!

  30. Cletus Kasady

    I thought it was Spencer at first lol

  31. Your Neighbar

    Sees girlfriend without makeup.
    Sings VOM Members Only (chorus) :-
    Your foundation is gone
    You will fall

  32. Noely Barraza

    Sunday NOVEMBER 17 2019

    Noely Barraza

    Metal 2019 yea

    Noely Barraza

    Drum yea metal yea thursday september 12 2019 ok

    Noely Barraza

    And sunday november 17 2019 ok

  33. Noely Barraza

    Metal 2019 vell of maya members only ok

    Noely Barraza

    Sunday november 17 2019 ok

  34. Richard Reney

    Need some we bow in its aura vibes

  35. Joshua Kram

    I really hope this means they are going back to the Matriarch style

    Jason Leber

    Why dknt they just incorporate both? I liked how false idol kept me on the edge of my seat. It was dark, a little unsettling, had great drums, and great hooks.

  36. danny araya

    Periphery already exist. go back to being Veil Of Maya without the forced\try-hard screaming & annoying clean vocals

  37. Roman Simunek

    oh my good !

  38. OurLucidDream

    Awesome, got that Matriarch sound coming back. Was a nicer sound than their most recent album.

  39. Larris The Black Swan

    So let's bring back the old vocalist please.


    2019 and people still be disrespectful like this smh

    Djentleman XIII

    There's a whole catalogue of Brandon Butler for you to revisit if you're that turned off by Lukas.

    I for one welcome the progression.

  40. Alexander Courville

    Matriarch was the first album I heard of these guys. And I really love it. I’m still trying to dive into the other albums. It’ll take time, but I’m ready and willing. As far as this track goes, it gives me a major Matriarch vibe (same producer I believe). And I’m really excited for this new album!!

  41. BECKS oficial

    Listen to VOM is like a mix of Volumes and Periphery


    Nah. They're really they're own thint

  42. Djentile 777

    This slaps nuts, as per usual.

  43. Gabereal Thomas

    Its alright... i wish they would make heavier songs like their eclipse album

  44. Skeleton Rocker Gaming

    Gave up on this band years ago when they changed frontmen and added cleans. They went from unique and brutal to a Periphery clone.

  45. Mariam Aisset

    ''247 assholes could'nt be wrong?????....''

    Me ---

    !!!! YOU CANT TAKE US ALL !!!!!!

  46. Silvia GAray

    2019 meral yea

    Silvia GAray

    2019 metal yea

    Silvia GAray

    drum up december 1 2019

  47. The homefront gamer 21

    Mikasa vibes :3

  48. The homefront gamer 21

    who here has been to a VOM concert?


    Technically. I saw them at Warped Tour. Would love to see the newer stuff though. I saw them when Matriarch was their only album with Lukas.

  49. gory gore

    wow this is epic

  50. MeatSim

    In response to Stranger Things: Season 3. "You can't blame the mall."

  51. Haven Lewis

    So is this just a single release? Or is a new album on it's way?

  52. Nathan Polk

    The first time I heard VoM, I was 18 and I went to the Vom/Unearth/Psychroptic/Dying Fetus concert in Little Rock, AR. They played Wounds/Crawlback when they had Brandon as their vocalist playing the "Common Man's Collapse" album, and I cried real tears listening for the first time. They still freaking blow the roof off the music industry!

  53. Cory Christopherson

    Definitely prefer their older sound. Still respect the craft.


    Well, it is only one song. They've had a couple all unclean vocal songs on both albums, they'll probably have one or two on this one, too.

  54. bizzarepop

    Abi kapıda kalmışsın, çay iç.

  55. A t o m i Z e J

    Epic proportions my dudes!!!!

  56. Frank Marano

    Badass stuff, a lot like mikasa

  57. Darksolar7

    Liking the new style veil of maya did 🤟

  58. roflcakes

    Album incoming?

  59. Project Blue Book

    pure trash

  60. Kam Cambyses

    Falling apart by Papa Roach has similar intro

  61. Aozora

    This is some good shit! Love the melodies and mix. You guys make some quality ass music

  62. Jesse Jacques

    Shrooms and this song= perfection

  63. Matt Vaughn

    This is great. 6 bags of 🍿. 2 bags of 🥤.

  64. BigMouthPrick 33

    Great 👌👌

  65. Bloody Oneiric

    Divide paths woooooooo!!!

  66. Pablo Hansen

    They will never stop being the best Metalcore band 😎🤙🏽
    Greetings from Argentina

  67. Cesar Rivera DBZ

    que rica cancion !!

  68. Leon S. Kennedy


    If anyone else doesn't get a strong Volumes vibe from this, then I must be completely ignorant.

  69. Kyle Conaghan

    This song is indeed more catchy than a commercial fishing net.

  70. Krzysztof Toczek

    3:00 until end = Mikasa._. but i like the little shout to one of their best tunes.

  71. Adam Wolfgram

    Somebody accidentally put the Veil of Maya logo on a Periphery video xD. All joking aside, this fucking jamsss.

  72. b00ty bu77ch33ks

    Wtf is this? I havent heard them since eclipse. Did they get a new vocalist?


    Yes they did. They've had 2 full albums with him, Matriarch and False Idol.

    b00ty bu77ch33ks

    @slippy318 that's a bummer. The new vocalist is nowhere near as good. Their new album doesn't even sound like veil of maya


    @b00ty bu77ch33ks Its definitely not for everyone. I'm not too into False Idol. Pool Spray is pretty good though. Matriarch however, is a solid album imo.

  73. troy barnhouse

    So stoked for a new album. You guys are so rad.

  74. ShitBird

    This is some Pussy shit lol


    So u r a pussy? Lol

  75. Braden Nielsen

    Me: tries walking into a Costco
    Veil of Maya:

    Alexander Courville

    Braden Nielsen lolll

  76. MrLordofrock

    Too much autotune guys lol

  77. Felipe Farias

    que en paz descanse vom :(


    No, qué te pasa

  78. Fit Machoman

    One of the best bands of all time HANDS DOWN!!!!

  79. Peanut RBuckle

    The lyrics make no fucking sense

  80. Shrugging Swampert

    As much as I want to like anything Veil of Maya this ain't it for me. And that's okay 🤔

  81. Courtney rose

    Well fuck.. I'm in love🤘🏼🖤❤

  82. augusto penas palmeira

    miss the id sound

  83. Darral Peoples

    Use a Keytar at concerts. Please

  84. MattSerj

    Very happy that this is closer to Matriarch than False Idol. This slaps.

  85. BaumXmedia

    Sweet production, the song is great !

  86. Ilham Maulidana

    So sick man.. Very love this.. \m/

  87. The homefront gamer 21

    Ngl if someone played this at a school talent show i will be extremely happy for my entire life

  88. SoapyTaco

    Really digging the new song and their new direction but I have to admit that I liked the Brandon vocals era more

  89. Iam NoOne

    2001, is that you?!?!?! Rock is alive and well!

  90. Andrew Barr

    Larson smashing it on this mix. Wow. Great jobs to everyone involved

  91. Produção De Ferros

    Great fckin sound as always

  92. jacoby.p

    That synth makes this even more amazing

  93. no name Available

    I can appreciate the vocal dynamics, but I would really like to hear more clean vocals from Lukas. He possesses a strong voice and is masterful at melodies.

  94. Just Mute

    Got mad Tesseract feels

  95. Michael Martinez

    that breakdown @2:10 though \m/

  96. Logan Par

    Omg so excited I had no idea

  97. Deborah DiPerna

    I do not bow in this aura.