Veil Of Maya - Divide Paths Lyrics

Raise your fist
Smell the air
Taste the fame

We follow our hearts for
This time is fading

We nurture our minds
With a fake lullaby
In this world (this world)
Each to their own
Divide Paths
Each to their own
In Overcoming false hopes, We enter the age of cycles
Freely we take to the air
Not knowing nor-
Caring the end
In Overcoming false hopes, We enter the age of cycles
Freely we take to the air
Not knowing nor-
Caring the end

I won't forget today
It is burned inside
My Brain

We use memories to
Canvas our lives in
Colored means
This is all our
Destiny [2x]

In This world.

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Veil Of Maya Divide Paths Comments
  1. red240 Red

    What emgs did he use for this track?

  2. Jessie Marsh

    Attention genre blabbers, shut the fuck up.

  3. Bloody Oneiric

    I vote for this over their new album.

  4. JD Walker

    Dat metric modulation at :30

  5. Decimate the Soul

    Man this shit slow sounds sooooo good!

    Winston Carter

    Shit, maybe that's how I can learn dat breakdown ughhh lol.

  6. Ryan Taylor

    This is metalcore as you can tell from the tuning its not Djent!

    andrew stanczuk

    Ryan Taylor this is not metalcore lol

    Ryan Taylor

    andrew stanczuk yes it is from the tuning and the vocals.

    Brendan Horner

    Ryan Taylor Tuning has never defined a genre


    If you think that drop c and b cant djent you dont know nothing about guitar

  7. Cory Davies

    Such a beautiful album, instruments and screams always sounded great

  8. sheedrock1

    is this what you call djent?

    Isaiah Barada

    sheedrock1 yeah this is djent

  9. Isaiah Barada

    damn I miss Brandon he had the dope vocals

    Devon Boes

    isaiah barada they went soft on us

    Punished Venom Snake

    he was the best fit for Veil of Maya..... :(

  10. Иοκτцяηаι

    this is so MUCH like periphery lol

    Steve Hatmaker

    I think it was produced by Misha Mansoor.

  11. Michael Krolick

    Totally ripped off Rectangles - Waifu.


    Do you know when this was released?

    Nothing No-one

    Applying your shitty logic to reality = Rectangles ripped off VOM.

  12. Anton Kalaj

    Everything sounds amazing- minus the 6 inch hi-hat.


    it either sounds like a really bad midi sample or that series of meinl cymbals that tries too hard to appeal to metal players. 

    Auraoran Lore

    @Jimmy Lin Yuxuan I think he's using classic customs.


    Sounds like 13" zildjian k custom hybrids to me.

    Jack Heet

    @Unnus Latif He's endoresed by Meinl

    Jax Chancellor

    idk what your talking about he aint got a 6inch hi hat but he does have a stack if thats what your hearing

  13. Stoner Luigi

    This style of music is generic to those that call it djent

    It's not like legally documented to make it a genre, music styles go by what people call them.. So yes it is a genre

  14. metalheadedtothemax

    Djents not a genre yo.

  15. Raaaaaaaaaafls

    This comment was 8 months ago, i seriously hope you have changed your mind about this by now lol.

  16. Metal's Bliss

    Thall thth thall thall

  17. Metal's Bliss

    Thal thth thall thall

  18. TheBleedingFace

    Because he's funny!

  19. Todd A. Buck

    i love the vocals...... kinda like suicide silence and capture the crown mixed

  20. Lenn Decimated

    Last year, this was the album I listened to endlessly.

    No other album of 2012 beat how much I listened to this one.

  21. kenneth shock

    0:49 - 1:22 is beyond words. so sick

  22. PunkCheVara

    So unless you know every single band out there, subgenres are good to get to know other bands.

  23. PunkCheVara

    dude, My comment was just about saying that sub genres ARE becoming taboo.
    I just said that when i talk to people who dont know all about this subgenre war, I just say i like metal, subgenres make it easier to find GREAT bands like veil of maya, Or even born of osiris, whom i would have never heard if i had been watching deathmetal videos. YOU should go beyong your cereal box my man.

  24. Francisco Mejia

    labels do exactly what for you? JUST ENJOY WHAT IT IS FOR WHAT IT IS AND TIS ALL Labels make us so limited when we are limitless...think of how you even hear noise in the first place.and how you cant see it tho it is real SOUNd...go beyond your cereal box my man

  25. PunkCheVara

    thats when you talk to people who dont know the genre, To people who know the genre i say Prog metal. Or even the unsayable...deathcore..*shivers*

    Isaiah Barada

    PunkCheVara. agreed man this is clearly djent

    Maynard Agnew

    yep, prg deathcore is the least stupid term

  26. The God of Hentai - Guy Fieri

    okubo is soo knarly at guitar lol

    Isaiah Barada

    The God of Hentai - Guy Fieri. agreed im surprised he doesn't have a signature model out for purchase yet

    alex gena

    isaiah barada Jackson makes custom models for him

    Figure out specs and bam

  27. Ian Jackson

    Doesn't mean you can't fuck off.

  28. Aspacs

    You can't even answer this for yourself. Lay low, kid.

  29. Ian Jackson

    why do you exist again?

  30. Brett Stroub

    Check out my band Divide Paths on facebook!

  31. A Walters

    i need new pants....

  32. Building Jumper

    Lol. Djent ain't a genre

  33. drewloveschainsaws

    @McSkattle Djent

  34. Aspacs

    Prog Chugh with a little influence of tech Brrbrrbrr and melodic Djonk. Now make those genres pretty please!

  35. ITurnMyBackToTheWorld777

    thats did you find that out?

  36. Toby K.

    Love the album, just not really a fan of how CHUGGY the first album was, and now it's a bit DJENTY in terms of tone. Missing the dark chuggy sound

  37. William L

    im that guy too. good metal is good metal, and this is phenomenal

  38. Dakota Rose

    0:48 is so tight

  39. TheBleedingFace

    Thats fucking crazy..

  40. TheBleedingFace

    Isn't the album about a blind man regaining his vision?

  41. Alex Zapata

    So i was going to see this band and the others for Summer Slaughter but the place got shut down, that's some bull shit :'(

  42. Bull Doozer

    Djent Djent Djent Djent Djent Djent Djent Djent Djent Djent Djent Djent Djent Djent Djent Djent

  43. Thomas Dietrich

    slowed down with carribean 6/8 rhytm :)

  44. Syarul Nizam

    Bob Marley would enjoy this.

  45. Tywuhh

    This song fucking owns!

  46. Dakota Rose

    This band is amazing!

  47. Their Savior

    0:47 PERFECTION.

  48. Lavaalamp

    IK, i listen to the whole album when im blazed...his screams sounds soo amazing

  49. Orga Sam

    Love these guys!

  50. Lenn Decimated

    3rd favorite song on the album

    2nd is Vicious Circles

    And 1st goes to Winter Is Coming soon =)

    Also a fun note: this album is AMAZING while stoned

    Maynard Agnew

    Gonna try it

  51. EhSKei

    Their breakdown is simply beautiful

  52. Nic Lang

    this song of fucking awesomeeeeeeee

  53. Sircambert Hotjam

    Favorite on the album. I wish the album was much longer. However, I do understand that material is not easy to write lots of.

  54. Remston Martis

    You probably would.

  55. Leelen Barrigan

    Veil of Maya is sex,
    Stop repeating yourself.

  56. Quillan McElderry

    that fuckin' drumming :O

  57. Aaron Feldmann

    i acually did

  58. Remston Martis

    Idk how much Sam smoked up, but his feet have done the impossible. 0:50

  59. Adhvith Nambiar

    I GOT GOOSEBUMPS!!!!!!!!!:O:O

  60. Marbles092593

    @thehighler I do.

  61. WillyBumm

    @veilx but i also like shimp

  62. Paula Carregosa

    Fucking awesome this song!!

  63. Mateusz Marciniak

    the best album i've heard***

  64. Mateusz Marciniak

    this entire album is amazing, their best album and probably one of the best albums i've ever heard

  65. chikinpie1

    :49 mother of god...

  66. Andrew

    Does anyone else pee on the side of the bowl so they don't make any noise?

  67. Swift Kraft

    @veilx you said sex 3 times hehe :D

  68. lackthereof1783

    i have to say this one is my favorite. then Number Scheme.

  69. Irvono

    The Glass Slide is my favorite

  70. Eric Scott

    This is my #2 right behind Numerical Scheme.


    Badass Song!!!!