Veil Of Maya - Lucy Lyrics

Fallacy is disease
Watched over and guarded

Caught between life and pride
(Carry us)
Rupture the means of those who hold power

Our enforcers have failed
What if failure was always imminent
The future consumes negligence of the past

Our platform bears and bestows intellect
What was once feared is now embraced

This is a time of transcendence
Our ascension, an immaculate rise
Shall reign in the new world

We are forever
We are always
To this, there is no end

Our platform bears and bestows intellect
What was once feared is now embraced
The answers are stitched in the bones of society

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Veil Of Maya Lucy Comments
  1. Bel Vermillion

    "What if failure is always imminent..." @0:39 is got to be my favorite vocal line in this goddamn song

  2. zevex747

    LOL there's two from Elfen Lied, for the two sides of Lucy/Nyu. Sick juxtaposition. The Lucy parts of Elfen Lied were the good ones.

    EDIT: nevermind, I read an interview from VoM where they said it was supposed to be "Lucie" from the movie Martyrs

  3. カツカよもたか

    I love this song 😍

  4. Kaleb Smith

    Is it just me, or does the singer sound like Spencer from periphery?

    Mike DLS

    Almost, but I'm sure they use the same singing/screaming techniques

  5. Miguel Monroy

    Oh god that's loud

  6. qwenton mendez

    favorite band

  7. RED VELVET 벨벳

    “Watched over and guarded” / “Rain in the new world” this song is definitely about Lucy from Elfen Lied

  8. IndecisiveConclusion

    that drop at 50 seconds damnnn!!!

  9. Severed Shadow

    This album is my crack! Can't stop it

  10. Matthew Eble

    Best song on the album


    So fire 🔥

  11. scott -

    My favorite song on this album w leeloo and mikasa as a close second

  12. jcnad890


  13. Marcos Souza

    1:36 That part is so Periphery omg

  14. Alex The visco

    que bonita manera de levantarme con un buen metal jarcor yeeee nigi

  15. All I

    una mierda total brandon butler miss you man

    Nik core

    no tenes oido pendejo

  16. meth0d

    Fun fact: This was the first song written for Matriarch. Was supposed to be released back in 2013 when VoM had planned to release a small EP, but ended up scrapping the idea.

    Nathaniel Prater

    Fuck yeah!

  17. Litrahu

    VoM deserves some credit for making such an amazing chorus on this one

    Tom Guerrero

    true. true af


    This album is a huge step up, I think common man's collapse will always be their best album, but this shit is the bee's knees.

  18. j1m150n

    try playing this after playing Lucy by Skillet. it will fuck you over faster than you can say "damn that's djent". love both songs btw

  19. JF Klumb95

    Going to see these guys at The Key Club in Leeds in September!!

  20. Tom Guerrero

    that eerie guitar in the background of the chorus is so fucking excellent. when he says "what was once feared, is now embraced" I get fucking chills up my spine.

  21. Tom Guerrero

    Thoughts of Lucys vectors <3 brutal bitch

    Flame Emerald

    Tom Guerrero yaaaaz

  22. spzces

    really good

    Tom Guerrero

    yah, ridiculously good

  23. Luke Kilgore

    Oh my god that bass line

  24. Charlie Kelly

    First good track of the album

  25. Fer Lechuga

    This is one of my favorite of the album ❤️

  26. Kelby Miller

    that riff at the the beginning . that's all I need to get off

  27. Garrett Holcombe


  28. Yan Akbar

    classy bass ahhhh 😂

  29. Yan Akbar

    classy bass ahhhh 😂

  30. Jasin Augustus

    I fail to see any correlation between the lyrics and any of the characters these songs are supposedly written to revere. Severe let down.

    Memento Mori

    +Jasin Elric Then you clearly don't understand them.

    Jasin Augustus

    @Selfish Eyes
    Yeah that's the problem.  My lack of knowledge of Elfen Lied.  That's far more likely than this band using unrelated lyrics for song titles of anime character names to appeal to a growing trend.

    Rimaiuna play

    No elfen lied is nyu god damn


    Rimaiuna play This is, too, damn.

  31. The Last Of Gamers

    Dat opening tho

  32. Shadow Doffy

    0:48 this breakdown gives me a reason to live

  33. Yasser Kerbushi

    Best track from Matriarch

    Tom Guerrero

    the writer that is lol

    Yasser Kerbushi

    @Tom Guerrero Yea and he's not in good health recently so it's a worrisome situation. That being said. I'm excited for the new Anime they're working on. Finally we'll see the Black Sowrdsman Arc animated. It'll air in July!

    Tom Guerrero

    I've seen all three, is this a different one? Like they made even more?!

    Yasser Kerbushi

    @Tom Guerrero Not the golden arc trilogy movies. They're continuing the events after the Eclipse. It's gonna be an anime series not movie. But we don't know how many episodes yet.

    Tom Guerrero

    Beyond stoked, i didnt even KNOW that.

  34. //pariah


    stank face activated.

    Jeff Behm

    are you me

  35. Ryan Bradley

    Catfish Soup

  36. mark fifield

    So many throwbacks in this song

  37. seven

    yeah I can dig it

    Jon Stevens

    +sev Well the song *is* about you...

  38. Ben guidi

    Where can I buy this whole album?

  39. Tony Allain


    Tony Allain

    I know it's "bones" just didn't know that til I read the lyrics from the booklet rofl.

  40. aHundough

    Does anyone else notice that the bass part around 2:00 sounds exactly like the tone you get when Songsterr is playing back a tab to you

  41. Brent Ingle

    I fucking love old VoM, and this is even better!!

  42. yung gus

    but are the answers stitched in the balls of society?

  43. zifee mayne

    How come the internet has no tabs of more than half these songs, i mean yea this shits new but damn i wanna learn it all without using mah ears. Good shit btw.

  44. MegaStevie1990

    Love the new direction with the clean vocals! I actually really like his voice.

  45. Sick6Da Drummer

    The break down reminds me off Thrice when they played their song "Eclipse"
    I still like Veil of Maya even without Brandon

    But still stick to the roots of the sound

    Clean song tho :)

  46. Jamie Herrington

    Anyone else hear influence from Protest the Hero's song Bloodmeat?

  47. Hazil Roque

    Holy shit. I haven't watched Elfin Lied since like 5th grade lmfao.

  48. TheSquishiestManatee

    1:48 Jesus Christ the Bass melts my face

  49. Andrei lydian

    did they name their songs lucy and nyu after the anime characters from elfen lied?

    John Ray Ordas

    +Andrei lydian Yep they did, also...Aeris Final Fantasy, Ellie The Last of Us, Mikasa AoT

  50. MikeG. Breuer

    The vocals are awesome. Amazing highs. Reminds me of Oh, Sleeper/Periphery vocally. But that's just me. I honestly haven't really been a longtime fan of VOM but I really am liking this new direction and the positive melodic side is nice. But I admit the older material is "heavier".

  51. Tim Lee

    is the last repeated line a Shingeki No Kyojin reference? The titan in the wall?

  52. Tony Satonam

    1:47 - 2:14 = Win

  53. Nocturnal Productions

    This is cool

  54. Dakota Buller

    That new Veil Of Maya though.

  55. myamotomusashiful

    he Kylian...

  56. Bak Jok

    Zandbak moet poepen maar het lukt niet

  57. dlangeryt

    strong album, awesome references to strong female characters in the song titles.

  58. nunolance23

    Dayum dat bass tho

  59. Marceau Roy

    My girlfriend name ❤

  60. Alex Menendez

    0:48 Entry Level Exit Wounds :)

  61. Nyluka

    One of my favourite band with my beloved Elfen Lied. I'm so happy *-*

  62. Delete This

    so im guessing Nyu and Lucy are referencing Elfen Lied?

    Rimaiuna play

    i would say nyuo for elfen lied, lucy for lucy, mikasa snk, daenerys G.O.T, Aeris final fantasy

  63. bignickthegreat

    This rocks my socks

  64. Ryan's Race Reviews


    Fallacy is disease
    Watched over and guarded

    Caught between life and pride
    (Carry us)
    Rupture the means of those who hold power

    Our enforcers have failed
    What if failure was always imminent
    The future consumes negligence of the past

    Our platform bears and bestows intellect
    What was once feared is now embraced

    This is a time of transcendence
    Our ascension, an immaculate rise
    Shall reign in the new world

    We are forever
    We are always
    To this, there is no end

    Our platform bears and bestows intellect
    What was once feared is now embraced
    The answers are stitched in the bones of society

  65. Alvin Yang

    Wouldn't it be cool if they threw in a bit of the melody from Lilium?

    Alvin Yang

    @Amane Mizuhashi Well that's slightly different. They put the melody after the actual song. I meant they imply the melody in the instruments or vocals somewhere.

    Amane Mizuhashi

    @Alvin Yang I know, but that was the only song I could think of when I read your comment >< Oh well.

    Alvin Yang

    @Amane Mizuhashi Ahh alright fair enough XP

    Amane Mizuhashi

    @Alvin Yang So, you wanna vote this album as the "NERDIEST ALBUM OF 2015"?


    I was expecting some Lilium in 1:36, accounting to the "mysterious-sounding" melody.

  66. *The MeTaL giRLiE*

    The end though... 😂😜🙆👽💋👑👑
    Is that a MISTAKE or NAHHHHHH

  67. kknyrass

    this song is a trio of sever the voices, its not safe to swim today, and a spiced up version of subject zero. love it

    Cody Haywood

    Why aren't you posting anymore videos dude?

  68. Necacal

    Is  there a shirt with this album's logo on it? Can't find it anywhere.

  69. Seth Wilson

    Definitely the most "INTENSE" of all the "Ladies Tracks" of this album. I love how Marc and the new vocals can make a sexy connection on this track and show us that the new Veil can be something experimental and tribunal for the old fans such as myself.

  70. Eli Minatedajoos

    Now i know why Marc said the album would sound a lot more feminine...

  71. MCAdrien9606

    I spotted ALOT of parts from different older songs put together. Subtle but genius!

  72. Steven Akerley

    I can here a subject zero influence!

  73. upriseandfall

    I sorta do think this is a double entendre. Lucy of course going towards that anime but the album art work is a fractal and any person who has ever tripped can spot an acid head anywhere.

  74. Eric Nelson

    This song hits! Dayum!

  75. Imperial Baesist

    So is it a bass tapping at the 1:37 mark or is it Marc using the new 7? It sounds like bass to me

  76. Michael Kresner

    Love this album

  77. David Lee

    This is my new favorite band 8) Having songs named after Japanese animated characters just makes it even more awesome, and the music! Very talented musicians !

  78. andrew E

    Like that one the best thanks!

  79. J Bowen

    Easily favorite song. So So So So So SOooOoOoOooOOO catchy, especially those cleans.. dear god...

  80. Christian Henry

    who produced this album? Sounds so good.

    Tom Bryant

    Taylor Larson

  81. PHUCKifailed

    My favorite song but the last 20 seconds are straight up annoying as fuck XD

  82. tristananvilcaster

    Better than their older stuff

    Hybrid Spektar

    @tristananvilcaster Their older stuff was really good don't get me wrong. But it didn't have the variation their new stuff has. The variation redefines them. They're not just screaming through a song, their mixing it up doing things they've never done before and I respect them for branching out like they have. I have alot of respect for bands who do things different, but if a band lowers themselves to the point that they sounds like a mainstream artist, all bets are off.

    Top Floor Inc

    @KINGPORTH clean vocals was a good decision. Still brutal, but more melodic. Ive never been a big fan and ive only heard select stuff from previous albums so take my opinion for what it is, but i like this better from what ive heard

    Collin Aldridge

    Not at all objectively viewing the music aside from the vocals. This song happens to be AS good, but no where close to better than TCMC or [id]. Almost every second of TCMC shits on new VoM.


    Tbh, I am a new fan of VoM and I prefer a lot of their new stuff. It's mainly because the new songs have more melody that make them more enjoyable for a larger spectrum of fans. And that's coming from the perspective of someone who enjoys music from other genres, including some mainstream artists such as Slipknot.

  83. Annie Leonhardt

    That part of most epic!!!
    *It has an orgasm*

  84. Benjamin Lim

    sounds like misha mansoor wrote that first riff ngl

    Baconofthe Ark

    This band sounds like Periphery, maybe he helped them produced with Tosin. :D

    Tyrel Lynes

    Benjamin Lim I read somewhere once a while back saying that spencer sotello helped produce the vocals, I could be wrong though idk.

  85. Jake Stewart

    Dat Bass sweep

  86. Tim Medic

    That bass line doe

    Fernando Macias

    He plays those arpeggios live too! (:

    Tim Medic

    nice i could have seen them with entheos but im stupid :(


    @Tim Medic word

    Nicholi Ohbronovich

    +djentledavis Your name is great

  87. trcyvghbj sdxfcghjbk

    New Veil sucks? Go fuck yourself with a hamster. This is their best album. Much better composition and production. I'd like to see Subject Zero with this kind of sound.


    Yes. Definitely intriguing.

    trcyvghbj sdxfcghjbk

    Imagine all the people... fucking hamster's hole... yuhuuu uuuh uuuhh (8)


    @horizoniki ever wonder why it's called xHamster? kappa


    @Nightshadow697 lol.


    @trcyvghbj sdxfcghjbk Agreed, I understand a lot of bands go to shit after a vocalist change but this is definitely not one of those situations. They've definitely progressed to something better.

  88. andrew E

    Does anyone know any bands that sound like 1:48? Mostly like that? Melodic and nicer clean vocals?

    Isaac Gallegos

    Destiny potato not kidding look up their album lun

    Steve Aboagye

    Periphery. Other bands that just sound good: ERRA.

    Zac McTurner

    Skyharbor are great

    Yvens Reboucas

    +Nerio Jose Tovar Acevedo dude, i was getting crazy by kinda recognizing it and still couldn't find the song it was reminding me. That's it! Autotheism has that same notes (or kinda similar) :)


    Give sky eats airplane a shot

  89. Kawaii Imouto

    New singer is a weeaboo confirmed?

    Dao Yang

    Don't forget Mikasa and Aeris

  90. DystopiaX

    This entire album is giving me early Thrice vibes, mostly the vocals.

    Lionheart Studios

    @Dystopia1980 I can hear it a bit now that you mention it

    Ben Leiker

    How so? I love Thrice, but I don't hear much similarity

    Lionheart Studios

    just in the clean vocals I hear a little artist in the amblulance kind of vibe

    Ben Leiker

    I'll have to listen to both albums today. Not complaining one bit lol

  91. Stephen Taranto

    Dat Sever the Voices throwback at 1:10


    @Scracar also sounds a bit like Entry Level Exit Wounds at 0:47

    Sebastian Tinajero

    My exact thoughts

    Branden Nicholls

    @Scracar We miss that '08 vom :( nothing will beat common mans album

    Crest Fallen

    @Scracar what do you mean? I cant really hear anything special

  92. Will

    Who is this song's title referencing?


    @Yung Napkin If you check out their facebook they posted something about Lucy from Elfen Lied and the matriarch album, so most likely Lucy from Elfen Lied

    Erik Wissing

    @Yung Napkin my mom


    @Erik Wissing damn, I knew it!

    Isan Simpson

    @Johnny Lamont except that movie was awful

    John Ray Ordas

    +Will ! A bloody good anime called Elfen Lied. Also, it's literally bloody.

  93. Erikis Rodrigues

    This Song <3

  94. SingSkateScream

    Soooo yummy though

  95. SingSkateScream

    A surprising song. Certainly one of the heavier ones ;)
    Can't wait to fuck with the lyrics on a few of these, even though the few singles you released the lyrics were kinda ehh

  96. start/end

    1:48 the bass <3

  97. The Bob

    This album is the fucking bees knees

  98. Mister Monsterman