Veil Of Maya - Dark Passenger Lyrics

I am in control [2x]

Judgment time has come
This world is mine, I'll mold it with my hands
Two trails lay before me, I know one as familiar as my senses (as my senses)
The other one preaches pain upon my mind, my eyesight extends
In my sights I have nothing, but guilt and deceit
They lay before me begging and willing for eternal mercy, for eternal mercy on their lives
Now's my time, this life is mine to make, complete
This choice is mine to take, receive

I am in control
Judgment time has come [4x]

Two trails,
Two trails lay before me I know one as my senses
The other preaches pain upon my soul
In my, in my sights I have nothing, but guilt and deceit
Begging me
Begging me
For eternal mercy

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Veil Of Maya Dark Passenger Comments
  1. FiftyOne Fifty

    0:36 - 0:46 FVCK

  2. Aurora17

    0:26 this part still fucks with me

  3. Brandon HABITT

    Posting your tour dates like it's even the same band

  4. Joaquín Lazo

    at least we got these old good songs :)

  5. psilocybe lair

    this and mowgli are absolutely fucking sexy

  6. Chanceiscool44

    00:36 i feel like im about to run down a fuckin hallway made of blood covered steel while holding a pulse rifle annihilating necromorphs along the way 👿

  7. keys drthoreum

    2:35 2:35 2:35 2:35

  8. Jose Rafael Bermudez

    The last breakdown rhythm is so oddly syncopated, yet it fits so well. I wonder how they do it...

  9. gustavo plaza

    manso pene

  10. Hassan Saeed

    Thy Art Is Murder - Vile Creations???

  11. Space Cadet

    This song and Glass Slide are about Dexter. Yes. Quit asking.

  12. fireadept007

    RIP real Veil of Maya


    Fuck ya'll one-times.
    Change occurs not for shit for brains like yourselves, that one-day dislike the new tunes that *my saviours* create. Artists change for them-bloody-selves.

    So fuck what you think and feel about how VOM's changed and how they were. THe past is dead as fuck, and This artform will keepin' changin' and as maany one-timers like yourself come and go.

    We'll be right here, we new people.

    And as the cycle breaks, we walk shackleless.

    _Sic sempar tryannis, mortem. Anima?_

    Master Asia

    You have full autonomy to found a band of your own and produce the EXACT sound you're looking for. Why cry about a decision that grown ass men made, without you in mind.

  13. GeeTee eighF

    The starting just melted me

  14. Oana dede

    i miss brandon

  15. Oana dede

    come back brandon


    mucho fuego

    Matt M

    Muy de fuego.

  17. xBLOODBAFx

    this is THE music to slay gods to.


    hey hey bro. i hate the nwo. :/

  18. Mark Rabinowitz

    Is this song a reference to Dexter?


    Mark Rabinowitz yeps

    Jay C

    Mark Rabinowitz nope.

    Dennis Reynolds


    They have another one on their 2011 album called "Glass Slide."


    would of been dope if they had feature this song in one the episodes

  19. James McNamara

    Reminds me of Dexter lololol

  20. SenselessBonkai

    2:11 unexpected jizz flies out

    Djent elments

    Riff of Meshuggahs Perpetual Black Second lol

  21. Samsaranian Supreme

    Tonight's the night

  22. SoDerpy

    The last breakdown will never get old <3

  23. Jack Heet

    Best Song on the Album imo

    Arjuna Duran

    +Jack Heet (ddrum1090) That or the Higler.

  24. Jesus_the_frog42

    I was never a big fan of Veil Of Maya, but I think this song just made me one!


    Betts Reed yeah the new one is meh it has some cool riffs but the new singer kills it for me


    time to open them ears up buddy this whole album is just as amazing.


    they sound more prog than deathcore

    A t o m i Z e J

    @Betts Reed I love the old and the new. This shows me that you're a fucking tool. You can be hardcore and still listen to bands wity clean vocals. It can still be appreciated bro. There is plenty of music out their. Open your ears and embrace different styles and you will be happier.

  25. Steven Kessell

    The song name reminds me of Dexter

  26. chode

    Is this song about Dexter?

    Chris Shaw

    dude OMFG i thought the same thing but i listened to metal a long time ago and just recently watched dexter and decided to listen to it to see if it was about it lol

    Ian Jackson

    Yes sir.

    O'Min Kwon

    marc said in an interview that he was referring to the id from xenosaga

  27. kneelordie

    Fuck yes. Never gets old. Fuck haters. Judgment time has come! VOM out!

  28. RyanKaufman

    So sick of "I don't like core but THESE GUYS RIGHT HERE have got talent!"

    Fuck off with your condescension towards any genre. Every genre has their crap. Every genre has the dry and drab bands that literally outline every focal point of the genre. That's almost always the majority of the bands in a genre.

    The outskirts ALWAYS contain talented bands who push their edges, and find creativity in their talent. This band and many others in "core" genres are no different. You just haven't heard them before, hence your surprised reactions.

    The moral of the story? Never generalize. Be open to new things.


    A comment like "I don't like core but THESE GUYS RIGHT HERE have got talent!" simply means they don't like core but could listen to VoM...


    @James O'Brien So they like Core. Did you just ignore my entire comment?

    Oier Arcelus

    @RyanKaufman Out of your own point...

    Giselle Gaztambide

    +RyanKaufman Well said.

    Dong Dong Will Never Die

    Don't get me wrong, I like alot of core bands, but when people say "I don't like core but," what they mean is - this is the only band they like from the genre. Nothing wrong with knowing what you like. It's like me saying I don't like country, but I like Johnny Cash - because I don't like that majority of country music I've heard, but I like one artist that plays that style.

    There are alot of core fans that aren't - generally speaking - old school death metal fans, but some might listen to Death or Suffocation or something and say "hey, I don't like old school death metal, but this is pretty neat." It's never just all or nothing, people can like something from a genre without being a fan of the style in general.

    Now, if they were saying that core is inherently stupid and not worth listening to, then I'd agree, cos they're making sweeping generalizations, but this is just people having an opinion.

  29. Tia Leanne

    Wait a minute , There's 'Hate Comments' on this song ?! And worst of all , About Veil Of Maya ?! .. I'm sorry , What do you listen to than ? Go to a Lil Wayne video, Or whatever gay sh*t you listen to, And don't waste your time commenting on THIS video !!

    Xea Vos



    how do you dispel hate by giving out hate to people for what they listen to? How is that preaching tolerance?

    You're totally fucking epic Tia.

    Utnapishtim Ouroboros Asenescens

    All three if you should kill yourselves


    Why? What have I done? I called someone out on their shit, but I don't suppose you're making a living off telling people to kill themselves, are you

    Relentless Ohio

    there are so many better metal bands than VoM. Sorry to burst your bubble.

  30. Emma Contreras

    cant help but think of showtimes Dexter when I see this song title lol

    Ka-tet 19

    That would be because it is :)

  31. Matty The Blasphemer

    This is a big statement, I'm not fond of core metal AT ALL. but these guys are something else. They're great. They've actually got talent, their breakdowns are complex etc.

    Marc Cram

    You are gonna love their albums eclipse ,the common mans collapse, all things set aside and this one (id)...the new albums are singing and power metal it seems with some prog

  32. Chase Dixon

    2:08 is virtually Perpetual Black Second's riff. That saddens me.

    502 [C.H]

    Chase Dixon Most of their songs tie together but now they effing SUCK sound hella soft and emo-depressed(relationship break-up) with the last album but i miss days of this album or eclipse (punisher, numerical scheme, enter my dreams) skull smashing soul vaporizing brutality..!

  33. WeCameAsBowmans

    I feel like this song is about the show Dexter lol

  34. Matty The Blasphemer

    No thanks, buddy.

  35. Anarchykicks

    Straight up.

  36. Matty The Blasphemer

    If you're older than 13, aren't a scene kid and have heard of any of the metal bands that existed/still exist to this day from the 80s to now, you'd realize you'd be paying a lot of people a lot of fucking money . ya i like these guys, but naw, they're beat out by so many other bands

    Marc Cram

    Lmao after reading your comment saying these guys are something else

  37. michael thiboutot

    What the fuck is 2 chains?

  38. court mckinney

    and ur music talks about killing hoes so its not much better if thats true

  39. Raul Menendez

    You're either blind or somebody changed your avi without you noticing. Either way, pay the fuck up. I accept Paypal.

  40. Mezaker

    i fucked jesus in hell

  41. Bobby Veight

    The breakdowns in Namaste are written in key to the mythic numbers from lost, 4-8-15-16-23-42

  42. Mezaker

    thank you good sir.

  43. neverclosetoperfect

    2 chains

  44. FutureSequence

    *gives money*

  45. Mezaker

    Animals as Leaders

  46. internetwarrior666

    Raising The Veil

  47. SenzaSenzo

    Well, I could give you a list of my favorite bands, but you wouldn't necessarily think they're better than VoM. :P

  48. FutureSequence

    Lawl, no.

  49. Sra. Maldonado

    Intervals, Elitist, Polyphia

  50. FutureSequence

    By better I mean bands that make music that sounds better to my ears. I agree, Between The Buried And Me for instance is better, but I didn't think there are better bands when I wrote that comment.

  51. MCAdrien9606

    Then I think you'll stay with you money for a while..

  52. FutureSequence

    If that's what you classify as better, yes.

  53. NaN XD

    like heavier or more technical?

  54. DeadlyKisses

    This band is completely new to me. I love what I'm hearing so far.

  55. David Figueroa

    I just love how djent music videos are not filled with negative comments towards the band or the fans.
    Every video in this site should be like this.

  56. Popabuddy1

    Yeah I met him once in a bar he said he was the drummer of this band. So I guess it is somewhat the music of satan.

  57. FutureSequence

    In terms of everything.

  58. Chris Calderon

    better in terms of what?

  59. FutureSequence

    If you like that and you don't know of The Contortionist, check them out.

  60. FutureSequence

    Not even close

  61. philohan95

    Justin Beaver? :D lol jk, jk

  62. TheExemptNetwork

    Ayo, I heard you like Jesus music so I gave you devil music that your jesus music was contracted by devil music so that you got mad at the devil music while you listened to jesus music. K?

  63. rory obrien

    yea satan's a pretty cool dude

  64. Just Markiel

    All of you should remember the part from 0:46 to 1:02 because it has perfect lenght and rythm for resuscitation (snare). 30 compressions, than 2 breaths.
    VoM may save somebody's life ;)

  65. FutureSequence

    The Harvest Wombs is their strongest

  66. RegentDorn

    Check out the band fallujah, especially their ep nomadic.

  67. FutureSequence

    I know brah
    "Friends" is the best show I know though

  68. henry lopez

    It's based off Dexter, which is a great show.

  69. Olivier Déry

    they have a shirt with dexter's face on it with lyrics from this song in the back so its pretty straightforward ahahah

  70. FutureSequence

    Indeed dude

  71. McSkattle

    Glad you like them man. They need a lot more recognition than they have just like VoM needs, because they are pretty damn incredible.

  72. McSkattle

    And guess what now, he's been working with Volumes now and I've been hearing some previewish type of stuff on his Vine. It's okay, but like I said I'd prefer it if he just stuck to doing things on his own like he's done in the past or work with someone like Keene like he has on the last two albums id and The Common Man's Collapse.

  73. Stephen Dressler

    those harmonics !!

  74. FutureSequence

    And is it just me, or Brandon's vocals in Eclipse are annoying?

  75. taiottavios

    try with cytotoxin...but they're like death...i don't know if you will like them

  76. iDump

    "I LOVE BACON STRIPS!!!!!!!!"

  77. FutureSequence

    They're awesome actually
    they're deathcore only in the 1st album


    Their first album is their best. Eclipse was cool too. Not so much thereafter.

  78. McSkattle

    Try Fallujah, just started listening to them a while ago and they are perfect if you like Deathmetal frosted with Black metal vocals, and sprinkled with a little deathcore.

  79. FutureSequence

    Unless you weren't trying to be funny, you are retarded

  80. FutureSequence

    But it is in no way amusing

  81. FutureSequence

    Go fuck yourself

  82. Astral_Jelly

    I thought songs like "The Glass Slide" and "Punisher" were pretty damn good. The new album isn't that bad, and Marc was still the primary writer.

  83. FutureSequence

    They are in the same level of awesomeness as BoO and VoM

  84. jose gutierrez

    The Faceless :D they're neck to neck

  85. Tommy Hayden

    there isnt one my friend.

  86. FutureSequence

    i would honestly give money to the one who'll introduce me to a better band than Veil Of Maya

    Relentless Ohio

    black dahlia murder. wheres my money.

  87. Lavaalamp

    he kills terrible people. (chops them up)

  88. FutureSequence

    i know, i didnt watch dexter, all i know is that he is a killer but i guess he's a normal man overall

  89. Lavaalamp

    in an interview they used dexter as an example for what the song means

  90. FutureSequence

    the guy in the song is basically someone who's done and about to do bad things but really is a good man

  91. thrshr2112

    yes it does, so you can say that you listen to that genre and you're better than other people
    trust me I understand :)

  92. FearmongerTV

    thats the moment of fucking truth mate

  93. August Newcastle

    namaste from lost.

  94. datbass1234

    That intro kills me everytime

  95. Brandon Adams

    Actually Brandon writes after tv and games and real world events... marc said that in a interview

  96. Matt Weismiller

    Don't think that was intentional.

  97. Aaron Conlin

    They like TV, Dark Passenger from Dexter, Winter is Coming Soon from Game of Thrones, I'm probably missing a few too