Veil Of Maya - It's Torn Away Lyrics

This is the last time I will struggle
The eyes of a million follow each step I take walking further into hell
The weak and willing wither under the weight of their own restraint
We hold an ideal of the way it's supposed to be
Every motion creates a canyon left empty
Slowly the path begins to crumble and split
Destruction lurks waiting to fill the void
While the other motions grief and iridescent light
A sense of knowing and divide, this is a choice in which we all relate
A sense of knowing and divide, grief and iridescent light
This is a choice make up your mind
Following step by step in each of our lives
Eyes always following and watching speaking tongues unknown
Following step by step I go [2x]
It's torn away when I try to hold on [3x]
I grab the end of my senses, dragging them to reality
And as I see who I am now this is the path to being free
I grab the end of my senses, dragging them to reality
And as I see who I am now this is the path to being free
This is the last time I will struggle
The eyes of a million follow each step I take walking further into hell
The weak and willing wither under the weight
We hold an ideal of the way it's supposed to be
Seemingly perfect like a grid composed of dots
Following step by step in each of our lives
Eyes always following and watching speaking tongues unknown
Following step by step I go

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Veil Of Maya It's Torn Away Comments
  1. Lawd Pheer

    This album still musically stumps all of their rest.
    It's not safe to swim today, please go back to this album.

  2. Gio Miranda

    I still listen to this song! #2019

  3. sykesdenali2

    There’s just no way around it. This is VoM at their absolute best, full stop. It makes me sad that we don’t get this type of album often.

    Albums like Nocturnal by TBDM or Planetary Duality by The Faceless. Just 100% solid albums that demand they be listened to front to back that are also filled with deathmetal/core/progdeath/techdeath/melodeath/“whatever other sub-genre you wanna call it” classics.

    I wish the genre would start melting faces again with gnarly riffs rather than all the chugga chug, downtuned open chords and 1/4 tempo breakdowns. I mean, it’s heavy. It’s just boring sometimes.

    lil duwop

    I just recently came across planetary duality by the faceless and i can say its one of my favorites but tcmc is easily my favorite metal album of all time

  4. Zakk Holguin

    Remember when you could easily tell it was VOM 10 seconds into a song?

  5. Archie Watts

    emotion conveyed here is really something.. human struggle and the divine beyond...

  6. Relentless Ohio

    I am 29. I bought this album the day it came out. And hands down one of the best breakdowns ever to this day. It will never get old.

  7. Relentless Ohio

    I think we can all agree 2:22 is "Not Fucking Around Time"

    I still have this album on CD 🤗

  8. Crazy Donut

    Why do they slap so hard

    Curious Fiend

    ...why not.😆🤘

  9. jck 1794

    4:13 my favorite 5 seconds of metal ever

    Muffin Button

    jck 1794 so short but so sweet; half the reason I listen to this song 😂

  10. Shawny Shawlts

    God I miss those vocals.. I miss this veil of maya..

  11. Greyson T

    Slowly the path begins to crumble and schflplit. OOHHH

  12. Maynard Agnew

    What does the lyrics mean?

    Jose Rafael Bermudez

    I think he's trying to say something 🤔

  13. Fred France

    years ago my old boss said you'll change what you listen to when you get older. 10 years later. I GUESS I SEE WHO I AM NOW!

  14. Kris Stephen

    This song sounds so metalcore inna lot of different areas.

  15. Jerrodb5

    This is amazing.

  16. ytsersius

    tbh the intro is the best part for me. those blazing tech death riffs, blast beat drumming and machine gun fills along with the prog time signature changes. this is a masterpiece. we need more metal like this

    Maynard Agnew

    MArk says that maybe its time for another common mans collapse, sadly brandon is not in vom anymore

  17. Skeleton Rowdie

    OHH MY GOD i never heard this album before, awesome!!

  18. carl marker

    so glad i came back to this album such tasty riffs

  19. AGFuzzyPancake

    This whole album is brilliant! Nice fuckin' job VOM. You guys are particularly great live too. Keep it up!

  20. Scott Heffernan

    This band has so much GODAMN potential it's absurd. First 2min I only stayed because the drummer and guitar rifts were amazing. When the vocalist stopped his embarrassing chortling, his screaming was solid AF. He was totally carried by the rest of the band by far though.

    Dustin Rogers


    Rosie Holiday

    idk i mean brandon is a monster. the gurgly false chords he does are so difficult to do, yet the real marvel is his lung capacity. this man sounds just as perfect live which is unheard of with vocalists like this. i mean i have been using, practicing, and performing the same technique he does for three years and i still don’t have a third of his breath control.

  21. Seppukuu

    Song is sick as a whole, but 2:20 really does it for me man.

  22. Stickman Zed

    And to think that I found these guys fantastic during the Eclipse era when I saw them live. HOLY SHIT! This absolutely blows my mind!

  23. Jesse Bowles

    also its all about 4:18 to the end


    YESSS!!! I have always loved that part!

  24. Jesse Bowles

    one of the songs they made that has like no repeats

  25. Guthrie Becker

    one hundred percent, this album from beginning to end, as a guitarist who sometimes dabbles in other instruments, i have to say the musicianship is so beautifully diverse, a rollercoaster ride of emotions with this song to top it off and bring you down the last incline. Reminds me that their are still boundaries to pushed on guitar, start to lose hope with all of the riff and style regurgitation going on these days.

  26. Cursed Chris

    one of my all time favorite songs. I miss this veil so much. I still love them but, man these days were the absolute shit.

    Nordy Z.

    Chris Crowe MIKASA is a really cool song m8

    Cursed Chris

    +Nordy Zirangua I know I like the new album alot, it's just common man's collapse is amazing and I miss the style of it in a way. shit even eclipse was amazing. one of my favorite albums ever. codex on ID I will always jam because it's just so melodically brutal and beautiful.

  27. William Mackie

    been jamming this album again a lot lately; holy fuck i miss this vom so much

    Dirty Dan

    Been jammin this since it was fresh. Named my (now) 7 yr old pet after them. Very sad that they arent still this VoM

    Edward Acevedo

    Me almost everyday

    James Hill

    Word. The only thing I don't like about the new VoM is that they aren't playing riffs like the old VoM.

    Winston Carter

    @James Hill Mark has to be itching to break out his technical riffage my man.

    Felipe Seniceros

    bro even now in 2019 im jammin all this old stuff that has brandon and the new vocalist just doesnt even compare

  28. William Mackie

    3:30 bb pls

  29. BotSimulator2K

    The best

  30. Jake Abshear

    This is the greatest song of all time.

  31. Michael Psyche

    2:20, right there baby, right there.

  32. dkskate

    one of the greatest songs of its kind

    Michael Psyche

    +dkskate Indeed man. I don't know where music is going anymore. Each subgenre of Core is becoming worse and worse. This was the pinnacle of Hardcore and it's Core brothers, along with it's Djenty cousins.

    bro wot

    yeah it's all slowly becoming the same. almost all the bands, especially those pictured in the video are heading in the same direction. there is some good djent out there, but their djentifying influences are just horrible. same screams, same clean vocals, same melodies, no flow, no speed, one string, one chord, boring stuff. like BoO and Periphery and VoM. Three albums - New reign, Common man's collapse and Periphery 1 - best albums of those three bands.

    Michael Psyche

    @Marko Ivančičević The Discovery is BoO's best album in all honesty. The Common Man's Collapse is always going to be the best VoM ever puts out, and as for Periphery, I can't speak for them, as i'm not a fan of them, however, Exist by Reflections will always be their best as well. And.. they went to trash also..

    bro wot

    @Malcefium Mike well. it seems that it is a matter of "to each his own" :D

  33. BeaverChaser

    I've had the 2:58 riff stuck in my head for years now.

    Logan Leet

    A little late, but for me it’s 0:58. I hope there’s still people that respect this for what it is.

    Dirty Dan

    Since 2012. Literally. That riff. Has brought me back everytime.

    mick nukselp

    @Dirty Dan no kidding me too. don't suppose you're maltese?

    Dirty Dan

    @mick nukselp i am not

  34. Antonio Campos

    i will miss this style, personally i didn't like at all the cleans on their new song but is still a good song.

  35. Aaron Hooper

    Wish this had the new singer on it, parts of this song would be great with clean singing.


    Aaron Hooper Ew. Fuck off

    Adolf Hitler

    Aaron Hooper, you must be gay

    luke green

    Im with you mate fuck just screams when you can have cleans and screams eh!


    and that's the reason why alll hardcore VOM fans will love this album over their new shit.

    Frozen Plastic Knife

    KloWn694 Lel

  36. stroodle01588

    Veil of Maya has some fucking amazing work, but this one just gives me goose bumps like no other

    Dark Arts

    @Stroodle01588 yeah but its amazing to get those goose bumps

  37. Jared Alexander

    Everyone is talking about the sequence at 2:58 but god damn this whole song and this whole album makes me feel that way. I cant get enough.

  38. Juan Deag

    the intro is a BMTH - Pray For Plagues rip off 


    get your ears checked. sounds nothing like pray for plagues

    Juan Deag

    @Aleksander Abdulov I can find tons of Pray For Plagues rip offs like this one if you want me to


    Sounds nothing like Pray for Plagues...


    Veil of maya are so far beyond bmth it's not even funny


    @Brendon stacey no shit, who even would compare the 2 lmfao


    anybody know of anyother bands that sound similar to this?

    ian davidson

    @Kingtunice after the burial and delusions of grandeur


    Born of Osiris - the new reign (the album in the bottom right panel) is pretty similar to this


    +loganthewizard spencer Sotelo (peripherys vocalist) is not the singer of vom..

    Adolf Hitler

    Born of Osiris sounds nothing like Veil of Maya. Born of Osiris sucks.

    Wonder Guy

    *Shores of Elysium

  40. Ian Cook

    2:20 tho

  41. Jordan Heni

    Mark Okubo \m/

  42. Chadchol Meesaeng

    Best song of Veil of Maya. Hands down.

    Kris Stephen

    Nope. Mark the lines or Mowgli.

    Tobias Wellner

    this one is the best and forever

  43. DomSchu

    That riff at 2:58 tho

  44. Mike Abraham

    3:30 onwards is just unreal.


    you mean 0:00 onward is unreal

  45. Mike Abraham

    What a breakdown. I want Okubo's hands for this christmas.

  46. In Light of Existence

    ITS TORN AWAY! WHEN I TRY TO HOLD ON! (fucking epic, I don't care who you are.)

  47. ELITExGnir3ffus

    This song is badass. 0:50- 1:50 is so beautiful

  48. Valiotatti

    I do that every day and it doesn't hurt a bit

  49. Aaron Lang

    I LOVE THIS SONG!!!! ya!!!! im cool

  50. Dale Kessler

    haha getm chicka ...hell yeah.... \m/ \m/

  51. Irusu


  52. NaN XD

    i had a life boob once, now i play this song :D

  53. bloodline862

    I will give my life boob to play this song..... :D

  54. Takeim Cox

    Whoa.... these guys are addictive

  55. Oliver Schmidt

    One of veils best songs .. Just awesome :D

  56. Lucas Mantovani


  57. FutureSequence

    Atmospheric? i think Eclipse is their most "atmospheric" album, TCMC is straight up technical metal, [id] is tuned down a little bit with slower parts, and Eclipse uses the most synth and ambient shit, such as Numerical Scheme and other songs

  58. Lennox

    I definitely agree, I'm a massive [id] fan and Eclipse is pretty good as well, but this will always be my favorite. Michael Keene is a damn good producer (and VoM are great musicians of course)

  59. Mateo Gonzalez

    Eclipse was way better than [id] which to me went in too deep ( \m/ ) for my tastes, but The Common Mans Collapse always wins in my heart.

  60. JWaigell

    Hello everybody!
    Watch my guitar cover of this song :) /watch?v=KcR93-ptJbI

  61. Barry MCokiner

    Me like

  62. joshbuckleysmelly

    YES, so good my friend

  63. stayupjs

    Breakdown of sanity and veil of many are two differnt metal bands they dont compare they both excell in tje art of amazing music and are my top 2 structures on the other hand is decent ive seen em once pretty brutal but could be cleaner

  64. Jacob H

    That riff is a bitch to play! Ive been trying to learn it.

  65. B Razz

    so nasty.

  66. B Razz

    4:05 is so brutal. JESUS.

  67. Mike Hunt

    Correction.. * 0:00 - 5:02

  68. Stevezzorr lol

    this should get like + 10 - 20? more million views... wtf

  69. Nibby

    2:20 - 3:00 that riff!!

  70. HoboJIm117

    I agree.

    A similar tone of guitar I've found is Breakdown of Sanity. Their album Mirrors has a similar deep guitar tone as well as similar vocals.

    Breakdown of Sanity is quite good in my opinion.

    I presume that you have heard of Structures, since they are on Sumerian Records like Veil of Maya.

    Structures has a very similar (and questionably more brutal) guitar tone, but it's contrasted by clean vocals and pop blasts.

    Both are worth looking into.

  71. DavidAids

    yea, the new stuff is very overproduced, you can tell they spent less time writing/playing and more time "fixing" things in a studio. that's what record companies do to you though, what're ya gonna do

  72. Media Wise

    2:58 Best riff ever!

  73. AJ Gschwind

    i feel the exact same way about early As I Lay Dying. VoM is so legit.

  74. Hive Mecha

    This is probably to me one of VoM's best songs. The galloping riff leading up near the end and then 2:57 - 3:31 is the sickest riff ever.

  75. LunarIsara

    I'd have to disagree with that. Asking Alexandria has some decent songs.

  76. LunarIsara

    Do they have any songs where they don't really scream? I love it as much as the next guy but somtimes I just like a little bit of mellow and I these guys would sound good

  77. 01s26

    i still agree with myself on this

  78. EmoSkittleninja

    0:00 - 5:02 Is fucking wicked! :P

  79. 01s26

    this is a good one
    just kidding its a DAMN GOOD ONE

  80. Tywuhh

    Yeah I love how they sound on this album, I really never get sick of it. I do say that I also like id and eclipse, but this album is incredible.

  81. Danijel Tomičić


  82. Nibby

    0:00 - 5:02 AMAZING RIFF!!!!

  83. Budd Dwyer

    Err mer Gerd! Veirl erv Meryer!!!

  84. Fading Light


  85. Enmanuel de oleo

    2:20 - 2:47 = eargasm

  86. helio1055

    This song is simply their best song ever written.

  87. Yousef Shami

    I fucking love 0:50-1:50


    yeah... its like a... semi-breakdown

  89. RSderpy

    <3u2 ;)

  90. joshbuckleysmelly

    your intelligence is intolerably horrid. holy shit, i hope you contract a sexually transmitted disease. you are Fucking stupid.

  91. ViCiouS HeRoicS

    I really love the new album, its my favorite actually .
    But all their albums are just pure orgasmic .

  92. iwrestledaSCOTTonce

    Over 4 years later and this is still my favorite song ever.

  93. Daniel Olivares

    The double bass when put together with the guitar doing some chugs had a very crushing sound to it. I really miss it.

  94. Nothing No-one

    Do I even have to acknowledge how ignorant you are?

  95. RSderpy

    The fuck... his throat must be bleeding. Honestly, painful to listen to...

  96. Matt Carey

    it a compound measure of 4/4 then 5/4, then it repeats

  97. De Costa

    I always get aggressive whenever I listen to this

  98. Ryan Reid

    3:30 - 3:51 = absolutely fucking wicked!